Pro Ball striking: How to Cover the Golf Ball

Introduction Have you ever heard professionals saying “… cover the ball” and you think that it’s hard to comprehend what they are stating. You started to ask yourself “How would you cover the ball”. On the splendid side, there is no compelling reason to stress over that, since you have come to the correct page … Read more

Use Your Brain to Break 100 in Golf

Introduction- Tips to breaking 100 in golf If you have ever tried to learn any skill, you would agree that the process will be difficult at first. However, if you keep pushing, the moment will come when you finally realize you are quite good at that skill. This analogy also applies to golf. After you … Read more

How to Grip and Hold the Golf Club

Introduction Golf is a relaxing and enjoyable sport to play. This is largely because the game is not physically demanding, and it can be played by people of all age groups and gender. However, playing golf requires you to use multiple equipment and have sufficient mastery of how this equipment works. The most important equipment … Read more

How Golf Balls are Made – Materials and History Explained

History The early golf ball was put together from plank in the Netherlands during the 15th century. It was constructed like a little croquet ball. The wood balls were made of beech trees or elm. Shortly after, the feather balls came into limelight Created during the 17th century in Scotland, feather balls possessed a body … Read more

How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball

Introduction You might have probably seen the pros on PGA tour hit the golf ball into the green only to discover that the ball has disobeyed the Laws of Newton. You observe that the ball magically draws back. At the same time, you thought that it would overshoot the green, and all you could finally … Read more

Driving Range Tips for Beginners Part 1 of 2

For golf enthusiasts, either as professional or beginner, one of the most important things you could want to learn is how to drive range. On several occasions, Drivers have been misunderstood to be responsible for driving ranges; however, that is not the only club you could use. The purpose of driving ranges is to make … Read more

Callaway Rogue Driver

Overview We all seek to boost our golf sport. While golf is a complicated game, sufficient material will make a crucial distinction to your sport. Callaway’s current Rogue Driver comprises the strength of Jailbreak technology and X-Face VFT technology to facilitate increased ball speed and lengthy distance. Callaway asserted to have changed away from their normal … Read more

Best Exercises for Golf – Strength, Warm-Up & Swing Exercises

It is ideal always to take warm-up exercises if you participate in any sport, including golf. These exercises awaken your core muscles and make sure you are well prepared for the game ahead. Now, exercises differ from one sport to another, i.e., what works for football may not work for golf; however, some routines may … Read more

Uphill or Downhill Slope: How to Play Uneven Lies

Introduction Most sports have pre-defined playing facilities that must be provided before anything game can be played. In soccer, a level playing field and a ball must be provided before any match can take place. In basketball, the court and the net have to meet certain conditions before players can compete. Golf does not have … Read more

Guide to Playing Golf with Your Kids

Overview The idea of bringing a group of children out on the golf lesson is a much extra daunting than bringing them to the driving lesson. However, don’t allow that notion prevent you. There’s a direction for kids to get around the course in an entirely reasonable percentage of moment and not worry about other … Read more

How to Play on a New Golf Course for the First Time

Introduction Playing on a new golf course for the first time brings excitement, but it can be quite challenging for golfers. Most golfers who have been playing the games all their lives can take for granted the fact that they are playing on the course for the first time despite not knowing what lies ahead. … Read more

Golf’s Swiss Army Knife: The Bump and Run Shot

Overview A Bump and Run shot in golf sport is the method where the golfer strikes the ball early and enables it to bounce off the fairway, and then instantly swivels into the grassland. How the shot is taken  is in accordance to the mantra of the bump and run shot, and the golfer reaches the ball … Read more

Golf’s Newest Fad: Are Fat Putter Grips Worth it?

Overview The putter grip that you make use of can sometimes influence your plopping stroke. If you possess an extremely small of a putter grip, it will compel you employ your wrist extremely much. Or what about the contrary? Utilizing a putter grip that is too large and open can result in your body to … Read more

Chipping Drills & Tips You Can Use Today To Break Par

Almost every golfer knows why chipping is consequential. It is one of the factors that distinguishes a professional from an amateur. However, learning how to break par when chipping gets you where you want to be in golf. In essence, chipping is not only to be better and able to beat your pairs but improve … Read more

Turn your 3 Wood Into a Secret Weapon

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Golf’s Magic Move: How to Master the Weight Transfer

What Does Weight Transfer Mean In Golf Swing? If as a golfer you don’t know how to utilize weight transfer appropriately to create power, you’re going to encounter complication breaking par. To obtain a very detailed knowledge of weight transfer, think of the impression you’d earn if you were to relax in a chair, then … Read more

Golf Workouts That Will Improve Your Game Tremendously

Overview Golfing consistently for a while can make it possible that you have found that your body has gotten a lot thinner. Sadly, this is the product of weakening and lack of energy in several of the joints. You have to realize that golf is a sport in which golf balls must be struck. And … Read more

Travel Tips: Flying with Golf Clubs

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Pick your Weapon: How to Choose a Putter

Introduction Putting is one of the most straightforward aspects of golf that is mostly overlooked by golfers. Many golfers find putting challenging to do. Even, Some golfers refer to putting as another kind of sport. They belief golf is done in the air, putting is done on the ground. This is all because of how … Read more