The Secret to Hitting your Driver Better

Introduction Golf is a very unique and exciting game. It has many special features that set it apart from other sports. One of these features is the number of personal equipment required to play the game. If you are an amateur golfer, you already know the golf clubs that are in a golf set, and … Read more

Finding the Bottom of Your Golf Swing

Overview Conflicting iron shots are discouraging and always yields in a fat shot that come out way small and tiny and loses that drift the green. Fat shots indicates you’ve strike the divot from the back the golf ball and the tiny shot indicates that you’re too hard on the ball. Every golf players should … Read more

No Mulligans: How to Beat First Tee Jitters

Introduction Have you always been scared to take the first tee shot on the golf course? Your first tee shot gives you the jim-jams whenever you stand on the tee. It is all-natural, that is the almighty and universal golf truth. The very best of the best players in the world do experience the first … Read more

What is TopGolf?

Where you can play TopGolf? You must be thinking about the facilities where you can play and enjoy this awesome game. Well, there are lots of locations where you can play this awesome game worldwide. If you are in the US, you could check Las Vegas, Atalanta, and other bigger suburbs. A word of advice, … Read more

How to Hit a Draw

Introduction There is so much joy in getting the ball to start just right the target and curve back. A draw looks great, increase distance, and most pros maximize it. A nice draw can add more than 5-15 yards with more roll out once on the ground depending on the fairways’ speed. Giving you more … Read more

Fat Golf Shots: How to Avoid the Chunk

Overview There are some occasional missteps in golf game as discouraging as smashing the ball fat. As quickly as you perceive the club head dig into the dirt preceding to reaching the ball, you definitely realize the shot is moving to appear short. You don’t even need to perk up to see it fly, you … Read more

Mix it Up: How to Play Different Types of Golf Games

Introduction There are various sports in the world, and all of them are delightful to watch. However, one common factor that applies to most sports is a common set of rules and conduct. Sports like football have laid down rules, and at the end of the match, there will be a clear decision of the … Read more

Better Iron Play: Compressed Iron Shots

Overview “Compressing” the golf ball is mostly misunderstood as a term in golf instructions. Also, there is a shortage of information on compression theory and how to measure the amounts to compress golf shots. There is something fulfilling about hitting a golf ball correctly on its perfect spot, especially when you use an iron. The … Read more

End the Nightmare: How to Stop Hitting Duck Hooks

Overview A duck hook is a shot that angles harsh to the left of your mark, if you are a right-handed golfer, a duck hook virtually constantly puts a golfer into some sort of problem on the matter. Locked club face at effect and an inside-to-out swing can result in a duck hook. Understanding to … Read more

Best Golf Tips Ever: Become a Better Player

Overview Golf appears to be a less strenuous game, unlike most sports, but it requires accuracy, and this one factor makes golf require much practice. Practicing alone won’t help much, especially when you do it with the wrong guides. This way, you might keep having faults. However, these faults can be rectified if you practice … Read more

How to Play Golf: A Quick & Easy Guide for Beginners

Introduction Have you ever tried to play Golf and it seems complicated and almost impossible to do? Do you always feel frustrated and embarrassed when playing the game because anytime you pick your club you always hit the ball off the course? Or you want to start playing Golf now because your kids are no … Read more

Easy Ways to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

Overview Oh, the frightening slice! The worst fear of an amateur golfer. We were all there, stepping on the green, looking down the fairway, trying to rip one right down the middle, only to cut the ball full, as if we were tossing a boomerang. Frequently chopping the ball could lead to bad scores, but … Read more

Master the Greens: The Necessary Skills for Better Putting

Introduction Have you ever sat down and think about why you play golf? In most cases, people play golf just for fun and also, relaxation, and some people take the game so serious. Regardless of this, if you don’t possess the necessary skills for your game, you will not improve in it – which means … Read more

Best Exercises for Golf – Strength, Warm-Up & Swing Exercises

Overview Most novice golfers who feel discomfort, or even only have a couple of bad games, think their swing is incorrect. And while the cause may be bad swing dynamics, it’s more definitely an indication of vulnerability and rigidity. Golf is wild, with unexpected moments of exertion involved. It’s almost always one-sided: participants swing from … Read more

Golf Resource List of Manufacturers, Designers, Golf Courses

Best Websites for Golf Gear Pinemeadow Golf Pinemeadow Golf  is a pioneer in manufacturing custom fit golf clubs for over 20 years, catering to customers worldwide. Based in Portland, Oregon, Pinemeadow offers the latest club designs at the best prices on the web. As a factory-direct distributor they are able to offer the best prices … Read more

Left-Handed Golf Tips

Introduction Golf is one of the few sports in the world that accommodates everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a child, a teenager, a man, a woman or a toddler and it certainly doesn’t matter if you are young or old. However, there is a particular category of prospective golfers that might have to … Read more