Titleist 718 Irons Review


The Titleist 718 irons are designed for golfers that want both strong range and ultra-forgiveness, and this recent version of their most outstanding player irons is jam-packed with modern technology. The 718 irons, according to Titleist, are indeed lengthier and quite forgiving over their predecessors and merge the original Titleist feel and look with the system’s most modern innovation resulting in an iron that is simple to drive launches further and stops on the field faster. The 718 AP3 is by far the most strong iron throughout the series. In this series, the AP3 varies from the AP2 and AP1. It is much more technologically advanced and has the fastest speeds. If you’re willing to spend a lot of money, the AP3 is the comprehensive, can’t-go-wrong package that takes a custom approach to the iron group and results. This should appeal to all players, regardless of the handicap. 3 fully serrate structures are included in the AP3 package.

Titleist 718 Irons Review (description)

To make the most benefit of the gameplay, the Titleist 781 irons have a double-fold structure. Lengthier irons include hollow frames, whereas mid and shorter irons include an offset cavity, according to Titleist, providing the perfect balance of distance direction for each uniquely built iron. Connects with a small, quick, attached face produce tremendous ball speed for greater reach. Long irons with hollow bodies, influenced by Titleist’s Design C16 iron models, optimize hold distance on further hits to the tee. The Titleist 718 irons have a reduced center of gravity due to a high-density tungsten weighting, which allows for greater launch and shot-stopping power. The grand structure generates more incredible ball speeds around the head for further accurate range on off-center strikes, via an estimate of approximately 59 grams of Tungsten for every head, positioned lower as well as in the toe of its long & mid irons. The Titleist 718 AP1 irons provide the appearance, feel, and sound that gamers have come to anticipate from a Titleist iron, and they also possess a top edge pre-wear that allows for further effective field contact and steady touch. By mixing modern resources like Tungsten, updating face technology, and introducing modern steel structures, the 718 could do this.

Titleist 718 Irons Review (features)


The AP3 is made of 17-4 stainless steel that has been cast. Both the AP2 and the AP1 are made of forged steel. Furthermore, the strength of Tungsten is far more significant, as seen in the 3-7 irons, which increases your managed efficiency by holding the club square and stopping users from spinning in unpredictable turns and twists. Tungsten weighs 78g per clubhead on maximum in AP3 irons, accounting for ⅓ of the overall mass of every iron. Since players who just need MOI would need a large blade, Titleist ensured the blade size begins long in the longest irons.

Furthermore, golfers may switch back to even more portable or shortened irons as required. The AP3 point’s L-Face architecture has a significant impact on low-face hits. The design team at Titleist managed to keep the low positions on the head more uniform so that the lower portion of the face could pass more freely. This has proven to be effective in helping golfers develop the structure of their effect locations. The AP3 is a fantastic collection that is by far the most sought-after Titleist has ever made. However, there are several comparisons. The spotlight Titleist element is identical as on the AP2 and AP1, being the High Strength Steel face attachment. The pre-worn top section is smoothed out using High Strength Steel technology. The edge blends effortlessly into the toe in this manner. For additional toughness, the wedges are also made of stainless steel. They’re the right height balance. They’re marginally longer in blade size than the AP2 irons, yet not as long as the AP1s. The AP3s are unusual to maximize forgiveness without compressing the center position or the iron’s sole. To accomplish, this goal Titleist used brilliant innovation. They introduced a significant portion of angles. The only odd feature of the design is that the top line appears to be a little thin, but people appreciate the light structure.

Sound and feel

The Titleist 718 Irons have the appearance, feel, and sound that golfers anticipate from a Titleist iron, and they’re a great choice both for influential professionals and Amateur golfers. The 718 irons are designed for players who want to get the most out of their game while maintaining constant range and forgiveness. The top professionals in the universe have endorsed these irons because of their Tour-proven accuracy and player-favored appearance, tone, and feel. Tungsten Perimeter A simplified leading-edge produces powerful field contact and a simple feel via effect, while weighting and a forged structure offer total forgiving and durability.


It is durable

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It is expensive


If users can buy it, the AP3 is preferable to the AP2 and AP1. As contrasted to the AP2 and AP1, Titleist’s AP3 is the pinnacle of the 718 series and offers the strongest of all universes. It’s the most prestigious and feature-rich range of irons available. The AP3 is Titleist’s increased product, featuring the latest technology, the most vigorous development, and the most outstanding result. It was developed using the greatest information gathered from the AP1 and AP2 lineups. The Titleist AP3 is the company’s most potent and fastest iron. The AP3 is an actual feel-good set, and it’s probably Titleist’s best sought-after update in years.