Fat Golf Shots: How to Avoid the Chunk


There are some occasional missteps in golf game as discouraging as smashing the ball fat. As quickly as you perceive the club head dig into the dirt preceding to reaching the ball, you definitely realize the shot is moving to appear short. You don’t even need to perk up to see it fly, you already understand the aftermath.

Golf players understand that striking a terrible blast from time to time is just component of the game, however, there is something about chunking the ball that is exceptionally annoying.

In this writing, we would like to give you with three drills to practice on putting up with this error out of your golf game. Or, further accurately, these drills will enable you work on lessening the amount of fat shots you strike.

You’ll never totally clean out the chunked slug from your golf game, as this is an error that can even occur to the profitable golf players. With any chance, these drills will decrease the regularity of your fat shots, and you can see substantial numbers on the scoreboard as an outcome.

Kindly take note, that the teaching below is constructed for right-handed golf players. If you play lefty handed, you can easily flip the ways around.

Stop Chunking It Drill Rather, Look Ahead

As you already know, striking the ball fat imposes striking the ground right before you get to the ball. For a golf player that plays with tight hand, that means smashing the ground to the right of the ball, as you are staring down from above.

If you strike the ground just barely before the ball, you will almost strike the shot a little fat, and your ball might create it most of the way to the mark or aim. On the supplementary arrow, if you strike the shot a set of inches fat, the ball might not leave off the ground entirely.

Therefore, to shift off from fat shots, what you are expected to do is change position of the underside of your swing a slightly to the left. One system to shift in that path is to alter where you are peeking at address.

However, it is most possible that you presently stare right down at the ball when seizing your position. That’s outstanding most of the time, but you can attempt with a difference if that plan begins to stop working for you.

During your subsequent training session, strive to start looking a slightly bit to the left of your natural area while preparing your swing. Note that you don’t need to generate this as an impressive adjustment. For example, if you always look behind the ball, attempt looking at the apex of the ball. Perhaps, if you always look at the top of the ball, make an effort looking at the front of the ball.

Initially, this adjustment is definitely going to be a little more complicated than you might predict. Nevertheless, as you proceed to practice, you might see that the bottom of your swing has shifted a little forward, and you unexpectedly aren’t striking as several fat shots as you use to before. If this easy drill is skilled to take you off from fat shots, you won’t need to bother about putting up with more impressive measures to amend your swing.

Stop Chunking It; Drill the One-Hand Pitch Instead

For lots of golf players, the error of striking the ball fat is really embedded in the need to support the ball up off the floor. In fact, you might sense like you are going to have to assist the ball up into the atmosphere when collision comes so you utilize excess enough right hand during the downswing in an attempt to put in attic and dig the shot. This is a typical beginner error, and it is nearly really fated for downfall.

To halt the addiction of attempting to spoon your shots, disburse a limited time in the small game training region striking short one-handed grade shots. Moreover, these shots simply require to be a few yards in size, as the crucial portion is not the shot itself rather, the method you utilize through effect.

You will put your left hand on the club for these projectiles while your right hand stays out of the way. Wiggle the club back to a quick interval with your left hand and then swing down through collision with a descending hit. When done rightly, this drill will reveal to you that it really isn’t important at all to assist the ball off the surface.

The attic of the club will do the task of giving the ball protection, so far you accomplish a neat hit down through the striking region. Maintain this task in reason when you go around to striking entire shots with both hands on the club.

Stop Chunking It Rather, Drill the Right Toe

For this final drill, we are also setting in motion to inquire of you to strike brief shots, whether in the brief game practice region or on the ambitious period. Holding a wedge in your hands, grab your natural position for the shot you have agreed to strike it ought to be shorter than 95 yards, you can determine how distant to strike the shots depending on the training area available.

Nonetheless, before you begin your swing, raise your right heel up away from the ground, so that only the toe of your right footwear stands on the floor. Your left foot should stay straight on the floor as always.

With your right heel in the air, go forward and create your swing. As you’ve known,the swing will certainly be a little awkward, and you will not be prepared to strike the shot as heavy as you would naturally. That’s alright, all we are needing here is proportion and a lowered hit which strikes the ball purely.

So far your right foot isn’t straight on the ground, you will be uncertain to glide to the right in the back swerve which is a popular reason of fat shots. Try striking some more exercise shots with this unusual position before going back to your typical address posture to proceed on with your training time.


To avoid hitting the chunk, this article here has explained three ways in which you can go about it, we hope it’s really helpful to you. Read it well and understand it, it will help you well as a holder while playing or training.