GX7 Golf Club Review


Many fresh or average golfers struggle for that real club that will unravel all their dilemmas with driving or lengthier fairway shots.

There is a lot of publicity around the GX-7 X-Metal. If you have not watched the ads or publicity our GX Golf Club Reviews will inform you.

For those who have noticed some of the trade or listened to a few tales, it is significant to discern more and to distinguish the advertisement from the realities.

Things to notice when buying a driver.

While the short game might reckon for majority of your additional strokes in a session of golf, driving is naturally the largest tension on new golfers.

As you develop at the sport the tension mostly continues. There is an amount of aspects that younger golfers traditionally assess when choosing a driver. Let’s take a glance below.


Amateurs manage to retain a slower swing speed than the regular golfer so distance is frequently a question. You need a driver that will show the capacity of your swing speed.


You will not constantly hit the ball dead midway so a driver that has a large sweet spot and further forgiveness will enable you out with trivial mishits. It will still give you an adequate distance without drifting too distant off course.


It is vital for golfers to decipher their device and play relatively consistently in terms of distance and precision. Any club that can deliver this will assist the high flaw golfer.

Head Size

A bigger head size will allot several new golfers more morale at address. While it can slow swing speed because of the volume, various golfers discover that it enhances forgiveness and consistency.

The ultimate size enabled is 460cc. A smaller head is normally more aerodynamic and enables for nicer playability.


Let us take a close look at the distinct features and advantages of the GX7

Loft Angle

The GX7 possesses a 14-degree loft, greater than lots of drivers. This drops between a 3 wood and the normal driver. The loft is manufactured to offer you an adequate launch while miscalculating any slice preferences. It provides a susceptible launch that is forgiving.

Less Volume

While most amateurs or lower flaw golfers feel that larger is fairer, this is not certainly the case. The utmost volume permitted is 460cc nevertheless this driver has a mere 267cc volume. While some will learn this to be counter-intuitive, it functions on the GX7.

It still has the perfect appearance and proportion to deliver morale at address and the lesser volume renders it more aerodynamic. This authorizes for higher clubhead speeds and hence adequate distance.

Shorter Shaft Length

Also, most golfers think that a longer shaft will provide vaster distance. Shaft length is only one component and the GX7 has a 43” shaft length for decent accurateness. The driver will be adequately aligned on impact for better consistency and management which finally effects in vaster distance and better outcomes.

Not only does the shorter shaft support with accurateness, the opti launch shaft assist in launch.


Shorter shaft for incredible management

The small head gives satisfactorily aerodynamics

Optimized spin

5 Shaft choices

Excellence build with a 1-year warranty


Few golfers set up a deduction in distance

Not desirable for better golf players.


What does the face progression look like?

This design aspect renders it manageable to get the clubface square for preferable precision. It should assist most golfers that combat with a slice or hook and provide extra consistency.

What does the budget seem like?

The budget has to be assessed. Leading brand drivers and clubs do not land cheaply. While some may support your performance investing in one facet of golf implies limited money to pay on the device of certain time on the course.


If you are experiencing complication with your driver or long fairway shots the GX7 is possibly worth a peek. It has been manufactured from the ground up to work with beginner golfers and decrease many of the cases they face.

It is aerodynamic for greater clubhead speed and has a shorter shaft for extra control. Numerous golfers discover that they accomplish greater consistency, distance, precision and distance with the GX7.