Boburn Golf Putting Mat Review


You can’t move out and continue the game if the weather is unfavourable. To enable you to play and feel comfortable in the rainy period, Boburn golf putting is one of the golf putting mats launched for your indoor and outdoor games.

An indoor putting mat is the best accessory to use if you want to practice golf at your home. The more you improve the putting, the lower scores that you would shoot. That’s the reason you require a good indoor putting green to aid you in horning your green skills. Consequently, this article will review Boburn Golf Putting Mat.

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Boburn Golf Putting Mat Review (Description)

The putting green is greatly-constructed with a top-notch adhesive glue that holds rubber bottom and grass together. It can last longer like five to eight years with the right care and has several sizes.

More so, it has realistic and stylish putting green decoration that offers a real putting green feeling when practising on it. When you need a practical, portable, and stylish putting mat, you should consider this putting green.

Boburn Golf Putting Mat Review (Features and Benefits)

A Heavy Duty

This golf putting mat comes with a top-quality and easy to use the material. It contains a smooth great-elastic base which aids in adhering on surfaces you put on indoors.

A Real feel

An interesting feature of Boburn Golf Putting Mat is the golf-like and actual feeling you get like you are in a golf course. True-roll feature affects actual green conditions along with a related stamp reading often.

Golf-Like Holes

Another feature is the three golf holes in putting green that appear as the ones you see during a golf course. The holes contain a cup and stainless steel flag post. This creates certain sounds anytime you place a ball in it.

Excellent for Outdoors and Indoors

This golf putting mat features an excellent fit for outdoors and indoors. You can play and enjoy the golf game outside your patio or backyard. You may even decide to enjoy your game while at the office or stay indoors at home.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of this putting green is simple. You can simply vacuum or wash the golf mat to have it looking fresh without tearing or fading.

A Great Gift

You can give your friends who are interested in golf this putting green mat. This is a perfect gift you should get for them. Even if your friends don’t play golf, they will soon get addicted to it because of the thrills associated with it.


This putting green is portable, allowing you to take it everywhere easily.

This golf putting green is an excellent fit for outdoors and indoors.

The golf putting green is designed from great and top-notch material that can be accessed anywhere.

It is well-constructed for durable use; it can last longer.

The mat is simple to carry and store.

It comes with a scientific and stylish design.


It is quite expensive.

It has no warranty description.


What is the putting green actual size?

The putting green has a size of 4′ x 10.’

How much does it weigh?

The putting mat weighs 26.8 pounds.

Can this putting mat be permanently installed outdoors?

Since it’s used indoors, it can be installed permanently outside as well.

Do the balls stay on the top or they drop in the holes?

The cup is the turf depth itself; thus, it might drop slightly more than the quarter.

What’s the longest putt to take practically take on the mat?

The longest putt can be 7 feet max; the long grass does get through the way. You need to know that.


As hinted earlier, this golf putting green is designed of great and top-notch material that can be accessed anywhere. It is not a cheap indoor putting mat like the other alternatives. And it comes with a soft and smooth elastic base. It offers a putting feeling on a real green during practising. More so, it aids in speed control capability and alignment.

The thick base that is strong and well constructed is another of its nice feature. This putting green is very recommended for avid golf players and lovers.