Garmin S60 Review

Garmin Approach S60: Design and interface

Although the Garmin S60 doesn’t appear incredibly elegant or flamboyant, it possesses a neat layout and black matte end that appears vast both during fitness workouts and as an essential daily smartwatch.  At 1.8 ounces, it’s likewise lightweight and pleasant to wear throughout a round. The round 1.2-inch touch screen is huge enough to glimpse and interact with the contraptions when putting in a hand glove or when soaked in sweat it also worked in the pool, also. The watch is capable of water-resistant to 165 feet, and was flawlessly noticeable, even in unaffected sunlight.

All-around, the S60 is clear to drive. Three controllers on the right angle allow you choose actions and stride through menus. Contrary to majority of Garmin’s GPS watches, the S60 retains a touch screen, which you can utilize to swipe through a limited fundamental widgets that outline day-to-day activities, climate and your last round played. The golf app obeys the same common flow and has drill down abilities from a round overview down to the club choice and lengths for each hit.

Garmin Approach S60: Battery life.

Subsequently after every of the first 4 rounds a golfer played wearing the S60, the battery never knock down below 60 percent. Normally, people guessed this justified sampling the battery over a 36 complete day of golf. While not publicized by Garmin for use over continuous rounds, the S60, which commenced the day completely charged, was still hitting at 6 percent by time the golfer was in the lodge. The watch possibly would have retained more life left if the golfer had halted the golf app between games.

The S60 is also furnished with a limited extra golf components, such as the choice to document each club used, modify scores for obstacle and save score of playing companions using a little varied setups. It also arrives with a swing speed app, which is presumed to time backswing and downswing, but this expects the TruSwing detector that connects to your club.


It automatically feels when you strike a shot, and will show how far it was strike at the tip of the screen. This enables you to figure out your real yardages with clubs, boast about your longest drives, and certainly can assist you locate irregular balls off the tee.

If you decide to save your score the Garmin S60 automatically feels when you are on the green, and urges you to penetrate your strokes for the hole.

Enables you to alter pin postures on the green to obtain an additional precise yardage.

Factors in uphill and downhill yardage for a Plays Like number.

Trails your steps for the round and full miles stepped.


Stylish watch

It can be customised

Outstanding standalone smartwatch you can use day-to-day


Costly unlike other watches

Requires time to understand all the features.


Is The Garmin Approach S60 Worth The Price?

This is by far and off the nicest golf GPS watch on the market presently. We can advise you that without a misgiving.


With a sharp screen, long battery power, precise course maps and extras, the Garmin S60 is an expensive but worthwhile subsidy for tech-minded golfers.