Learn to Hit a Fade


In soccer, there are different ways you can score a goal; you can nod it with your head, you can play a shot from outside the box, or you can score a free-kick. The point is to get the ball inside the net. Similarly, in golf, the point is to sink the ball inside the hole but how you do it can vary from player to player. There are different types of shots in the golf game, but the one that we are interested in is the fade. A fade happens when you hit your golf ball in a way that allows it to go left and move towards the target in the air. This kind of shot is useful when a hazard is blocking the target, and you want to avoid landing far outside the green. As a golf player, you should always aim to improve your skills so you can have more options on the golf course. Learning how to hit a fade is one of the skills that will come in handy, and the good news is that mastering it is not a difficult process. The fade shot is very easy to execute, and it can be quickly perfected by following some steps and through regular practice. This article has outlined those practical steps for you to follow. Enjoy!

5 Practical steps to follow to hit a fade

Below are five simple steps that you can follow to hit a fade shot and improve your overall golf shooting performance.

1.     Hold the golf club with an appropriate grip

If you want to hit a fade, then you would have to adjust your grip a little. Every other process will remain the same, but when gripping the club, you should hold it tighter with your left hand. This will allow you to control your wrist and avoid hitting a draw. You can also turn your right palm to the left but make sure you don’t do it too much so that you won’t put too much pressure on the hand. Remember, the first step to hitting a perfect fade is having a good grip on the golf club.

2.     Get in the right stance

Similarly, you are going to adjust your stance a little when you want to hit a fade. The first step is to move closer to the ball. This method is called crowding the ball; this means that you are not too close to the ball, but you are closer than usual. After you have done that, you should aim your feet and shoulders left of your target. This is very important because if your body is aimed right or straight, your ball will go out of the direction and you can forget about hitting the fade. Make sure your body is perfectly aligned to the leftward of the target.

Golfer focus putting golf ball into the hole during sunset.

3.     Adjust your ball position

The next step is to move your golf ball forward slightly. This move will help to add a bit more loft to the club, and the strike will happen into the follow-through. It is important to note that the adjustment will be based on how long your golf club is, and the adjustment should be minimal but significant.

4.     Open the clubface and aim towards the target

This is where it gets tricky. We have already established that your feet and shoulders should be facing leftward of the target when you want to hit a fade. However, your golf club should be facing the target. The balance between your body posture and the clubface will mean that you are swinging the ball left while your clubhead is facing straight. The ripple effect of this process will allow you to hit a fade.

Another important thing that you have to note is that for you to hit a fade, your clubhead must be slightly opened at impact. Once the clubface slightly opened and it is aimed at the target, then you can proceed. Remember, the more you want to fade the ball, the more you should open your clubface.

5.     Create a leftward swing path

Now that you have completed all the above steps, you should create a leftward swing path. If you have followed all the steps thoroughly, the path that you are drawing out should align with your feet and your body direction. When you swing the club along your body plane, the ball will start left of the target, and because the clubface is directly aimed at the target, it will curve towards it in the air. This move will give you the perfect fade. If you just started playing golf or you are learning how to hit a fade for the first time, it is important that you swing the clubs a few times before actually taking the shot. This will allow you to spot your errors and create a mental map of where the ball is headed.

6.     Take the shot

At this point, everything should be in place for you to take the shot. Once you hit the ball, you should notice the movement of the ball and see if you get the desired result. The ball is supposed to move towards the left of the target first (right of the target if you a left-handed golf player) and slowly move towards the target mid-air. If you do not, it is alright because you will perfect the move over time. You have to keep practising.


Golf is like any other sport, and there are different techniques to master before you can be regarded as a great player. Hitting a fade is one of the numerous golf techniques. The good news about hitting a fade is that it is easy to learn, and it can be perfected with regular practice. This article contains practical step by step instruction that clearly explains how to hit a fade. The only advice we can give now is that you should get a golf course as soon as you can and test out what you have learnt. Enjoy!