Course Management: Tee Box Strategy


Every golf swing begins from the teeing ground. This spot is the beginning of each hole where you take your first shot in the game. The shot at this spot is crucial because it can affect every other shot in your game, especially your approach shots.

Most players believe that a great swing is highly needed to hit lower scores. If that’s the case, most PGA tour golfers who don’t have this perfect swing all the time wouldn’t have made much success and get to that level. A course strategy is a major determinant to better scores, and it is what has helped most expert golfers so far.

A good Course strategy help reduces stress in larger tournaments. Course strategy helps most amateurs reduce the outcome of larger numbers like double bogeys that troubles them. Additionally, the tee spot’s wrong technique can create many difficulties in recovery or scoring a decent figure.

Course Management Tips for Tee Box Shots

Every course management begins on the tee box. As a beginner or an advancing golfer, this course management may seem new to you. However, golf course management is geared towards shooting better from the tee box with the right strategies.

Employing these strategies at the tee box allows you to hit lower and more even rounds, especially if you’re good at tailoring your shots. Below are common guidelines to follow as you prepare to send a ball off the tee at the beginning of play on the hole.

Eliminate Focus on Mechanics While Playing

It may be hard to do as a beginner. Thinking about your backswing first movement, the plane, or any mechanical swing idea at the tee area won’t help improve your game at any round. You can do that more while practicing and not in the game. It will go a long way to improve your game.

Play only Shots You Have Practiced Well

A tee box is not the right place to try out new shots you haven’t practiced. It’s not a spot where you imitate most golfers’ moves all because it worked well for them. To shoot better at the tee box, stick to what you know, you can hit rather than trying what you think you can hit. Every shot taken should be something you confidently pull off.

Be Consistent with a Good Routine on Every Hit

One of the best golf tipsever is developing a comfortable routine. It Ihelps redirect your mind to other things outside golf or release the pressure of the game. Every player has a different routine that’s more relaxing for them. It’s up to you how you want to use yours. Good routines can help build confidence, eliminate doubt, fear, and the wrong mindset towards the game at hand. Great golfers have all been consistent with their routine, which keeps them ready for a tee shot at hand.

Tee Off on the Side of Trouble

To avoid trouble on one side of the hole, take your tee shot on that same side of trouble. If it’s a lake or any other hazard down the right side of the hole, take your tee shot on the right position of the teeing ground, then target the left side of the fairway. It will give you favorable curves to evade each hole’s trouble and meet your target on the fairway.

Tee Box Strategy – Fade and Draw

The tee box strategy is an important golf course strategy that every golfer must understand to pull off shots at the teeing area confidently. You must figure out right the best position to shoot from to get your target.

Fades and draws are golf shots taken from the tee box to intentionally get the ball on the desired area, especially on the fairway. A fade is a purposeful golf shot taken that allows the ball to curve from left-to-right slightly. To achieve this, you have to shoot the ball left of the target and made to travel right during flight. On the other hand, a draw is the opposite of a fade, which moves slightly right to left instead.

These golf shots effectively avoid hazards and obstacles on the golf course, thereby allowing your ball to travel safer to the fairway. A straight shot from the tee could send your ball to the middle of the green, but a fade or draw helps to get the ball closer to the pin.

Additionally, it is very important to know the tee box section suitable to take a tee shot that will meet your desired target. These tee box strategies will guide you when taking these golf shots.

Shooting a Fade

While hitting a fade, tee off from the right side of the teeing area to get the ball on the left-hand side of your fairway.

Shooting a Draw

When hitting a draw, tee off from the right side of the teeing area to get the ball on the right side.

The Trick in the Wind

On windy days, when you are certain of the wind’s direction, you could make use of it to launch your ball down to your intended target. However, you have to know the tee box’s side to shoot from to attain your goal. For instance, when it’s windy, roughly moving left to right in direction, stand at the right section of the box, keep you direction down the left and tee off. By doing so, you will permit the wind to direct the ball back towards the fairway by it self, giving you a nice curve.


Hopefully, you now understand how important golf course management is to your game. Good knowledge of course management, particularly the tee box strategies, can help you get the best out of your tee shots. Knowing how to control‘your clubface at impact and shape shots would help you. Still, these essential course strategies will help you begin your tee shot confidently, attain your intended target, and evade the natural and artificial hazards on the golf course.