8 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes in 2021

Puma Men’s Ignite NXT Lace Golf Shoe

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

New Balance Men’s Comfort Golf Shoes

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When people speak about golf equipment, they often tend to concentrate on the obvious things like the golf clubs, golf gloves and probably the golf balls. However, the shoes that you put on when you play this game is as important as your other equipment. Using the right golf shoes helps you to feel comfortable and allow you to improve your game considerably.

Since we have already established the fact that you need golf shoes to play golf effectively, then the next step is to find the golf shoe that serves all your needs and fits you perfectly. Golf shoes differ in their quality and features, and this can make it difficult to decide what you want, however, one thing that golfers tend to opt for when buying shoes are spikeless outsoles. Spikeless shoes tend to give you better grip and allow for increased swing speeds. Buying spikeless shoes is a win for you.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to look too far before you see a spikeless golf shoe that you will like. This buying guide has been put together to show you some of the best spikeless golf shoes at a glance and allow you to make a well-informed decision as to the footwear to buy. Cheers!

The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes Reviewed

Below are some of the Best Spikeless Golf Shoes and their reviews.


Puma Men’s Ignite NXT Lace Golf Shoe

If you are looking for a golf shoe that comes with versatile features and excellent fit, then this product is just right for you. This golf shoe is made from 100% textile and synthetic materials which means it is durability, and its lightweight strength will help improve your game considerably. Another excellent thing about this golf shoe is that it utilizes an ignite foam that leaves you feeling comfortable. It also comes with a super-thin TPU frame designed solely for the midsole so that you can enjoy better traction and increased flexibility. The outer structure of this shoe is built with a performance mesh and TPU, which give you a waterproof and breathable exterior. It also makes use of organic traction that gives you increased grip and power on your swings.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% textile and synthetic materials.
  • Synthetic sole; comes with a sole shield.
  • Utilizes performance mesh with thermoplastic polyurethane.
  • Contains an ignite foam; for comfortability.
  • Waterproof mesh.
  • Lightweight shoe.
  • Utilizes organic traction.


  • Brand name: Puma
  • Men’s shoes
  • Gives you complete comfort and stability.
  • Organic traction keeps you steady on all grounds.
  • Can be used in all weather; including humid climates.
  • Comes in multiple sizes. Take your pick.
  • Gives you increased flexibility.
  • The eye of the laces might need extra reinforcement.


Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

If you are in the market for a product that has already been tried and tested by several golfers, then this is the right product for you. This product is uniquely designed from microfiber leather and lightweight mesh. The lightweight mesh is coupled with a synthetic upper structure that allows for improved breathability and comfortability. This golf shoe is manufactured by Adidas, which means that it comes with special technologies that help improve your game and overall performance. The soft EVA insole allows for lightweight comfort. Even though this shoe is Spikeless, it also comes with a 6-spike configuration that gives you better traction and stability. Check out the amazing features of this footwear

Key Features:

  • Made from 75% microfiber leather and 25% lightweight mesh.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Utilizes thintech technology.
  • Has a lightweight sole.
  • Comes with a 91-day comfort guarantee.
  • 6-spike configuration.


  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Men’s shoes
  • Very comfortable. Easy to wear and remove.
  • Gives you a firm grip and more stability.
  • Gives you a young athletic look.
  • Lightweight. Move around easily with these shoes.
  • Get a quality product at an affordable price.
  • The width might be a bit narrow.


New Balance Men’s Comfort Golf Shoes

Another excellent golf shoe that you can consider getting is this product manufactured by New balance. If there is one special thing this footwear is designed to do, it is to keep you feeling comfortable all day. This product has been uniquely designed with amazing technologies that help keep you stable and relaxed while you play golf. The REVLite midsole gives you a lightweight feel, quick responsiveness and long-lasting capabilities. It also utilizes a rubber sole that allows for more grip and smoother movement. Its comfort-oriented design also covers the insole of the footwear. It does this by utilizing an ultra-soft foam that allows for both stability and durability.

Key Features:

  • Made from synthetic materials.
  • NDurance Spikeless Rubber sole.
  • Breathable performance mesh.
  • Forefoot water-guard.
  • REVLite midsole.
  • Contains insole foam


  • Brand name: New balance
  • Men’s shoes
  • Fits very well. Perfect for wide feet.
  • Gives you extra comfort and stability.
  • Keeps your feet dry; water-resistant.
  • Lightweight design allows you to wear it without stress.
  • The sizing might be an issue.


FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex Golf Shoes

Finding footwear that possesses a unique blend of desirable features while also fitting you perfectly is the golden standard when purchasing shoes. This FJ flex golf shoe is one of such products. When golfers think of the perfect shoes for them, they usually decide on the one that makes them feel comfortable and improves their game. This footwear is designed to do just that. Made from 100% textile, this product contains a lightweight performance mesh that keeps you comfortable and allows for breathability. It also has a soft EVA midsole that gives enhanced underfoot cushioning and increased stability. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this product is the versa-Trax outsole that possesses uniquely designed tractions that give you the perfect field performance.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% textile.
  • Utilizes a synthetic sole.
  • Lightweight performance mesh.
  • Utilizes a soft EVA midsole.
  • Versatile traction.


  • Brand name: FootJoy
  • Men’s shoes
  • Keeps you feeling comfortable all day.
  • Keeps your feet dry all-day regardless of the environment.
  • Durable footwear; lasts very long.
  • Suitable for senior golfers with slower swing speeds.
  • Might not be easy to clean.


Adidas Men’s Adipower 4orged Golf Shoes

Are you a golfer looking for comfortable quality golf shoes that can serve you for a considerable period? Then you should probably check out this Adipower 4orged golf shoes. This golf shoe is made from textile and synthetic materials which makes it very durable. Its rubber sole gives you a firm grip and more stability on your swings. It also utilizes forged microfiber leather and a thin thermoplastic polyurethane film. Another thing you would enjoy if you buy these golf shoes is the soft stretch structure designed to be adaptive and breathable. It is also suitable for any weather or climate.

Key Features:

  • Made from textile and synthetic materials.
  • Rubber spikeless sole.
  • Utilizes forged microfiber leather and TPU.
  • Has a flexible bounce forefoot.
  • Has a soft stretch.
  • Breathable and water-repellent.


  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Men’s shoe
  • The lightweight shoe keeps you feeling comfortable all day.
  • Great for hotter climates.
  • Easy to walk around with.
  • This shoe makes you classy when you wear it.
  • It might be a little tight for folks with larger feet.


Skechers Men’s Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe

Often, when we want to buy a product, we opt for the big names. That makes sense because bigger companies ideally produce better products. Smaller manufacturers, however, produce customer-specific products with more extensive features. This golf shoe manufactured by Skechers is one of such products. This footwear possesses special features like a uniquely designed spikeless outsole that gives better traction and perforations on the side panels that allow for better breathability. It also comes with a classic leather-look finish, a moulded rubber grip bottom plate, a water-resistant upper structure, ultra-lightweight feel, foam cushioning that allows for comfortability and a translucent outsole. Its leather-look finish also makes it look attractive and classy.

Key Features:

  • Made from synthetic material.
  • Water-resistant structure.
  • Ultra-lightweight footwear.
  • Ultra-GO foam cushioning.
  • GOGA MAX technology.
  • Rubber grip bottom plate.
  • Perforations accents on side panels.
  • Contains enough cushions for comfort.


  • Brand name: Skechers
  • Men’s shoe
  • Comfortable footwear. Gives the golfer a great feel.
  • Very affordable product.
  • Quality product; lasts very long.
  • This shoe has a lightweight design
  • The sizing might not fit you exactly.


ECCO Men’s Golf Shoes

Manufacturers like ECCO enjoy consumer loyalty from their customers because they keep making high quality and unique footwear. This hybrid golf shoe is not an exception. This footwear has been specially designed to improve your game and keep you comfortable. This lightweight shoe utilizes treated leather that makes it weather and sweat resistant. Another excellent thing about this shoe is that it allows for breathability, and it gives you a perfect fit due to its anatomical shaped structure. This shoe is also excellent for playing in all weather conditions because of its numerous traction angles and its uniquely designed outsole.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% Yak Leather.
  • Utilizes 800 traction soles.
  • Weather and sweat resistant.
  • Lightweight footwear.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Hydromax treated leather.


  • Brand name: ECCO
  • Men’s shoes
  • This shoe is very comfortable, just like seats for your feet.
  • Excellent for folks with wide feet.
  • Lightweight footwear that doesn’t hurt your feet.
  • Gives you a more controlled grip.
  • Use it in every weather.
  • Allows for breathability.
  • The leather might be a little soft.


Adidas Men’s Adicross V Golf Spikeless Shoes

Another excellent spikeless shoe you can try out is this Adicross V golf shoes. This golf shoe offers you the chance to be classy and improve your game by utilizing its many amazing features. These shoes work for you both on the golf course and other appropriate places. Another excellent thing about this product is that its upper structure is waterproof. You also get to enjoy Puremotion spikeless outsole that gives you more grip and keeps you comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% leather
  • Water-resistant leather covers the upper structure.
  • Lightweight footwear
  • Utilizes CLOUDFOAM sockliner
  • Spikeless rubber soles.
  • ADIWEAR outsole.
  • Optimal comfort and grip.


  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Men’s shoes
  • Gives a comfortable feel.
  • Has a very good fit.
  • Can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Goes perfectly well with other clothing.
  • Might be a bit narrow for wide feet.

Buying Guide Questions

Golf shoes are as important as any other equipment you might utilize on the golf field. Finding the footwear that is just right for you is no longer a difficult process because this buying guide has presented you with in-depth information about some of the best spikeless golf shoes on the market. However, if you are still in need of some more information, we hope that this section can answer your questions satisfactorily.

Do Pros use Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Most of the senior professional golfers still stick to metal spikes. However, the majority of pros are beginning to opt for spikeless shoes. Spiked shoes give you more traction. However, spikeless shoes allow for more comfortability.

Are spiked or Spikeless golf shoes better?

If you are on wet ground or you play regularly in a rainy climate, then spikes shoes will be better. However, if you want your golf shoes to be more versatile, then spikeless shoes are the best.

Is it illegal to play golf barefoot?

As long as the golf course allows it, then you can play golf barefoot. If you have a push cart to hold all of your golfing equipment and accessories, then even better!

Does Tiger Woods still wear metal spikes?

Yes, Tiger woods still wear metal spikes. He is part of the senior professional class we referred to earlier.


Without any doubt, the decision to get spikeless golf shoes that will help improve your game is a good one. There is much good footwear on the market. However, this review has presented you with some of the best. If you already found something that interests you, we implore you to do further research and then get that excellent product. Enjoy!