Best Exercises for Golf – Strength, Warm-Up & Swing Exercises

It is ideal always to take warm-up exercises if you participate in any sport, including golf. These exercises awaken your core muscles and make sure you are well prepared for the game ahead. Now, exercises differ from one sport to another, i.e., what works for football may not work for golf; however, some routines may be similar for a common goal.

For golfers who understand that exercises are needed to increase mobility, flexibility, and engaging the right muscles, planning a routine is significant. If you belong to the category of people who need these exercises that would build strength, mental alertness, and swing speed, this article is for you. Read below on the best exercises for golf – strength, warm-up & swing exercises.

10 Best Warm-Up and Swing Exercises

The following pre-warm up exercises should help get your body right into the action.

Take a Walk

Before you start your day for golf practice, you need to do one of the most important things highly recommended by therapists for golfers – taking a walk. Depending on your level, you might need to walk some distances during a game, and there is a possibility you would get tired if you are not used to it.

Therefore, your practice time is a perfect avenue to set yourself above standards and make sure you can walk some distances without getting tired. Walk briskly for 3 to 5 minutes at every practice.

Taking a walk has its benefits. First, it helps to awaken core muscles around the thighs; another is strengthening the feet/toes for a good stance or posture. With this warm-up, your body should be ready for other exercises.

Do Trunk Rotations

For improved rotational mobility, trunk rotations are good for golf players, regardless of your skills. It is important because it plays a part when you want to swing your golf club against a ball. Besides, it is a preparatory exercise to avoid hip dislocation or damage.

On how to do trunk rotations: Get a towel and fold in between your legs, around your knees. Next, make sure there is a club you can hold with your both arms (elbow) behind your back. Then, ensure your palms are flat, touching your stomach.

While maintaining this posture, move your torso to the left without moving your hips. Repeat for the right torso. Do this for both sides (10, 15 times).

Shoulder Raises/Standing “Y”

One of the most-used body parts in golf is your arms; if you have weak arms, there is no way you are going to find the sport easy. Thus, you must always exercise your arms so that it can make perfect swings and help you in ways you cannot imagine. Practicing how to swing with your arms is not enough; instead, you need a good exercise to awaken and build arms’ muscles.

A perfect exercise is the shoulder raise or standing “Y.” This exercise involves you raising your arms sideways for a few seconds and raising it over your head to form a “Y.” Return to the starting position and repeat as much as you can to improve shoulder mobility.

Do the Lateral Pillar Bridge

If you consistently feel back pain during or after golf, you need a good exercise routine to help you stay comfortable. A good one is the Lateral Pillar Bridge, known for preventing back pain and making sure your hips are more open for a good game. Surprisingly, it is not a difficult exercise, but its benefits are quite incredible.

A Lateral Pillar Bridge involves lying down on either side while keeping your body straight. Next, raise your right or left elbow up and slowly raise your foot with your hip. Finally, ensure there is a straight line from your shoulder to foot. Maintain this position for a few seconds and return to the original position. Repeat for at least 10 times without snagging your head.

Extend Your Wrists

For backswing or downswing, you need your wrists; without this important part of the body in good shape, nothing will be good about your swing. The extensibility of your wrist is thus vital. If there are limitations with your wrist, which could jeopardize your swings, you need a wrist extension exercise.

This exercise will not only improve your swings but also improve club control and build forearm strength. Other benefits include maintaining consistency and ensuring safety.

What you have to do: Stretch your right arm out, making sure the palm faces downward. Then, use your left arm to move the right arm backward and hold for a few seconds. Repeat the same for the right arm with the left arm for support.


One of the injuries common with golfers is the Golfer’s Elbow. Also, it is impossible not to have shoulder injuries with the excessive swinging amount involved. However, there is a good exercise routine – the handwalk would help prevent these injuries from occurring. Meanwhile, this exercise builds arm muscles for strong backswing and downswing.

Make sure you are in a standing position before you start. Slowly, bend forward at the waist level and keep your palms on the floor. Next, put yourself in a push-up position and walk one foot after the other towards your palms. Repeat movement 10 times for both feet and return to the original position. Repeat this exercise until you feel a complete stretch.

Bodyweight Squats

For an increase in heart rate and blood flow, bodyweight squats are important, especially to golfers. This exercise also improves major muscles in the body for good performance. It is a simple warm-up exercise that could serve as an alternative for most complex ones. Therefore, spend more time doing this if your options are limited.

Bodyweight squats involve stretching out your arms in a standing position; then, make sure your feet are out, with your back kept straight. Take squats while maintaining a straight form between the knees and the feet. Push your weight on your heels to put you back to a standing position. You can repeat this exercise in sets – for instance, three sets (with each set of 10 reps).

Glute Bridge

Build the muscles around your glutes for a good golf game. A Glute Bridge is an excellent choice of exercise to help you awaken the muscles that have been left untapped all day. Somehow, it looks strange, but its benefits are quite incredible.

Glute Bridge requires you to maintain a face-up position on the ground, with the knees 90-degrees to the ground. Put a towel between your knees and make sure it stays firm. Follow by raising your glute and hips to remain your head, shoulders, and feet on the ground. Return to the original position when you feel a stretch. Repeat this exercise 10 times and proceed to others on your routine.

Diagonal Lifts

Putting your posterior in good form is one of the ways you can succeed in playing golf excellently. Good enough, Diagonal Lifts are recommended exercises for your back. This exercise starts from the least part and ends either midway or at a high point, depending on how you can endure.

This exercise requires a band tube. First, use both legs to stand on one end of the tube and ensure room for movement. Next, introduce yourself to putting only one foot on one end of the tube and occupy the free handle with your other foot. Keep stretching until you have reached the highest your body can go. Until you feel a slight extension of your shoulder or body, in general, then you are not done.

Practice Swings

The last warm-up and strength exercise you will need in golf is the Swings. Technically, your whole day is planned to take backswings and downswings at intervals, using different golf clubs. All the exercises above are to prepare you for the task ahead, and it is useless without practicing your swings.

Generally, your golf bag consists of different golf clubs types, which require different amounts of energy or strength to use. For instance, you may need more distance control with Drivers OR more speed with wedges; thus, knowing your hits’ intensity is crucial. Before your game starts properly, make sure you practice swings with these clubs.


Truthfully, there are countless numbers of exercises to keep you fit for a golf day. For instance, there are Bicep Curls, Leg Sweeps, Neck Stretch, Delay Drill, Swinging Towel, etc.; however, those described above are pretty basic for all golfers, notwithstanding the skill level.

Exercise is something golfers and every other sports-enthusiast must take seriously because it outrightly determines performance in a real game. With a clear description of the 10 best exercises for golf – strength, warm-up & swing exercises, there should be nothing to worry about anymore. At your will, you can decide to add more helpful exercises to your routine to improve the golfing experience, ultimately.