What is TopGolf?

Where you can play TopGolf?

You must be thinking about the facilities where you can play and enjoy this awesome game. Well, there are lots of locations where you can play this awesome game worldwide. If you are in the US, you could check Las Vegas, Atalanta, and other bigger suburbs. A word of advice, plan well before going if you haven’t been to one before. Take your buddies along and have some fun.

TopGolf Targets

All of the locations where you could play the game have the same scoring zones. The scoring zones include

    • Red– 25 yards
    • Yellow– 50 yards
    • Green– 90 yards
    • Brown– 125 yards
    • Blue– 150 yards
    • White– 185 yards
    • Trench– 215 yards

How to Play and Score?

To the fun part, which you must have been anticipating from the beginning. There are lots of awesome games you could play and choose from the facility. As stated earlier, the driving range has dozens of bays which can be rented for an hour, which means you could do anything you like for an hour. It is a competitive game for everyone playing. There is a leaderboard where you can correlate your game with other people playing. This is just for the fun of it!

Below are the games you could play


TopGolf is the name of the driving range, and it could be the name of the game you are playing in. In this signature game, you get points by hitting balls into any target. Typically, you have a chance for 10 shots during a match. Also, accuracy is all that matters in the game. There are six targets from close range (30-50 yards) to long-range, which is up to 200 yards with increments. The game becomes harder and more competitive when you have a longer target. To earn more points, you have to be more accurate with your shot. Also, you earn more points when you score in areas with a longer target.

Furthermore, there is a shorter target that can earn you lesser points. We recommend you have a combination of these targets to earn more points. If you are a beginner, this could be your game.


Just as the name suggests, “Pressure” is part of golf in the normal driving range. This game typically helps you to get better when you are playing the normal competitive game of golf. This game utilizes and tests your touch and accuracy by only hitting all the nine sections within the yellow targets. With the nine sections, the game is divided into three sections – Level 1, level 2, and level 3. Level 1 gives you your actual value, while the subsequent levels have to be multiplied by 2. However, in these two levels, you must avoid hitting the same target twice, or else you end up losing points. This game is a prerequisite to other hidden games like TopPressure advanced. You have to earn at least 30 points in the standard pressure (this particular game to play the advanced game type, or you could just earn 100+ points in TopGolf. You will be able to select the game on your next visit. However, pressure expires after 30 days. This is an option for intermediate players


This game just keeps getting better. This is the scramble game type of golf. Here, beginner and experienced golfers come together and compete on a level playing field. To compete, players are divided into teams, and the best score on each of the balls is used to determine the team’s score. This is best for all skill sets


If you are looking to improve your driving distance, this is the game for you. This game rewards you by multiplying your points based on the target you can hit accurately and how close you are to the center flag. It is suitable for all skill sets


Wanting to improve your short games, perhaps you cannot hit longer targets and chip into this game now. This game uses the red target of about 25 yards for five shots, yellow target of about 50 yards for five shots, and green target of about 90 yards for twenty shots. When you hit the right target accurately, you will gain more points. On the contrary, hitting the wrong one will make you drop points. It is suitable for an intermediate golf player

Quick 9

You want to have a speedy kind of fun, quick 9 is your game. In this game, three shots are allocated to the red, yellow, and green targets. To get more points in this game, you have to move closer to each target center. You also get to have double points at the end of each of your last shots at each target. There is also the expert type of the game. This is a cool game for golfers ranging from beginners to advanced players.


This game comes in three different types –advanced, intermediate, and a rookie. This is similar to the TopChip, except that you have to hit targets at four consecutive distances of five shots. Your starting targets depends on the type of TopShot you are playing


This game is meant to train your driving distance. This game helps you to focus on the farthest targets, such as the white targets of 185 yards and trench of 215 yards. Best for the advanced players


This game is also divided into three subtypes – Novice, Elite, and Team. In this game, you can only make 4 consecutive shots in each of the targets depending on the type of TopContender you are playing to receive double points. You will get the normal point if you hit other targets that are not designated as double points.


TopGolf is one place on earth; you could have fun with your golf buddies and family. It is definitely worth your time even if you don’t know how to play the greens’ normal golf. Also, if you are a golfer and want to improve in your games, TopGolf is one way you could achieve that. You can join a league and meet new golfers. This is truly fun for all and sundry!