How to Hit the Golf Ball: The Complete Guide

Introduction If you have just taken up an interest in golf, then you have chosen to engage in one of the most relaxing and enjoyable games available. Every game or sport has its own rules, and nuances and golf are not any different. The point of the game is to guide the golf ball to … Read more

Why Greens in Regulation Matter

Introduction No golfer in the world does not want to improve their scoring and lower their handicap. To do this, most golfers will want to hit longer, straighter drives with improved fairways regulation statistics. This is a very good approach. But as important as driving long distance is, the most important thing that truly improves … Read more

Lag Putting: How you can avoid 3 putts

Introduction On this platform, we have already established that you need a lot of personal equipment to play golf. In any complete golf set, one of the most important clubs that you will find is the putter. Putters are used to guide the ball into the hole after you have used your driver or any … Read more

Straighten your Shots: Fixing the Top of your Backswing

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How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Introduction Golf is an exciting sport. However, it requires a lot of personal equipment for you to play the game. If any of this equipment is bad or doesn’t suit you perfectly, you won’t be able to play effectively, and your results are bound to fall below expectation. One of the most important equipment that … Read more

Stop Topping The Ball: Discover 15 Insanely Easy Ways

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What to Wear Golfing – Proper Attire Guide on The Course

Introduction Every sport has its own set of rules and guidelines. One of the most fundamental guidelines that are common to most sports is a common dress code. If you are a soccer player, you probably won’t be wearing long track pants to the field (except you are the goalie) and if you are a … Read more

Short Game Made Easy: What you need to know about Wedge Bounce

Introduction Wedges are created with heaps of innovative work incorporated with each model, made explicitly to address the issues of an assortment of shots around the green just as for various player types. The shape, bend, radius, groove, indentation, insert, depression, and grind are proposed to fill a type of need to assist golf players … Read more

Walking Vs. Riding: The Case of Walking Your Next Round of Golf

Introduction Golf remains a unique and exciting sport because you have to consider many factors before, during, and after a golf game. You have to pick out the right equipment, master various playing forms and concepts, learn how to play on any golf course, and so on. Golfers are always busy learning this type of … Read more

Putting Homework: The 9 Best Putting Drills You Should Be Doing

Introduction Most beginner and intermediate golfers focus more on their speed and increasing the distance gained on their shots. However, more experienced golfers know that the best way to reduce your score and improve your game is to practice and perfect your putting. Putting is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of golf. … Read more

How to Record your Golf Swing

Introduction Do you feel frustrated about your golf swings? Because of this frustration, you went for practicing to try and improve your swings and end up more frustrated. You decided to quit golf because life has dawned on you that golf isn’t your game. No need to be in despair again or quitting golf because … Read more

How to Hit More Fairways: 9 Tips to Find the Short Grass

Introduction A game of golf was meant to be played from fairways. It still does. Practically, you can hit some good shots from the rough, but in most cases playing on the long grass can be extremely difficult. This is why most average golfers find it frustrating and challenging to hit pretty and solid shots … Read more

Use your Legs to Play Better Golf

Introduction The impact of using the legs to play golf, especially when making the swing is mostly neglected by most of the amateur golfers. They do believe that the hands and wrist form the crucial part of the golf swing. To be quite candid with you, this is not an authentic approach to think about … Read more

How to Hit Long Irons

Introduction Who else wants to learn how to hit and crush long irons like a pro? Do you want to improve your lower scores shot? You must have known that as a golfer, hitting long irons are one of the biggest challenges faced in the game, an average golfer will point to the long iron … Read more

Pro Ball striking: How to Cover the Golf Ball

Introduction Have you ever heard professionals saying “… cover the ball” and you think that it’s hard to comprehend what they are stating. You started to ask yourself “How would you cover the ball”. On the splendid side, there is no compelling reason to stress over that, since you have come to the correct page … Read more

Use Your Brain to Break 100 in Golf

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How to Grip and Hold the Golf Club

Introduction Golf is a relaxing and enjoyable sport to play. This is largely because the game is not physically demanding, and it can be played by people of all age groups and gender. However, playing golf requires you to use multiple equipment and have sufficient mastery of how this equipment works. The most important equipment … Read more

How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball

Introduction You might have probably seen the pros on PGA tour hit the golf ball into the green only to discover that the ball has disobeyed the Laws of Newton. You observe that the ball magically draws back. At the same time, you thought that it would overshoot the green, and all you could finally … Read more

Driving Range Tips for Beginners

For golf enthusiasts, either as professional or beginner, one of the most important things you could want to learn is how to drive range. On several occasions, Drivers have been misunderstood to be responsible for driving ranges; however, that is not the only club you could use. The purpose of driving ranges is to make … Read more

Best Exercises for Golf – Strength, Warm-Up & Swing Exercises

It is ideal always to take warm-up exercises if you participate in any sport, including golf. These exercises awaken your core muscles and make sure you are well prepared for the game ahead. Now, exercises differ from one sport to another, i.e., what works for football may not work for golf; however, some routines may … Read more