Garmin Approach Z80 Rangefinder Review


The Garmin Z80 unravels this dilemma and it does so in an elegant way. It doesn’t tell the duration and it’s excessively huge to strap to the wrist, but it’s such a substantial fraction of kit it is. The Z80 is completely exceptional, but also, majority of what Garmin manufactures is difficult to belittle.

It’s worth explaining that the Z80 sparkles when you’re tinkering different courses because it takes extensively of the guesswork out of the equation. In consequence, you’ll have the skill to fiddle a course like an exclusive, the initial time you play.

But if you only always play your residence course, the Z80 isn’t required. Something like the Bushnell Phantom will be of greatly better use to you at a kind deeper rate point.

Inaugurated in June 2018 few months after Bushnell pulled out the Hybrid, the Z80 incorporates the popular laser angefinder with 2D course perspective mapping integrated in the viewfinder show.

It has a all the other features that you’d need, so let’s stroll through them to assist you determine if this is the rangefinder that suit.

Garmin Approach Z80 at a Glance.

The Z80 has a unique operating network from other rangefinders. That’s why you may desire some teachings to utilize it for the first limited times.

The very first moment you turn it on there’s a short format progression where you choose your language, default yards or metres location and your driver length.

For game, onetime you turn the appliance on and choose ‘Play Golf’, you’ll be inquired to select the lesson. The GPS will then allot you with the crucial yardages that established on your stance during your round.

While other rangefinders utilize a magnifying lens, the Garmin Approach reveals to you a digital picture of the hole. You may learn it just tough to discover the pin early. You’ll liable bolt on to the incorrect distance on your basic time you utilize it. See more here to understand better.

Luckily, the GPS yardages that emerge on the screen will enable you know it’s an error. You’ll see the quantities for the whole hole. This characteristic is rare if you’re on the tee. You only require to peek through the lens at the 2D map to detect where the problem is and the extents to it.

Because you put in your driving length at configuration, it will also reveal you factors of your drive anchorage area. That’s helpful because it offers you additional knowledge about what your safe miss is.


The Garmin Approach Z80 comprises a lot of outstanding features. The Pin indicator and the Plays Like procedures have particularly earned awareness for their functionality. Let’s discover what else the Garmin equipment can accomplish.

Laser Range Arc

This feature permits you to develop the ideal method shot technique. The appliance shows an arc on the 2D view map that permits you to notice everything in play at the range. You can prevent a lot of problems utilizing this.

It also eradicates the necessity for yardage catalogs and cart GPS.

That’s the aspect about the Garmin Approach Z80. You won’t require any supplementary appliances to play well it has everything you want.

Laser Functionality:

The laser functionality on this device is outstanding. When you lock on to the pin, you’ll retain all the data you require to be shown through the viewfinder. They flicker in a glaring red colour for translucency.

GPS Technology

Garmin produces are bosses when it gets to GPS technology. Before they built the Garmin Approach S60 GPS watch, they have been earning more vogue for their golfing appliances. The watch’s goal is to give you with ranges from any location on the field to the juncture you want your ball to attain.

The Garmin Approach Z80 shows a basic course map on the left angle of the viewfinder. Live GPS ranges also emerge in the view, existing side-by-side with the distance targeting feature.

The Z80 will provide you detailed assurance to strike at any target. You won’t have to bother about precision.


It is Lightweight

Image stabilization is on theme

+/- 25cm laser precision

The Pin indicator method shows accurate range and path

The red target arc propels it susceptible to strike perfect spots.


The Garmin Approach Z80 is complicated to bring out of the pouch.

It requires a cable to charge rather than a battery.

The digitized screens take moment to become accustom to.

You have to peep in the viewfinder at all time.


Is It Worth the Steep Price Tag?

If you were to acquire one of the bounty rangefinders like the Bushnell X2 and a high-end GPS appliance like the Approach S60, it would estimate more than $599. The different functionality would conform to the high-end characteristics of the Approach Z80.

How does it work?

Using the product is moderately easy. When you get to the course, just turn it on and choose to play golf. 


There’s an abundance of technology inside the Garmin Approach Z80, also the unit weighs a sheer 8 oz.  Even the modest process of waking up from standby method by rolling your thumb around the bottom groove surpasses intentions.