Chipping Drills & Tips You Can Use Today To Break Par

Almost every golfer knows why chipping is consequential. It is one of the factors that distinguishes a professional from an amateur. However, learning how to break par when chipping gets you where you want to be in golf. In essence, chipping is not only to be better and able to beat your pairs but improve your skills on a golf course.

Here, there are great chipping drills & tips you can use today to break par and be a better golfer. As long as you follow or do them, you shouldn’t have any problem.

The Best Chipping Drills & Tips

Generally, there are chipping drills you can do at home, and on a golf course, you could decide to combine both depending on how convenient it is for you. Besides, it is advisable always to try out new things whenever and wherever to improve chipping skills.

  1. Try a Coin Chip

One of the most incredible and commonest drills among professional golfers when chipping is the Coin Chip. It helps them get precise and accurate strikes while catching fun. The Coin Chip involves placing a few coins on a carpet with a cup in the middle; the goal is to chip these coins into the cup nicely. With the help of a good wedge, you should get them in easily.

While using the wedge, there is something you should avoid doing – thumping. The possibility of thumping a wedge is high; however, a golfer should be careful to nick off the coin into the cup properly.

  1. Do a Backyard Landing Spot

An incredible trick most beginner golfers could try out to break par when it comes to chipping is the Backyard Landing Spot. It is a drill that helps you achieve a clean contact and hit the landing spot possible. With the help of your wedges and a 9-iron, you would get better at taking excellent chipping strokes.

There should be only one thing on your mind when doing a backyard landing spot: the longest stroke you can take to hit a landing spot. It doesn’t matter how much you try; you continue to practice until you know what stroke is required.

  1. Spell H-O-R-S-E

For better distance control and more scoring potentials, H-O-R-S-E is another great chipping drill. It is suitable for all golfers of different skill levels. With the help of good irons and wedges, it is possible to start chipping perfectly right.

For instance, if you are with a friend, both of you can decide to give this go and find out who spells H-O-R-S-E first. It is quite simple: any holed chip is an assigned letter. Each of the two players take turns in ensuring a chip is “made.” Throughout this friendly match, you will learn how to chip better for a tournament.

  1. The Twos Par Play

Let’s say you have a chipping routine, and you need something more to round it off; the Twos Par Play is an incredible way to do that. It is a good drill for golfers of all skill levels. The drill’s main essence is to score using a wedge, iron, or a putter, which is quite good for chipping.

On how to do The Twos Par Play, find 9 starting locations and create holes at each one of them. Next, make sure to chip a ball into these holes and par yourself 2 points for each ball-in-hole – 18 points in total. Take records of your points after every practice to know your progress.

  1. The Holing

After The Twos Par Play, there is something else to try out; however, most beginners might not find it easy to do – intermediates and professionals would. Similarly, this drill aims to score using a chipping wedge or iron.

There are two ways to go about this holing drill. First, you could intentionally not make the hole; thus, making the ball go 1 to 3 feet away from the hole. Then, use your chipping wedge to get it into the hole perfectly. The other way, you could stay distances away, about 10 to 30 feet from a hole, and start chipping; until you hole 3 chips, you continue to practice.

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  1. The Circles

Another incredible way to perfect your chipping skills, regardless of your skill level, is The Circles. It is always useful when you cannot chip your ball into a hole; however, you are lucky enough to maintain it close to the hole. You get points for having the ball close to the hole and lose if it is out of the “Triangle” Zone.

What you have to do is lay down three tees in a triangle shape, 3 feet from the hole, and another set of three tees in the same shape, 6 feet from the hole. When you try to chip and enter the 3ft triangle zone, you get 6 points OR 3 points for the 6ft triangle zone. Peradventure doesn’t land inside any of these zones; then, you lose 3 points.

  1. The Up Against It, Down In It Drill

A good solution to avoid chunking or even blading a wedge when chipping is to try The Up Against It, Down In It drill. It is a good practice tip for most intermediates and advanced golfers. It is quite easy to do using hybrids or woods. Justin Rose is a popular golfer; you should see his drills.

Generally, blading a chip using a sand wedge may need you to be extra careful and error-free; however, not everyone can keep up to that. Therefore, The Up Against It, Down In It drill involves using the soles of hybrids or 5-wood. That would help the ball glide through the rough smoothly and straight into the hole.

  1. Climb The Hill

Advanced Golfers may want to try out something a little bit complex but possible to break par with chipping – Climb The Hill drill. Having this drill aims to get better at scoring and provide quick solutions when faced with terrible situations.

As the name implies, you are chipping to an elevated surface; thus, it may be not easy at first but easy with consistent practice. What you need to pay attention to when performing this drill is how to control your trajectory. Additionally, make sure you score yourself points for every chip “made.”

  1. The Modified One-Arm

The same way drills are exclusively available to professional golfers is also the same way for beginners. The Modified One-Arm is a beginner-friendly drill to help them get clean contact using a pitching wedge. This drill requires a lot of chips; however, maintaining a wrist angle is vital.

The drill involves you starting with two arms, only to end with one of the arms. For instance, take a chipping stroke with both arms, and before it hits the ball, drop the trail hand. While you let it swing and maintain a perfect wrist angle, you will be chipping perfectly, according to Butch Harmon.

  1. The Cross-Hand

One of the oldest but effective ways to learn how to chip perfectly with a golf club, especially wedges, is The Cross-Hand. It comes in very handy when chunking, and blading chips are more than actual hitting; thus, you will need help to maintain a clean contact.

With golfers like Van Singh being pioneers of this cross-hand technique, it is assured that chipping neat strokes will be impossible. This drill requires a good alignment of your wrist against a wedge to deliver something short, smooth, and strong. It is indeed a drill suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

  1. Chip Putting

Lastly, beginners improve their chipping skills by learning how to putt. It is a drill useful for game rebuilding, while it also helps maintain simple stroke and good contact. However, in this case, irons or putters are perfect.

Before you use a putting stroke to chip, ensure some things are in place. For instance, the ball should be close to your body while the club is choked down from the grip. Furthermore, make sure the ball aligns with the big toe of your foot and take a putting stroke. Most times, 7-, 8- and 9-irons are recommended.

Other useful chipping drills that would help you break par include The Chair Chip, The Fringe Hit, The Bag Backstop, and The One-armed Scissors.

Tips for Chipping

The following tips should help you with knowing how to chip to break par.

  • Be confident regardless of whatever you are about to do.
  • Make sure you judge yourself honestly
  • Track your progress in days, weeks or months
  • Practice with friends
  • Watch online videos for new chipping drills or skills
  • Be willing to learn more


There are several Chipping drills & tips you can use today to break par; however, those listed above are highly recommended. Moreover, the drills span across different skill levels for a great golf experience. Try those that apply to you, and get better at chipping.