TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood


TaylorMade lately unveiled its latest SIM series of drivers, fairway woods, and irons, which is expected to dominate the industry this year. With the latest SIM series of fairway metals, the classic V Steel pattern has been reimagined. Developed structure and a V Steel sole work together to enhance turf contact and gameplay from various positions. The club’s original touch with the tee is improved by a more defined top surface. These unique characteristics work together to dramatically minimize soil contact region in SIM fairways, decreasing field friction and improving contact point and ball performance. The SIM fairway is a 180cc titanium head featuring a compact carbon structure, ZATECH titanium face, and a strong 80g steel sole mass. The mass is placed in such a way that it produces an exaggerated effect.

TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood (description)

TaylorMade designers were managed to shove the limitations of velocity in a titanium fairway wood thanks to the ZATECH Titanium’s advancement in manufacturing technologies. This is the first period TaylorMade has utilized this very uncommon and durable component in metal wood. The ZATECH titanium is handcrafted in limited quantities that used a patented method that enables designers to increase the head’s durability while preserving its workability. The SIM titanium fairway is designed for insane distance and can be adjusted using the Loft Sleeve. Because of the V-Steel sole configuration and its connection with the grass, the SIM fairway woods are ideal for hitting off the ground. When you mix the V-Steel sole and the quite curved cutting edge found on SIM fairways, users have a tee boxwood that travels across the green with little resistance, making it not only simpler to land on the tee box but also delivering a lot of paces. The SIM fairway is made of ZATECH titanium, which makes it incredibly powerful. It can go slightly farther than SIM Max fairway, launching with a penetrating launch, and is an amazing striker to have in your bag.

TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood (features)


The v-shaped sole offers enhanced flexibility while playing from close or challenging lies by allowing for clean turf contact. Corrective head angles are used to counteract natural golfer weaknesses and create smoother hits on mis-hits. In a TaylorMade titanium fairway wood only SIM Fairway, incredibly titanium allows for quicker face, designed for incredible results. It offers customization and usability to customize the club to every golfer’s preferred direction and face angle. The ground-breaking Thru-Slot Speed Pocket design provides improved sole stability for increased ball speed and forgiveness on reduced mis-hits.


This might be the club for everyone when they have trouble reaching their woods from the ground. The Twist Face, which uses ‘precautionary face positions’ to further straighten ball strikes on off-center impacts, is undoubtedly another of TaylorMade’s best technological inventions. The 2 faces also have a Speed Pocket underneath the face, which encourages more sole versatility and is primarily built for ball velocity and forgiveness on lower-in-the-face shots, which is a frequent concern for several golfers use fairway woods. The 180cc face in the SIM Fairway is weighted to achieve an incredible center of gravity, which aids in generating more range with a quick launch and slightly reduced spin. A ZATECH Titanium head, created specifically for TaylorMade in Japan, is solid and versatile, resulting in a ‘sexier’ face that helps with below-center hits. These would give golfers a little something special on those feared long par 5s. Ultimately, there’s a Loft Sleeve that adjusts by 2 °, enabling a golfer to fine-tune the club for their desired ball flight.


It has an adjustable hosel

It has a beautiful structure

It has a very nice sound

It is easy to use

It is durable


It is expensive compared to other drivers


  1. Does the TaylorMade SIM fairway wood perform well?

Yes, this device performs well, and it is very forgiving


The amount of technology loaded into this face is great, unlike several drivers! The solid, piercing ball speed and flexibility choices are better fitted to tour players that use many fairway woods off the green, but they may also be helpful for anyone who strives with their driver and needs another ‘fairway finding choice.