CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Review

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Review (Description)

This Constrictor 2 is crafted like several other smooth travel bags, with pairs of skate wheels used for pulling bags via rental car lots and airports. It has a 1800d exterior nylon and two restraining straps along with buckles from the outside to offer support. Also, it has one around the bag centre and one around the clubheads. In another vein, with the affordable Constrictor 2, you won’t see the reinforcement level throughout in the bag as you would find in others, and also you would be limited to one year warranty.

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Review (Features)

Easy to Use

A great feature and benefit of this are that you can carry the bag around to anywhere you are travelling. The in-line skate wheels are extremely sturdy and let it simple to pull. It does not possess the six or four wheels like in other bags. However, you are paying cheaper for the bag than the others.


If you aren’t rolling it, you can carry it. This bag contains a total of four handles; one on the bottom, two in the middle and one on the top. The two handles are rubber which makes them simple to take and carry. A handle is a just padded nylon. The nylon on the bag is what aids them to make the bag strong.

Light Weight

This bag is less than 50 pounds, that’s essential since most airlines cost over 50 pounds. Based on the number of clubs you possess, it can go between 30-40 pounds. This does not mean it’s the lightest bag, but it is better than 50 pounds that some weigh.

Style and Price

It has a black design, making it look classy. Another interesting thing about the bag is the price. It is affordable for a great bag. It’s just around $100; it has high quality and one of the great bags you will find for travel.

As hinted, the bag contains two restraining straps along with buckles to aid offer additional support for the clubs, one around the club heads and another one at the centre.

Pockets and Curb Rails

This bag will aid you in transporting all that you require for golf because of its several diverse size pockets. Also, it’s curb rails has heavy-duty features for increased durability and convenience.

Lockable Zippers

Aside from the top-notch materials that are used to produce zippers, it has also been upgraded to be lockable; thus, it’s increasing your club safety.


It has heavy thick padding for protection.

The bag is lightweight for picking and carrying.

It has enough storage space with its pockets.

It contains a total of four handles on it’s bag.

It has great value with quality and price.

It equally has adjustable clamps to have your bag get secured.

It is simple to cart around.


The bag has no enough designs and colours.

Some might need a travel bag with much more wheels.

The bag might come up with some tears and wears after some travels.

It’s durability in the zipper area has some doubts.


What’s Added Inside the Bag?

Some favourite accessories that are added inside the bag are North Pole golf protector and 9-Black Golf bag cooler. If you want more accessories, there are great ones to check out on their official website.

What’s the Dimension? How Much Does it Weigh?

This bag weighs about 9 pounds and possesses a dimension of 50″ X 13″ X 15″. This size could simply occupy regular club lengths. And since it’s just nine pounds, you need not have any issue putting it under the airline weight requirements.


If you want to spend about $100 and purchase a valuable travel bag in return, this is the bag you need. The favourite part of the bag is the sleek design, weight, and extra storage. While there are more costly ones, this is the best bag golf travel anywhere or in the market.