77tech Golf Putting Green System


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, golf players have now realized how great it is to practice golf indoors. Not watching any PGA Tour or going to the golf course has been tough for golfers since 2020. After full lockdown to contain Covid-19 by most countries, it makes practising golf at home essential. Significantly, it’s nice to use a putting green system to entertain family and friends or even work on the game while you watch golfers tour. Some indoor putting green systems abound, but there is a new green system that looks great and will make a very good putter. That’s the 77tech Golf Putting Green System.

77tech Golf Putting Green System

77tech Golf Putting Green System (Description)

It is an expert practise putting green that is used for game and fun enhancement. It is a practical artificial grass that looks like putting green in the golf course at your locality. You can utilize 77tech Golf Putting Green System anywhere, such as outdoors, indoors, or in the office. Even though it is big, it’s simple to carry to transport or store without occupying much space.

77tech Golf Putting Green System (Features)

The effective performance of this 77tech Golf Putting Green System is the type of features it has. They include:

High Elastic Foam; This was made with top-notch material and contained a heavy high elastic EVT foam bottom that is 10mm. It makes it greatly durable and also can simply roll-up. This green system will aid you in saving space. And you can easily move it in the house or store in the winter period.

Rubber Bottom Drainage; This putting green system contains cylindrical drainage bottoms that permit you to use it outdoors.

Stainless Steel Cups; The two big cups give sounds like you holed on during the course.

Weight: Even though it’s big, it’s not heavy, it can be said to have lightweight, making it easy to roll up and store conveniently. The storage is easy.

Two Holes Size; A great feature of this green system is that it reduces the hole size. It contains two regular cup sizes; 4.33 diameter, at the same time, it has two smaller holes; 2.56. The smaller holes help to enhance accuracy and efficiency and force golfers to hit excellent putts to make them enter in.

Warranty: The durability of this putting green system is great; this shows that it can last longer.


77tech Golf Putting Green System is ideal for residential or office use.

It has small holes that improve putting from short range.

It’s durable, accurate, and efficient.

It’s not that expensive; thus, It’s affordable.

It has different sizes.

The green system is made of top-notch materials.

You can cover them up with turf covers


77tech Golf Putting Green System doesn’t have a ball return system.

It lacks alignment lines and built-in gaming options.


How huge is the 77tech green system?

It contains a 10ft long 40 wide, however, it can be simply rolled up and stored without spoiling any turf.

How is Material Thick?

The full putting green system is 2-1/2, including the surrounding area and the rubber backing. It comes with a foam base of 10 mm thick elastic rubber.

Which surface can you use it?

The putting green system can be used on several surfaces, like dirt, carpet, asphalt, and grass.

How Long Does it Last?

This putting green system that has an indoor feature can last about five to eight years with great care.

What’s the speed rate of the indoor 77tech putting green?

Many putting green users have said it’s the speed it’s close to 10 speed. This is fair in comparison with most other golf courses.


Generally speaking, this putting green system is a great choice, even in the price aspect. It looks great and permits you to practice mid-range to short putts. Learning your games in the 10 ft is vital to hitting lower scores. The putting green system training aids will guide you. What’s more, this will aid in improving your puttings with the secondary and smaller cups. The smaller cups have been popular in several courses, however; it rarely used on putting greens, making it a benefit for home practice. Lastly, you can close or cover them using turf covers.