The Best Golf Trips you need to experience now


Do you fantasize about playing a series of golf in new greens? Maybe you simply need to experience the best golf trips far and wide. You need to observe history at these notable spots. At that point, you appear to have one fundamental issue – You are essentially ignorant regarding how to go about it. You know what, simply chill!

One energizing thing about the sport of golf is that you will play the game all around the world and meet new individuals to play with. In a similar vein, this likewise shows that you will, in general, play on new greens, that can just occur through golf trips. There are bunches of fairways with astounding highlights that you should experience, ranging from one destination to the next. You could go with your family, companions, and well-wishers. In any case, the course of action to go for a significant and memorable golf excursion could take a great deal of work. You should make an arrangement, consider an area, think about the financial plan and lots more. This can all be overwhelming, especially if you are just going on the trip for the first time. Yet, frankly, everything is worth it, despite all the trouble. Hence, this article will tell you the best way to approach everything about the golf trip you genuinely need to experience. Enjoy!

Golf Trips – The Plan

Before we start discussing the golf trips, you must make a plan before going for it. Your plans for the golf trips will determine how memorable your experience could be. Let’s roll!


The first thing you should ask yourself is, “where do you want to go?”. Do you want to go to a nearby golf course, or you want to go global. Think about what you want. You could gather your friends if you were going together and brainstorm. Here are some basic questions you need to figure out

  • what activities do you think will be in place at the destination, e.g., a golf reservation?
  • Is it going to be a fun trip solely on golf, or you want to have some other varieties of fun at the destination?

When you get this down, you can now start to think about the next thing, which is…


Once you have known the destination, you will be going for. Think about the financial aspect. Plan it out. You will be surprised at what you will get when you get to the destination. Think about

  • Transportation

If you stay far away from the golf course, you intend to visit, which means more money to spend. Figure out if you will be taking a flight, boarding a train, perhaps it will be a car. Know your mode of transportation.

  • Tee times

Depending on your golf course destination, there is a possibility that they have more than one course. Figure out their green fees. Also, they could have other package deals that could make your trips more memorable.

  • Other things

Other things you should budget on include your lodging, how much you will spend per night if you are lodging in the hotel, the number of people per room if you’re going to with other people, and lots more.

This step is crucial for your golf trip’s success, especially if you are going with other people. You need to get the right information and plan based on it.

Duration of Trip

This absolutely depends on your budget. A longer duration means more money to spend and also more fun. You could plan this with the budget

You could plan to include the number of people if you will be going with other people for its fun.

Best Golf Trips

Oregon Coast

This is golf heaven on earth. This consists of Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails, and Old MacDonald, one of the best golf courses. You could lodge and overlook the golf courses, plus there is an excellent cuisine service. If you are a dedicated golfer, you should aim for this destination.

Carmel/Monterey Peninsula, Calif

The Monterey Peninsula is one of California’s most iconic destinations. You get to enjoy the iconic views of Pebble Beach, which is one of the perennial top-10 selection on Golf Magazine’s list of “Top 100 courses in the World”. Other courses include the Spyglass hills, Spanish bay, Poppy hills. Playing the course (Pebble Beach) is one experience you should have. If you cannot afford the green fee, the Pacific Grove Golf seems affordable, giving you the coastal scenery you will love.

There is also plenty to do in Monterey apart from golfing; you could visit the historic Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row for your non-golf fun.

Pinehurst / Southern Pines, N.C.

This is commonly regarded as the “home of American golf.” It is one of the historic golf course you could visit. It is soaked with the memories of legends like Palmer, Nicklaus, Hogan, and lots more. There have been significant upgrades done to the courses. Golf courses include the No. 1, No. 2, which is one of the key golf courses in Pinehurst, No. 3, which has the fun par 68 with a classic layout and lots more of “No.” with amazing features plus the newly constructed goof course called “The Cradle.” This is one true place you could test your imagination!

International Destinations

St. Andrews, Scotland

It will be unforgiven to not mention the “home of golf.” A journey to the Home of Golf could comprise playing the seven courses of the St. Andrews Trust (the Old Course, the Castle Course, the New, and so forth). Be that short journeys to close by credible connections like Crail, Elie and Lundin ought to be on any list as it may. Gleneagles and Carnoustie are each about an hour’s drive away.


There are many golf courses available in the world that you can visit—each with their own specific and amazing features. Your experience in any of the golf courses depends on you. Your budget really plays a major role in your experience. We recommend you still do further research to know which destination will best suit you, family, and golfing buddies. Thanks for reading, and happy golf trip.