Travel Tips: Flying with Golf Clubs


Do you want to travel with your clubs but you don’t know how to go about it? You are clueless, and the thoughts of your beloved golf clubs grip you with fear. Do not worry, this post got you covered!

Traveling for most people is fun while some other people hate traveling probably because of the stress that could come with it. If you are traveling with your clubs, you need to consider safety first. You could get a travel bag and hope it gets to your destination safely. Depending on your travel plans, you could rent a set of clubs to avoid flying with your own clubs. However, this isn’t always the case. For instance, if you are going for a play on a new golf course, you will need your own trusted weaponry to enjoy and have a peak performance at that moment. For the sake of this, you need to know some tips about flying with golf clubs, and luckily, you are just on the right page for that. Read further and enjoy!

Travel Tips: Flying with Golf Clubs

  • Get a Proper Case for Your Golf Club

You could be wondering what the proper case could be for a golf club. Basically, there are two types of case you could get for your golf clubs. There are hard and soft cases, each with there is own features and benefits. Soft cases are very easy to pack but offer little protection for your equipment. They are made from soft material like nylon; hence they are light-weight and probably an option for some people that don’t like heavy stuff. However, if you want real protection, get a hard case. Hard cases are generally heavy, made from rugged materials and are harder to pack.

If you are traveling by air, you should travel with a hard case instead. Airlines could cover damages done to a hard case. If you are going by car, a relatively short journey, a soft case could just be the best option. Don’t forget to use a golf club protection device with your soft case bag. It looks like an adjustable aluminum crutch that is taller your driver. It helps to keep your shafts from being damaged.

  • Utilize a Right Size for Your Bag

This also comes in two options – a big traveling bag and a small traveling bag. As you know, golf clubs come in different sizes, so you should get the right-sized bag. A larger golf bag is the best option if you are traveling by air. It will fit your golf clubs perfectly.

But, using a small-sized bag could make your travel even more stressful and inconvenient. It could even be non-economical. For example, purchasing new stuff, you could not pack inside the small bag when you get to your destination.

  • Book a Non-Stop Flight

It will be a worst-case scenario if you are sitting in an airport waiting to catch another flight. This is because your golf bags might be treated badly, might even be damaged by the baggage handlers. We advised you to book a non-stop flight. It will save you the stress of connecting plans, very convenient and could get you to your location in a less transit time. Plus, it does fewer damages to your golf bag and wouldn’t be handled by some sloppy baggage handlers.

Booking a non-stop flight will require you to pay more, but it is worth it if you want value for money. When considering to book a non-stop flight, try to find less busy airport times to avoid staying in long queues.

  • Remove the Clubheads

This could take a lot of work, but it is one way to safely get to your destination without breaking your golf clubs. You can take a picture of the golf clubs originally to remember how they are when fixing them back.

  • Pack your Clubs well

We recommend you pack your clubs well to prevent them from moving around in the travel bag. You could pack extra sweaters, towels or windbreaker between your clubs to give it extra protection.

  • Carry your Golf Clubs Upside Down

You should carry your golf clubs upside down in your golf bag to protect the lower portion of the shaft. These parts are more susceptible to bending and breaking, therefore, when you carry the clubs upside down, you are protecting down from damages.

  • Add some Personal ID to your bag

Once your bag is packed and secured, don’t forget to add a personal ID on the outside of the travel case. Your travel case should have one pre-installed but maybe add an extra one as well for safety. Always add your full name, email address, and phone number.

Another good idea is to add something that makes the case easily identifiable such as a ribbon, sticker or something. The last thing you want is another eager golfer at baggage claim to take your bag instead of his.

  • Do not Add more Luggage to What You Have

When traveling with your golf clubs, there is no need to cumber yourself with unnecessary luggage. Keep everything minimal. As a tip, never travel with more bags than you can manage alone. Better still, you could make a checklist of what to pack for a golf trip and pack according to that. This will reduce the risks of packing unnecessary stuff and leaving important things behind.

  • Take Pictures of Your Bags and the Items it Carries

Once you have gotten a durable travel bags and pack your golf clubs in it, make sure to account for everything in the bag. This can be done by taking pictures of the bag, including all the items in it. You will one step ahead in case there is a messy scenario at the airport. Also, in case there are any damages, you will be able to hold the airline accountable. Baggage handlers do not care about your bag and golf clubs, so it better to develop a radical plan such as taking clear pictures beforehand.


There are lots of options when it comes to travelling with your clubs instead of checking through the airline. If you are going to travel with clubs, get a durable travel bag that will contain all your golf clubs, book a direct flight to avoid inconveniences and sloppy baggage handlers.

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We hope these travel tips have given you enough ideas to make your next flying much easier. Have fun!