C3i Wedge Review


If you want a wedge you can trust, C3i Wedge is an excellent one for you. It is especially great for beginning golf players and handicappers along with its wide sole, unique design, and deep rough. The C3i Wedge sees itself as a great aid for golf players who struggle using wedge shots around the green and in the bunkers. Just like some golf infomercial products in the market, it posits some high claims.

C3i Wedge Review

C3i Wedge Review (Description)

C3i Wedge is a distinctive short game clubs you will see in golf. It has a wide sole that offers balance and slices through deep rough and sand to give solid contact on all swings, the C3i Wedge performs greatly and has the potential to transform short games. C3i gives an extra hand you want and help to get the ball from bunkers in one swing. It is totally tournament legal; thus, it gives the edge you might require to defeat your competitors and still to conform to golf rules.

C3i Wedge Review(Features)


A prominent feature of C3i Wedge is its sandblasted face. This notable feature can aid in producing greater spin rates on balls. More so, it can help with the alignment; the sandblasted face ensures it’s very easy for you to align through the target line.

Great Feel Via Impact

A great feature and benefit of C3i Wedge is the great responsive impact. It does like you could feel every club vibration via the fingertips as you swing the ball, providing an exact touch for excellent shots. You will think you are shooting with wedges the pro golf players take on tour. The impact is impressively consistent on different surfaces.

An Easy Made Alignment

The wedge bottom groove has a clear white strip to be used as a visual guideline when you aim at shots and address the balls. Because everything you do is point and shoot, alignment is just as easy as lining the white guide with the accurate spot to where you wish to drop the ball.

The High Lob with Higher Control

Since clubs perform consistently, you could base on the steep arc to all shots. The loft 65 degrees permits for more height in the short game than several wedges in the market. The high spin rate gives you bigger control over the shots. Because you can place the ball high on the air using the Wedge, what you should do now is to fine-tune the spin amount on the ball. And you will get granular control over the approach shots.

The Ultimate Shock Absorption

C3i Wedge features an ABS Badge placed just behind the hitting area. This provides several shock absorptions and enhances the already high feel to every shot.

Mishits Resistant

To aid golf players in achieving greater distance, accuracy, and control, C3i Wedge is designed with an anti-rotation clubface and head. The great rigid clubface restrains closing or opening at impact, creating improved performance, irrespective of the place you strike balls on the face via shots. Anti-rotation, stability, and a huge amateur-friendly nice spot show that you will move out of the bunker, fairway and rough, much often than with other wedges.


The c3i can remove fat shots under 50 yards of your flag.

It is comfortable and easy to use.

The c3i Wedge can take you out from bunkers with just a single swing.

It is excellent for high-handicappers or beginners.


The c3i Wedge won’t highly benefit the low handicappers.

It could be very heavy for several golf players.


Is the C3i Wedge Great for Beginners?

The C3i is great for beginners or high handicappers due to it requires a lot of sophistication from the short game. Is the C3i Wedge Legal?

Yes, the c3i Wedge is legal for tournament plays.


This is valuable to be with you on your course. It is a vast choice that should knock points from your score. It is also suited for women and men, right-handed and left-handed golf players; it’s just an efficient substitute of a 7-iron. The C3i is affordable and simple to control; it glides easily or smoothly with the turf rather than digging to it.