How to Increase Your Driver Distance in 5mins – Easy Hints & Tips!


In a game of golf, distance is a priority. Everyone wants to hit the ball farther. Simply put, everyone is searching for distance. From the pros on tours to the amateurs, distance is one major factor to always put into perspective at all times. If you watch golf on TV, you will be amazed to see Connor Syme, Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia hit their drives pretty well over 400 yards.

You might be wondering, “how” and “why” they do it almost every time. For a fact, increasing your driver distance not only makes you an awesome player in front of your buddies or playing partners but also makes your game easier. Nothing is as rewarding as standing on the tee box and send the ball down to the middle of the fairway. I hope you now see the reason “why” they hit the ball farther.

If you are still struggling with your driver distance irrespective of your stage in the game, then learning to increase your driver distance now is not a bad idea. There is hope. With the easy hints and tips, we are about to give you. You can be sure to know “how” the pros do it and how you can also increase your drive distance in just 5minutes. So, let’s hit farther!

Easy, hints and tips to increase your driver distance

Below are easy tips you should put into consideration to increase your driver distance

Get it right from the setup

When talking about setup, your stance, ball position and tee height must come to mind. Without this preliminary setup, things often go sideways. Setup is where most golfers get it all wrong. The driver is the longest club in the bag which makes it to be able to swing fast. To increase your speed when swinging, you will need to have a proper golf stance. So get yourself a good pair of golf shoes first to have a solid base to give you the balance you need. Then be in a wide stance. You will do this by ensuring the outside of your shoulders extends to the inside of your feet. This stance setup will eliminate narrow stance that can lead to unbalanced swings

Next in your setup is the ball position. You must have a foreword ball position. Many amateur golfers place the ball in the middle of their stance; this doesn’t seem right. The ball will be too close to the center of the stance, which makes the club-head delofted. This will also result in a downward strike. You don’t want a downward strike if you want to increase your drive distance. A downward strike will cause an excess spin of the ball that will go very high covering only a shorter distance. Therefore to correct this mistake, strike upon the ball by placing the ball on the inside of the forward foot.

Also, to achieve an upward strike, the ball must be teed up high enough in such a way that the golf ball will be aligned with the clubface. If you can get the right set up now, then your driving distance will increase.

Perfect your tilt

Once you have mastered the right set up, you will have to know how to make your tilt before striking. This is where the spine angle comes in. If you watch golf on TV, you will notice that the pros slightly tilt their upper body away from the target. The best way you can do this is to place the grip of the driver at your sternum with the club-head resting directly between both knees. Now tilt away from the target until you notice the club-head touching your lead legs. As you already know that a good strike upon the ball increases the distance. Therefore the correct amount of tilt will give you the appropriate turn when making your backswing to strike the ball up.

Center contact

Now that you have known about the setup and tilt, you need to know about some other factors that can impact your driving distance. One of these factors is the center contact. Center contact is so important because it can help you optimize your distance. Most golfers do not hit the ball closer to the center of the clubface, and research has made it known that about 10% of your distance is lost if you miss an inch of the center. Also, most amateur golfers assume that to increase the distance, they have to increase their speed by probably swinging hard. This doesn’t seem right. It would be best if you aimed at striking the ball closer to the surface of the clubface. The best way to achieve striking at the center is to practice your swinging. You have to swing in balance and then finish in a balanced position if you want to strike the ball closer to the center of the clubface.

Swing faster

The next step is swinging faster and not harder. After you have practiced swinging in balance, you should learn to swing faster. This is because your swing speed can truly hit your driver farther. If you have been swinging harder, you should probably know that you are only destroying you swing mechanics and you are even prone to injury. But you can change now that you know. All you need to do is to take some golf speed lesson. You could also hit the gym and do some golf-related workout to improve your strength and flexibility. One of the exercises you could perform to train your speed is to swing a combination of heavy and lightweight clubs

Shorten your shaft

Shortening your shaft can give you the drive distance you wanted. Most of the shafts on drivers are roughly 45″ long. With this length, the majority of the Pros on PGA tour use a shorter one, and it is working pretty well for them. Then why are you not using this strategy? Most amateur golfers use the long shaft believing it will help to add more distance because they tend to be able to swing it faster. But do you know that swinging fast with a long shaft can reduce your ball speed? Yes, it does. This is because you will be hitting all over the face of the club without striking the ball at the center of the clubface as mentioned earlier. Therefore to avoid this, get yourself a driver with a short shaft, and you can be sure to add more distance to your drive

Longer hand arc

Have you ever seen some PGA tour players with a shorter swing and will still be able to drive the ball farther?. These players mainly make use of a longer hand arc. They take their hands back further and hit further. If you are doing this, you must make sure that it syncs with your turn. You could make a bigger shoulder turn or bigger hip turn. All these strategies will help you to create a longer hand arc and thereby hitting the ball farther

The ground is your power

A great legwork on the ground can also drive your distance farther. This is because it will provide a solid base for balance. Most PGA Tour players rely on the ground for a power burst. You will see Kyle Berkshire using the ground at his disposal to generate power for a tremendous strike. If the pros are doing this, you can too. You can practice this by using your club and then swinging back and forth. It would help if you took note of your weight distribution from side to side. Gradually, increase your swing and simultaneously let your heels come up and feel yourself propelling off the ground on each swing.

Use the right equipment

As a final tip, use the right equipment that best suit you. Most manufacturing companies have been producing quite a lot of equipment recently that makes golfers upgrade their equipment to keep up with the latest advancement in technology. But this shouldn’t be so, and there is no need to upgrade to new equipment if you have one that has been working perfectly for you at all times. Golfers such as Henrik Stenson uses his 3-wood to hit the ball off the tee, consistently covering over 300 yards without any upgrade for some years now. Therefore, know and use the equipment that best suit you.


Distance is a fundamental part of golf playing, and for you to increase your drive distance, it will require time and a lot of consistent practice. If you want to play on the tour level with a great drive distance, then you should follow and adhere to the tips and hints discussed. We hope you find the tips informative, helpful and practical. Never stop learning and practicing, and you will be sure to hit more ball farther. You can also check our website for more helpful informational tips. Ciao for now!