Turn your 3 Wood Into a Secret Weapon


You want to play golf without stress, you need to read this post now!

3-wood is one of the most underrated golf clubs. Well, that is what most amateurs believe in. But do you know that your 3 kinds of wood can be your surest and secret weapon if you know how to use it? Yea that is the truth! Your longest golf club which is your driver might be acting somehow and funny, you don’t need to worry too much about it. Just drop it at home and use your secret weapon – The 3 wood!

When you eventually know how to use your 3 wood, you get the chance of reaching par 5s in two and save yourself shots around the greens. It helps to improve your strokes and generally build your confidence whenever you are trying to tee off from any part of the golf course.

Suppose you are the type of golfer that often experience sloppy shots, the ball going too high without covering enough distance. In that case, you need to do yourself a favour and devise a radical plan to overcome this. The secret to such plans will be revealed soon, you just need to read through this article and discover the ways of the pros. Enjoy!

How to Hit Fairways Wood

One factor that is generally missed out by most amateurs is consistency. A game of golf is all about consistency, so do the pros say. Enough of the pro tip, let us consider how you could hit fairway wood consistently

Get your Swing right – Setup

In golf, swinging is a prerequisite to any other aspect. You swing your driver, iron and also your wood. Some would say “Golf begins and ends with a swing”. While this is true, many golfers still find it difficult to make a proper swing. Perhaps they lack the technique to do so. A proper swinging technique relies on your setup at the address. Hence, your setup from the start goes a long way to improving your game. An amateur might practice for hours and will not improve if the right set up was not there. The golf swing requires accurate and precise coordination of the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, torso, hips, legs, and knees of the golfer. All these depend on your setup. The hand and waist have a strong impact. You must keep your hands and waist still and quiet or else they make it really hard to bring about consistency.

When talking about setup, your stance must come to mind. Without this preliminary setup, things often go sideways. This is where most golfers get it all wrong. To increase your speed when swinging, you will need to have a proper golf stance. So get yourself a good pair of golf shoes first to have a solid base to give you the balance you need. Then be in a wide stance. This can be done by ensuring the outside of your shoulders extends to the inside of your feet. This stance setup will totally eliminate narrow stance that can lead to unbalanced swings. Then comes, weight distribution which should be equally distributed to the left and right legs.

Ball Position

Next is the ball position. You must have a foreword ball position. Many amateur golfers place the ball in the middle of their stance or too far forward, this is basically wrong. The ball will be too close to the center of the stance, which makes the club-head delofted. Also, when the ball is positioned too far forward in your stance, it will cause sloppy shots. This will also result in a downward strike. You don’t want a downward strike if you want to hit your wood legit. A downward strike will cause an excess spin of the ball that will go very high covering only a shorter distance. Therefore to correct this mistake, strike upon the ball by placing the ball on the inside of the forward foot.


How to Hit a 3-Wood Off the Tee

When you are on the golf course, some kind of scenarios does occur, such as having a bad swing – not necessarily your fault, though if you do everything correctly. It could be your driver. This is one major reason you need a secret weapon, a backup on the Par 4s and Par 5s is a radical plan.

Therefore, to make this a success on a bad driving day, you need to at least be able to hit your 3 wood off the tee or the ground. While the former seems very easy for most golfers, it could be a setback for you if you don’t know how to do so. Take note of the tips below

  • Put in mind that you want to achieve an upward strike on the teed-up golf ball. The ball must be teed up high enough and not too low in such a way that the golf ball will be aligned with the 3-wood
  • Remember, your setup at address including your shoulders, legs, hands and also the ball position. The ball should be position at the front centre of your stance

This pro tips will help you to find the short grass when you need it

The Other Aspect – Hitting the 3–Wood Off the Ground

Evaluate the Lie

When it comes to hitting the 3-wood off the ground, you should evaluate the lie first, such as when you read the greens. The lie determines if you are going to use the 3-wood or any other kind of clubs. For instance, if the ball is lying in the tall grasses, you cannot use the 3-wood. Instead, use a club that has more loft such as the 5 wood or a hybrid to squeeze the ball into the greens

Ball Position

The position of the ball when it is on the turf is quite different from when it is teed. In this regard, the ball has to be in the middle front, and you need to hit down and not up. After you must have positioned the ball, you are left to strike it. Striking the ball should be done at a constant tempo from shifting your weight and uncoiling with your lower body.


Now that you have seen how wonderful a 3-wood could be, you need to put everything you have learned into practice. Remember your setup and ball position. In all, be consistent.

We hope you have found the best information in this guide. Ciao for now!