Titleist TS2 and TS3 Driver Review


The TS2 and TS3 drivers keep the elegant, simple, and really Titleist-like design down below the ball. The color has shifted to polished black instead of the cool grey of the 917, and the pivot shape has changed. The TS2 appears to be slightly lengthier from back to front, and that isn’t any different. Besides them appearing to be the exact color, the head on the TS3 appears softer to everyone than on the TS2; this made it possible to compare due to the other difference. The final feature that distinguishes specific drivers is really how flat their faces are. Titleist has managed to reduce hole and roll in these drivers centered on the inner machine and user testing in an environment where major driver firms are stressing it. This, too, aids in adjustment. Ultimately, the latest drivers’ sole perspective is rather Titleist. It is underestimated compared to many other products in the industry, and it does not make as much of a fuss about the recent structure changes as we had hoped.

Titleist TS2 Driver Review (description)

The TS2 is a higher-launching, highly forgiving design developed to offer optimum range and forgiveness to all types of golfers. It has a fixed CG that is extremely low and deep, which aids in providing the elevated flight, reduced spin flight which will maximize one’s ranges off the green. Users can tell this stuff will be a weapon as long as users get it in their hands. The current black polish not only looks fantastic, but it also appears to be smooth. The forgiving appearance of the clubhead encourages players to hit vigorously when the tall MOI nature provides the type of forgiveness that helps players start hitting at full speed. The pace from off head is incredible and predicts some ridiculously long carry ranges. The TS2 is a driver which will cause people to rethink what they have in their pack if users strike like a tour player or a 25 professional golfer.

Titleist TS3 Driver Review (description)

If the TS2 is more about straight-up pace, the TS3 is all about specialized speed. Titleist’s SureFit CG innovation helps users to fine-tune every part of the club to their particular game. The TS3 is a 460cc head, similar to the TS2, but with a more classic pear shape as opposed to the TS2’s modern appearance 

Titleist TS2 and TS3 Driver Review (Features)


The latest model results from a two-year project that involved dismantling and re-engineering all parts of the driver’s faces. As a result, they developed the world’s slimmest titanium crown and Adjustable Thickness Head. Engineers could reorganize additional weight lower and further behind in the clubhead as a function of the weight savings resulting in greater target angles and reduced spin. Furthermore, unlike former Titleist driver models in which the D3 face was narrower than that of the D2 face, these TS drivers have a 460cc look. The re-engineered, simplified face designs, according to Titleist, result in a 20 percent decrease in drag. Players can achieve faster clubhead speeds by applying the very same pressure to the TS woods as they do to the recent driver.


The shaft size on either club is 45.5 inches, which is around 1/2 an inch lengthier than normal Lengthier shafts bring some more oomph to the drive, but they’ve also been known to be more challenging to handle in the past. Although 45 inches has long been the norm, several organizations go beyond to give their clubs a little more oomph. TaylorMade is an excellent illustration of this. Titleist, on the other hand, has been very explicit about their purposes with these clubs. They’ve also specialized in precision instruments. Even so, they are already attempting to engage further in the size classification.


It longer than most clubs

It is forgiving


It is expensive


When designing a substitution for the 917 drivers, Titleist wanted to make something that generated instantaneous speed from the initial shot. In a universe where the moment is of the essence, 917’s dynamic fitting method may have caused it to fade away in contrast to its competitors’ immediate hits. However, Titleist is optimistic that the TS2 and TS3 drivers can meet golfers’ instant speed requirements. The regular length is one aspect that defies convention and relates to Titleist’s current commitment to speed. Titleist drivers also typically have been 45 inches long, but the current TS drivers should be 45.5 inches long. Even though a ½ inch of additional length does not appear like much, this will help players produce faster club faces.