Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Irons Review.


The JPX919 Hot Metal irons are constructed to contribute an optimal speed and balance of high ball speed and safe landings into grassland.

It’s also clearly more inexpensive than several other iron offerings out there that are priced well into the 4 figures.

How does the JPX919 Hot Metal iron work at the end of the day? What type of golfer is it best worked out for? Is it worth arranging these in your bag?


High vitality Chromoly 4140M equipment and seamless cup face construction come concurrently to manufacture the heightened ball speeds of any Mizuno iron up until this juncture.

Every iron in the batch yields the outstanding flight height for full control into the greens arguably the most crucial purpose of an iron.


This is an exceptionally resilient substance that a big moldability and strength to-weight ratio.

It allows a multi thickness face that is manufactured to yield super high ball speeds and distance. The hosel can be wiggled to this face for a tailored fit.


The trailing perimeter has a top aid design for minor turf drag.


Stability and launch are strengthened with an available heel portion, which also yields a tour-calibre tremor and sound.


The sand, lob and gap wedges retain tour accuracy milled grooves and utilize a softer equipment to encourage better control and spin around the grassland.

The JPX919 Hot Metal irons include lot of other features, part of which have been enhanced upon with every prior version. These include:

a seamless formation for extra distinct response.

re-engineered sound ribs for performance feel through effect.

developed scoring irons

harmonic head geometry that reinforces feel and results.

A broad explanation of the characteristics and technologies of the JPX919 Hot Metal irons can be foundon this page.



The JPX919 Hot Metal is an iron that allows distance.

Joint with the moderately strong lofts and face technologies that are constructed for high ball speeds, you’re going to earn plenty yards out of these irons.

Various people who have teased the JPX919 Hot Metal irons announce that the distance profits of 10-15 yards or extra over their prior gamers.

For real, decent irons shouldn’t be all around distance. Mizuno has set a lot of accomplishment into getting the launch angles up so you can retain controllability into greens, and we would assert they have done a massive job in this regard.


Mizuno doesn’t emphasize forgiveness in the marketing of the JPX919 Hot Metal irons. But it comes out that it’s very nice.

There are a multitude of aspects allotting to this. For illustration, despite the thinner sole, the heel region of the cavity is now more candid, enabling weight to be re allocated to increase MOI.

At the end, ball speeds are conserved very well across the face. If you play adequately, mid strikes should still have a huge possibility of striking the green.


Even with the relatively sharp lofts, the JPX919 Hot Metal irons manage to develop a middle high ball flight that doesn’t arrive hot into the greens.

In regard of the incredible distance and good forgiveness, you can still operate the ball with the JPX919 Hot Metal irons. Set a decent strike on it, and the ball will accomplish what you want it to achieve.


several people have known great distance gains of 10-15 yards or more, without forfeiting height and soft jetties into the greens

a relatively clean, competent look

terrific turf exchange

equalized, quality feel that facilitates fast clubhead speed


some consider the badge structure to be bland.




These irons look amazing. Let’s begin with the look at address.

The tip line has an acceptable thickness for a game-improvement iron a touch thicker. The offset is about normal, and the sole is slightly thinner than you might anticipate. There is a lot of face behind the ball too.


Feel can only be so nice in a cavity-back iron. Altogether aspects evaluated, the JPX919 Hot Metal irons have an adequate feel at impact.


The Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal irons are mainly distance irons, with a nice side of forgiveness and a traditional look.

They provide some of the satisfactory distance on the market, but at the related time, the shots reach into the greens with a nice fraction of control.