Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review


Since Bushnell totally refurbished their golf rangefinder lines, they have recorded great popularity rates not seen before by Optics company. Their latest model is an improvement from older discontinued models like the Pro X7 and Tour X. However, what’s good about the Pro X2? Consequently, a well-detailed review of Bushnell ProvX2 will be expounded in this article.

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review (Description)

Every of the Bushnell Golf’s top-leading laser rangefinder inventions is packed under the Pro X2. The X2 offers the ability to prevent every display issues using varying weathers by toggling between an LCD screen and LED any time you need. With a slope-switch technology of the X2, you can possess the tournament’s legal or formal device or slope measuring units. This procedure couldn’t be easier. You don’t need to deal with strenuous faceplates while changing them anymore. It’s just a great feature that’s efficient for genius rangefinders.

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review (Features)

Slope-Switch Technology

Slope-Switch Technology makes golf players to simply toggle out and in of the slope function. It lets golf players easily use slopes to have compensated distances over the course during the time they need it. And get the USGA-conforming device which is formal or legal for tournament play anytime they want it.

PinSeeker with JOLT Technology

JOLT, along with PinSeeker offers golf players a few vibrating pulses to provide a tactile confirmation which the laser has locked to the Flag. JOLT Technology clear every doubt.

Dual Display Technology

This is exclusive of the Pro X2. Dual display technology lets users simply toggle between the clear red vivid display or bright black display according to personal preference or lighting conditions with the easy mode button press.

Other interesting features include:

The availability of Bushnell Golf App.

The presence of 3D Flyovers along with distances.

Hole layouts feature with distances.

The Pro X2 comes with access to over 36,000 courses.


A great benefit of this Bushnell Pro X2 is the tournament legality.

It can measure slopes.

It jolts vibrations.

It is simple to read the display.

It is totally waterproof.


It lacks mounting options.

Just like other good Rangefinders, Pro X2 is a bit expensive.


Does it Lock into the Flag?

Yes, the Pro X2 locks onto the Flag. You will be aware that the X2 has locked to the target with the JOLT technology which positively pulses or vibrate in hand.

Why does the Pro X2 lack Mounting Options?

While the older Bushnell rangefinders came with mounting ports at their base, this latest line is redesigned to use the hand-held device effectively. You do not need steadiness using the upgraded technology because there is nothing a mounting device or tripod can provide, that rangefinder can’t provide.

What’s the ability of the Bushnell Pro X2 in having distances in varying Weather Conditions?

The Pro X2 offers quick readings irrespective of the weather. It’s totally waterproof and comes with a Dual Display Technology. You could utilize the LED display for clearer readings when it’s cloudy. And when sunny, the LCD might aid in seeing readings much clearer.

What is the major difference between the Pro X2 and other Bushnell Rangefinders?

The Pro X2 comes with a Slope Switch Technology, totally waterproof, metal housing, and within an ESP 2 Technology. It’s the best that Bushnell has to give.

What’s Stable-Grip Technology?

Its technology helps to use rangefinders just like a hand-held device without shakiness of range long distances. It makes sure you have a quick, exact reading.

How to Utilize Slope-Switch Technology?

You can simply access the switch technology on the rangefinder side. Just switch the logo of Pro X2 up using your thumb for the slope mode and switch down for your legal mode.


For many, the Pro X2 is the best golf rangefinder in the world. It’s just like a golfing dream that comes true. Pro X2 leaves a few rooms for errors. No wonder, it’s used by most Amateur players and PGA Tour players. Rangefinder Bushnell has assembled best features from previous offerings and add them into the Pro X2. It makes big promises and delivers in all angles.