Pro Ball striking: How to Cover the Golf Ball


Have you ever heard professionals saying “… cover the ball” and you think that it’s hard to comprehend what they are stating. You started to ask yourself “How would you cover the ball”. On the splendid side, there is no compelling reason to stress over that, since you have come to the correct page to know these straightforward terms of ball striking. It doesn’t need to be troublesome as you have assumed. This article has been purposely arranged for you to figure out how to cover the ball through impact and begin striking the ball simply like the pros.

Covering the Ball – The basics

You need to strike the ball simply like the aces, cover your ball!…

When you hold your stance and spine point through impact, you are covering the ball. Covering the ball guarantees that your chest remains down and in the shot while as yet being over the ball. One of the main components to reliably great ball striking is to have the sternum on top of the ball. At the point when you cover the ball, there is no lifting or plunging of the chest area yet rather a straightforward rotation around the point of the spine. This implies that from setup through impact, you are staying on a similar plane with your sternum over the golf ball through impact.

If you can ace this part of the game, you will hit it straighter, further, and much more reliable than any time in recent memory. At the point when you hit the ball with the butt end of the club, it ought to be somewhat in front of the hands and top of the club. This forward attack angle is vital to hitting fresh iron shots

How you have been striking the ball

As a beginner, you may have been hitting your iron the incorrect way. A few novices even lose their stance all through the swing by either plunging or coming up and out of the position at address. On the off chance that you are very attentive, you will see you generally have messy, slender bested, and stout shots. You may have been beginning excessively brisk with the chest area, which makes it difficult to have an even weight conveyance. You don’t utilize the ground for your potential benefit. The ground is a force to be reckoned with for your downswing. When down swinging, try to shift your weight to the left side to utilize the ground for maximum power. Let’s move on!

How to Cover the Golf Ball

One of the fundamental explanations you escape position at setup is a direct result of how you start the downswing. To cover the ball from this approach, you need to make the right introductory proceed onward the downswing with your lower body without your arms. When you are at the highest point of your swing, you need to feel like you’re pushing off with your correct foot. This will move your left side, marginally toward the target and help advance beyond the golf ball. While it’s an extremely unobtrusive move, it’s so significant in ensuring that you can hit down and through the ball. Another approach is to have clear hips. You should pivot your belt clasp, so it is in front of the ball at impact to hit through the ball

  • Keep Your Palm Down

Next, is attempting to keep your right palm down as you are drawing nearer to impact position. To help get in this position, at address, try to have some forward shaft lean. This will help guarantee you are squeezing the ball at impact. The pros consistently deloft the club 15 – 30%, although this depends on the club they are hitting. Generally speaking, consistently hit down for the ball to go up!. This will make it simple to squeeze the ball. This is the reason the aces hit it so long. Doing this will help cover the golf ball and help to keep the face square and hit it straighter into the green.

  • Moving Your Weight to the Left Side

The last advance to covering the golf ball is to guarantee that you continue moving to one side, which is the left side and keep your weight pushing ahead to your front side and remain adjusted. This will permit you to hit the ball and make a truly unadulterated swing. Keep in mind, on your finish the whole right half of your body should go to confront the target. As you move left, broaden your right arm.

Covering the Golf Ball Drills

There are two commonly used drills to master covering the golf ball

Criss Cross Drill

The criss-cross drill has been utilized by a lot of professionals over the years.

Step by step instructions to do it

  • At the range, get your 7 or 8 iron. Anything longer makes it hard to rehash with the setup position
  • Drop the right foot back, so the toe is equivalent to the center of the left foot
  • Swing three-quarter and attempt to get right shoulder to cover the golf ball
  • Your spine angle ought to continue as before all through the swing

Tee Drill to Cover the Ball

To cover the golf ball, you have to zero in on your attack angle. Attempt this tee drill to assist you with picturing it on the range

  • Insert a tee into the ground directly behind the ball
  • As you set up, attempt to envision the clubhead driving the tee into the ground directly underneath the ball.
  • Make your swing with an 8 iron at ¾ speed to take a shot at covering the golf ball.
  • Just like the criss-cross drill, ensure that your spine is continuing as before through the whole swing


On the off chance that you can figure out how to cover the ball with the three hints above, you will be striking the ball simply like the professionals, making shots you never envisioned you could make as a novice. Covering the ball will assist you with amending the vast majority of the slip-up you make when hitting the irons, you will have the option to locate the sweet spot of your clubhead and in the end crushing the ball really well into the air. Continue rehearsing! Continue Learning!!