Ping G400 Max Driver Review


The latest G400 Max has the same hardware as the first G400, but we have improved the scale to achieve even more forgiveness, resulting in tighter dispersion and lower ratings.

Golfers will have four fitting choices with Max’s inclusion to the G400 driver family to guarantee they get the best out of their practice. The Max is potentially the perfect match for you if you fail to find a fairway of reliability.

By refining the crown and face geometry of the larger-profile, multi-material head, PING has attained its all-time maximum MOI parameters in the G400 Max driver.

The forgiving gains are due to the 460cc head and almost four times the permissible weight produced by the technology of the Dragonfly head and the small, forged mask. To help carry the cumulative MOI (heel/toe & high/low) over 9,900 grams cm2, the high-density tungsten back weight folds around the rear of the sole. To render it the most forgiving driver in golf, exceeding the present G400 driver, its CG position is lower and further back than any other driver in the industry.

Ping G400 Max Driver Review

Ping G400 Max Driver Review (Description)

The same aerodynamic efficiency, acoustic, swift face, and dragonfly crown technology as the basic Ping G400 driver maximize forgiving, but with a 460cc head size. Tungsten weighting is bound on the heel’s back skirt, increasing MOI 700 points higher than the G400 norm. A highly muted effect sound is produced by comprehensive frequency and vibration testing.

MAX is a very fascinating addition to the driver family of G400 drivers. Ping has brought MAX to the 460cc limit if the other heads are 445cc in height. Ping says that golfers can lose a little club pace due to the extra height, but whatever’s missed is more than forgiveness.

Ping G400 Max Driver Review (Features)


Pretty similar to the G400, but due to the 460cc head, with a wider profile.

Even unlike the black face on the PING G400, this has a silver face.

Which has the same finish, though, from the top, and DragonFly Technology is on view. Even the headcover is the same.

Tone and Feel

Noisy and not nearly as heavy as the G400. It’s always a decent feeling, but good players in this department would favor the G400.


Unquestionably, this driver is very forgiving. The G400 Max was notably more accommodating compared to the G400 – and had heaps of support on off-center strikes in its own right.

We discovered it was big, and PING claims this driver is the lowest CG driver in the sector, which would sound right.

This would enable them to squeeze out as much ground as possible for higher handicappers with slower swing velocities.

We got a little less distance from the G400 Limit than the PING G400 in the range stakes when we hit out of the center, but the support we got on the off-center hits composed for it.

The spin in the G400 Max from throughout the face was higher.


Mega launch with the required shaft

Bighead fosters trust

Many available shaft choices

Constructed for electricity


High spin players without the best approach could be a concern.

The head does not have the traditional pear shape


How do you equate the PING G400 to the previous PING drivers?

For the G400, the camouflage black matte finish and Dragonfly Technology on the crown are replicated here, but PING has done a far better job than previous versions. Previous clubs such as PING G and G30 were a little intrusive, and almost appears to be getting a little in the way. The revamped, younger, streamlined style offers a great look to the head that is so much more desirable and less intrusive.

What’s the best sort of player for this club?

Using the PING G400 Driver can support players at all levels. This complex and efficient club is indeed a good fit for just about everybody who loves the game, from novices who need forgiveness to professionals who are searching for their next (or first) tournament victory.

How is the PING G400 stacking up against the contest?

The G400 driver is certainly a standout in certain categories relative to other drivers of its caliber. Compared to top rivals, including the TaylorMade M1, Callaway GBB Epic, and several of the Titleist drivers, the only bad problem with the G400 Driver would be PING’s G400 does not provide CG adjustability. Some are concerned about the lack of capacity to configure the ball flight outside of a loft modification or shaft.

Any golfers may have a concern with the G400 crowns, too. The address also has a lot to look at, even with the decreased size of the crowns.


MAX is not only about hackers, and it also doesn’t make the G400 standard obsolete. Tony Finau, one of the greatest traveling hitters, has MAX in his wallet. They all have their spot. Think of the usual driving game if you really want help choosing between the pair. MAX might be a great shout if you lose a couple of fairways and spray shots all over your forehead. The regular G400 could be the best choice if your game profits from all the pace you can get your fingertips on. Ensure you are ready anyway.