Ball Position: How to Get it Right Every Time

Overview In contrast to the address location, the ball position corresponds to the golf ball’s position with respect to the foot of the participant.The location of the address is the spot from which the golf driver is carried by a player and practices to strike the ball. The placement of the ball is crucial because … Read more

Driving Range Tips for Beginners Part 2 of 2

Overview This is a continuation of this post, read and enjoy! As an entry-level golfer, certain facets of the game can appear overwhelming.A full practice range is perhaps secondary to the first tee, where it seems like all the attention is on you. Perhaps you’re a bit self-conscious, perhaps you don’t know how to behave, … Read more

Driver Shaft Length: Everything You Need to Know

Overview A driver is normally the longest among other clubs in the golfer’s bag. They designed with the longest shafts, the biggest club heads. Specifically, a driver is meant for propelling the golf ball to far distances. An essential part of a golf club is the shaft. No matter how great your clubheads a, you … Read more

How to Improve Your Golf Swing: Secrets to a Great Golf Swing

Introduction It takes a combination of different factors for you to play golf and have a great performance. You have to select the right equipment carefully, learn multiple rules and practice often. However, the most important thing you would have to learn and improve upon when it comes to golfing is your golf swing. The … Read more

The Best Golf Trips you need to experience now

Introduction Do you fantasize about playing a series of golf in new greens? Maybe you simply need to experience the best golf trips far and wide. You need to observe history at these notable spots. At that point, you appear to have one fundamental issue – You are essentially ignorant regarding how to go about … Read more

Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

Introduction Golf swing is one of the most talk-about aspects of golf playing, and this is due to its huge impact on golf. The distance and the direction of your shot depend largely on your swing. However, there seems to be a crucial factor that helps your swing. This is the wrist action. Most of … Read more

TaylorMade TP5 vs TP5X Golf Balls Comparison

Overview TaylorMade is better recognized because of its golf clubs rather than the golf balls, yet some of its designs, the TP5 and TP5X, certainly made waves in recent times. The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5X golf balls can appear identical on the surface, but their exteriors differentiate both.  TaylorMade TP5 The TP5 is an excellent … Read more

TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood

Overview TaylorMade lately unveiled its latest SIM series of drivers, fairway woods, and irons, which is expected to dominate the industry this year. With the latest SIM series of fairway metals, the classic V Steel pattern has been reimagined. Developed structure and a V Steel sole work together to enhance turf contact and gameplay from … Read more

Course Management: Tee Box Strategy

Overview Every golf swing begins from the teeing ground. This spot is the beginning of each hole where you take your first shot in the game. The shot at this spot is crucial because it can affect every other shot in your game, especially your approach shots. Most players believe that a great swing is … Read more

Learn to Hit a Fade

Introduction In soccer, there are different ways you can score a goal; you can nod it with your head, you can play a shot from outside the box, or you can score a free-kick. The point is to get the ball inside the net. Similarly, in golf, the point is to sink the ball inside … Read more

Are Used Golf Balls as good as New Golf Balls?

Overview If you’re a novice or a more seasoned player still trying to remain on the short grass, when you often miss golf balls, golf balls can become a major added expense. Golf is costly . Any time you play, you not just spend a small amount on clubs, you charge $30, $70, $100, which … Read more

Will Hitting off Mats Hurt My Game?

Introduction Finding a real green turf to practice your game on is a joy for all golfers, even beginners. But most times, you do not get this. The main reason for this could be that turfs are hard to maintain and cost a lot of money to grow. Range and course owners tend to be … Read more

How to Hit the Golf Ball: The Complete Guide

Introduction If you have just taken up an interest in golf, then you have chosen to engage in one of the most relaxing and enjoyable games available. Every game or sport has its own rules, and nuances and golf are not any different. The point of the game is to guide the golf ball to … Read more

Consistent Golf; Six Keys for Steady Rounds

Introduction It is without a doubt that all golf players aspire to play consistently. And consistency in golf is a difficult skill to develop. For some golfers, consistency may begin with being consistent with the game flow. For others, it can mean getting consistency with the concentration, playing nice for some days in a row … Read more

Advanced Short Game: How to Hit the Low Spinner Wedge

Overview Wedges are decided to make to get high on the golf ball. Although there are occasions when a wedge shot needs to be kept fairly low. It’s an ability few golfers own, even very excellent stuff. In fact, in those circumstances, many players will reach for a less lofty club, including an 8- or … Read more

Lag Putting: How you can avoid 3 putts

Introduction On this platform, we have already established that you need a lot of personal equipment to play golf. In any complete golf set, one of the most important clubs that you will find is the putter. Putters are used to guide the ball into the hole after you have used your driver or any … Read more

Competitive Golf: Lessons that Every Golfer Should Learn

Introduction Golf lessons are the most effective means to improve as a golf player. The major engine to scoring in the golf game is the golf swing. There is no golf player who doesn’t need help. Competitive golf involves mind games; the mental needs are very intense. Thus, you need to have the right mindset … Read more

Straighten your Shots: Fixing the Top of your Backswing

Introduction In your career or business, you would have come across some facts and concepts that might seem insignificant but are quite relevant to the general success of the profession. Most of these concepts are classified under professional jargon, and they also apply to sports. In golf, most people only see someone hitting balls and … Read more

Why Greens in Regulation Matter

Introduction No golfer in the world does not want to improve their scoring and lower their handicap. To do this, most golfers will want to hit longer, straighter drives with improved fairways regulation statistics. This is a very good approach. But as important as driving long distance is, the most important thing that truly improves … Read more

77tech Golf Putting Green System

Overview Following the Covid-19 pandemic, golf players have now realized how great it is to practice golf indoors. Not watching any PGA Tour or going to the golf course has been tough for golfers since 2020. After full lockdown to contain Covid-19 by most countries, it makes practising golf at home essential. Significantly, it’s nice … Read more