Callaway Rogue Driver


We all seek to boost our golf sport. While golf is a complicated game, sufficient material will make a crucial distinction to your sport. Callaway’s current Rogue Driver comprises the strength of Jailbreak technology and X-Face VFT technology to facilitate increased ball speed and lengthy distance.

Callaway asserted to have changed away from their normal metalwood layout protocol to earlier again re mold the driver, motivated by a need to dramatically improve the driver activity by altering the driver dynamics.

Irons are the clubs you frequently utilize mostly so a good pack is important. There are numerous nice alternatives ready but we will show you through some of the favorable choices for your demands. To see what here rogue driver look like, here it is.

Except you are an expert, you will discover some usefulness in these sets. They are game advancement drivers that will fit all excluding the prime golfers.

Things to evaluate before purchasing a set of rogue driver.

One of the factors of golf that renders it such a remarkable sport is that each player is unusual. As incredibly, there is no one size that conforms to all when it pertains to equipment.

Luckily, we are spoilt for option and there is a large extent of alternatives vacant.

For those lucky or skilled adequately to drive the green, the remainder of us make use of our irons to a decent percentage.

Here are a few elements to watch out for when selecting a set of irons.


These irons are more forgiving and will help decrease off-center strikes and mis hits. They are constructed to be forgiving and assist maximum golfers get approximately 18 holes with limited issues.


These are naturally blades and are for better skilled golfers with considerable accurateness. They are tremendously less forgiving.


These maintain becoming prominent and are normally bought individually. They retain a vast profile for extra forgiveness and largely possess a nice launch. High flawed golfers might appreciate these but they require the playability of adequate irons. They are very helpful for golfers that debate with the longer irons


This is something that numerous mid to high flawed golfers toil with and these irons will all assist with that. They are built for a straightforward launch and adequate loft.


This is something that is continually only analysed with drivers but is likewise vital with irons. Shafts can be in form of graphite, steel or multi-material. Each retains its merits and demerits so discover the one that matches your game favourably.

Also take note that when choosing irons is the weighting likewise as the loft of the distinctive irons.

Callaway Rogue Driver: Key Features

Jailbreak Effect for Enhanced Ball Speed

Joint ability of Jailbreak technology and X-Face VFT technology to improve high ball speed and long distance in the Callaway Rogue Driver

Boeing Aero Package

Modern boundary-layer geometry boosts the Speed Step’s capacity for adequate airflow and additional head speed.

Triaxial Carbon Crown for Increased MOI

The vastest perpetually carbon combined surface area in a Callaway driver. It is light and powerful makeup conserves weight that’s redistributed to boost MOI.


It has an extraordinary forgiveness

It retains an absolutely huge ball speeds and distance

It’s draw version helps to counteract slicing

It has a solid feel


It is a little bit expensive

It lacks adjustability in tasks of a sliding weight


Is Rogue driver more big?

Both Callaway Rogue and Epic are 460cc drivers, but this recently built Callaway Rogue Driver is spread from face to back and little from toe to heel. To obtain this look in a decent driver, atter crown was makes use of related to the Epic.

What are Rogue Driver Carbon composite?

Callaway company has inaugurated carbon bre in drivers. The tech’s currently so good the Rogue’s crown is 65 percent thinner than a comparable titanium crown. All the weight that was saved was redistributed to put forward MOI and conserve ball speed and distance.


Callaway fixed it again with the Rogue driver. It’s certainly a capable heir to the actual Epic, packing outstanding forgiveness that the Epic didn’t relatively possess.

It’s also extremely long, possesses bold, glossy look, and retains some of the greatly solid, safe feel a driver can use.

The Rogue driver should be a very desirable alternative to normal and high flawed golfers.

Always remember that due to the thin weight and elevated spin as an outcome of the MOI, early swingers who generally strike it high might encounter some problems.