About Us

We know that you love golf, and you only want to improve your golfing skills to get better at the sport. However, the problem you and every other golfer faces is that there are so many sources online that provide conflicting and inaccurate golfing information. That was the purpose behind the establishment of Bulle Rock Golf.

Whether you are a golfing novice and recreational player or an experienced professional, you will always look for tips and advice on how to improve your golf skills. You also want to know what golfing supplies and equipment brands are superior to others so you can invest in the highest quality supplies and equipment. That way, you will not have to replace them often as they will last longer and support you with improving your game.

Bulle Rock Golf features passionate contributors to the site, including a professional golfer and a golf club manager. In addition to that, a women’s golf trainer and golf caddie and equipment salesman contribute to Bulle Rock Golf as well. A golfing addict founded Bulle Rock Golf, who is also the chief editor of the site.

Between these golf experts contributing excellent content, you will learn about golf and gain elite tips and advice, and learn about the best supplies and equipment to invest in so you make the most of the sport.

Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin was born and raised in San Diego, California, and his father and grandfather were avid golfers. His grandfather used to spend time with Tim and taught him how to play golf. And Tim maintained that interest during his youth and throughout college. He wanted to perfect his golf-playing skills even more, he decided to attend The Golf Academy Of America and became a professional golf teacher. He desires to share his passion with others who may develop a love for golf like Tim.

Today, Tim works as a professional teacher and keeps busy by competing in Arizona and California in local and regional competition. He also works at a marketing firm that specializes in the sports niche. Therefore, Tim is an extremely busy man between teaching golf, the marketing work, and spending a lot of time at the regional competitions. When Tim has some time, he contributes excellent quality content at Bulle Rock Golf.

Kevin Dodds

Kevin Dodds was born in San Antonio, Texas, and was born to parents who took a lot of golf pride. Kevin’s parents were often playing golf, and from a young age, he wanted to learn how to play the sport himself. His father was happy to take the time to teach Kevin and his brothers the tips and tricks for golfing, and Kevin developed the desire during high school to own a golf club one day.

Kevin attended the University of Incarnate Word and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in golf complex operations.  Kevin worked in many golf clubs and eventually worked his way up to the golf club management position. He loves his job and would never trade it for the world.

Kevin stayed in San Antonio and is very close to his family. He is also married to a real estate agent and has two sons and a Golden Retriever. Kevin takes his time to teach his boys golf and hopes to maintain an interest in the sport. He is also a worthwhile contributor to Bulle Rock Golf. When Kevin is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family in the country. Kevin also enjoys fishing and camping.

Samantha Eggert

Samantha Eggert was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, and during grade school, she met her best friend, who came from a family of golfers. That was when Samantha developed an interest in golf that she carried through high school. After graduating high school, she attended college and received training through the Professional Caddies Association (PCA) to become a caddie. That is what Samantha wanted to do after talking to several caddies.

It was only a matter of time when Samantha found a caddying opportunity at a local golf course. She also landed herself caddying opportunities with large tournaments in Charleston. Samantha wanted to train women in golfing and took some lessons for that. It was not much long after that Samantha became both a women’s golf trainer and a caddie. She enjoys her job.

After moving to Miami, Florida, Samantha found work at a local golf course and is now a married mom to twins. She occasionally contributes elite content to Bulle Rock Golf. When Samantha is not training and caddying on the golf course, she spends time with her twins, experiments with different recipes, and enjoys scrapbooking.

Ted Herman

Ted Herman was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and developed an interest in several sports, which were golf, tennis, and baseball. Ted’s father enrolled him in several sports, including golf, and Ted maintained an interest in it throughout his childhood. Ted also found his knack in sales while he was a teenager by working at gift shops at state fairs. He convinced customers to purchase the items in the stores that they hadn’t planned to do.

When it was time for Ted to attend college, he decided to take the sales and marketing program at the University of Washington in Seattle. While he attended college, Ted continued to play golf. After graduating, he landed himself a sales position at a sports store at the local mall and put much of his focus on golf equipment and supplies.

Today, Ted still lives in Seattle and works as a golf equipment salesman at golfing stores. The reviews of golfing equipment and supplies on Bulle Rock Golf are from Ted, which he continues often. Ted is married to a virtual assistant and has a daughter, a son, and a Poodle. He enjoys watching Sci-Fi films and sculpting during his spare time.

Jared King

Jared was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and had entrepreneurial interests during his youth. During his teenage years, Jared began playing golf and became addicted to the sport relatively quickly. After attending The University of British Columba Sauder School of Business, he achieved a Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Jared worked in several marketing firms and specialized in SEO and social media management. Over time, Jared built several websites, and one of them was Bulle Rock Golf, which he founded.

Jared is not only a marketer and the founder and Chief Editor of Bulle Rock Golf, but he is also a recreational player. He has plenty of experience with golfing and grew up loving the sport itself. Jared carefully hand-picked the contributors to the site to enforce excellent quality.

Jared is married to a florist and has two sons and a cat. When Jared is not working or golfing, he reads suspense thriller novels and studies astronomy for fun.