Wilson C300 Irons Review


When it comes to playing golf, half of your overall performance will depend on the equipment you use. If you use sub-standard equipment, you will have poor results regardless of your skill level. However, if you use high-quality gear designed for game improvement, you would record better scores on the golf course. The most dominant equipment in golf is the golf clubs. If you already have a high-performance driver, you should get a good set of irons to back it up. This Wilson C300 Irons is one of such sets, and we have reviewed the product in detail. Enjoy!

Wilson C300 Irons Review

Key Features

Complete iron set

This Wilson C300 iron is a complete iron set designed for optimum performance. It contains 4-9 irons, a pitching wedge, and a gap wedge. The irons are designed to fit both right-handed and left-handed golfers.

Made with power hole technology

These irons are designed with power hole technology. These holes are positioned on the toe and sole of the iron, which allows for maximum flex and a more prominent sweet spot. When you strike your ball, you have more incredible ball speed and improved distance.

Designed with KBS tour 90 shafts

When your golf clubs are lightweight, you can easily handle them and increase your swing speed. These Wilson irons utilize KBS tour 90 shafts which are known to be ultra-lightweight. This shaft is designed to give you a higher trajectory, additional spin, and maximum distance.

Utilizes Lamkin crossline two grip

If you hate the vibrational feedback that occurs when you impact your ball, you should use golf clubs with excellent grip. These golf clubs are designed with Lamkin crossline grip, and this grip is known to be larger, softer, and more grip.


Brand name: Wilson Sporting Goods

Complete golf iron set


Designed for game improvement

These irons are designed to improve your overall game and help you gain more distance on your shots. You don’t only gain more space on your shots; you also shoot straighter and farther shots with more accuracy. The power holes in the clubhead give you consistent performance regardless of your skill level, age, or swing speed.

Comfortable to handle

These irons are made with a Lamkin grip that makes them comfortable to handle and use. When you impact the ball, you don’t have to worry about vibrational feedback.

Built for durability

If you want an iron set that will last for long and serve through your golfing career, then you should opt for this product. These irons are uniquely made with high-quality materials that keep them solid and durable.

Allows for forgiveness

Mishits are familiar to all golfers, but they often occur with beginner golfers. If you want irons designed to allow for forgiveness on your mishits, then this product will be perfect for you. These irons are made with a big sweet spot, giving you a sound impact even when you don’t swing.

Designed with an elegant look

Some golfers pay a lot of attention to aesthetics and looking classy on the golf course. If you are one of such golfers, then you would like this Wilson C300 Iron set. These irons are designed with an elegant look that singles you out on the course.

Affordable iron set

Customers like to purchase high-quality products at affordable prices, and golfers are no different. If you are looking to buy a high-quality golf iron set at an affordable price, then you would want to consider buying this product. These game improvement irons are cost-effective.


These irons are a little heavy

These irons are made for average male golfers, and they can be a bit heavy. However, this will not stop you from performing excellently on the golf course.


Golfers improve their game by practicing consistently and using the right equipment. Golf irons happen to be one of the essential pieces of equipment to any golfer, which means you should pick out irons that are uniquely designed to boost your performance on the golf course. We have picked out one of the best iron set on the market, and we have reviewed its unique features. If you are convinced this product will serve you, you should go ahead with the purchase. Cheers!