Use Your Brain to Break 100 in Golf

Introduction- Tips to breaking 100 in golf

If you have ever tried to learn any skill, you would agree that the process will be difficult at first. However, if you keep pushing, the moment will come when you finally realize you are quite good at that skill. This analogy also applies to golf. After you have spent your money on equipment and you have invested your time in learning various golf concepts, how do you know that you can finally rate yourself as a complete golfer? For most golfers, this moment comes when they break 100 for the first time. New golfers who are taking well to the game will most likely score between 115 and 120. As you keep training and practising, your score will reduce to around 105. Breaking 100 is not difficult, and it doesn’t require any significant change in your gameplay. All it requires is for you to set specific expectations for your shots and stay calm throughout the entire process; you are trying to break 100, not 90, and you might have bad shots during the round. If you are scoring 103-105 consistently, then you are ready to break 100. This article has been compiled to show you effective tips that you can put to use if you want to score 100 or lower. Enjoy!

Here are some practical tips you can follow if you want to break 100 in golf.

  • Get the right golf clubs

If you come across rich beginner golfers, you would realize that have a habit of buying expensive club sets. They7 somehow think that the quality of their equipment will impact their game and allow them to perform better. This couldn’t be far from the fact. The only way your game can get better is if you use a golf set that is well suited for you. The shaft length, shaft flex, club head and general feel should fit you perfectly. If you want to break 100, having the correct set of golf clubs is not enough, you also have to know when to hit each of them. If you want to play a tee shot and your driver is not convenient for the shot, you don’t need to use it. You can use your wedge or any of your irons to make the shot. Always use the golf club that is comfortable for every shot.

  • Do your best to avoid mishits

If you want to break 100 in golf, you cannot do it with constant mishits. There are different types of mishits in golf, and even professionals still make them occasionally. One common mishit that might be stopping you from breaking 100 is the slice. Slices are more common among beginner golfers, and they can kill a golfer’s morale when it happens. It limits the distance and stops your ball from advancing far towards the green. The best way to fix your slice problem is to strengthen the golf grip. Applying too much pressure on your grip is counter-productive, but you must also hold it firmly enough for it to make maximum impact on the ball. There are other mishits that you must also avoid. If you want to break 100, you cannot afford to top the ball, hit fat shots or even thin shots. All these constitute big misses, and they will ultimately drive your score further up. The best solution to mishit problem is to practise your golf swing and golf stance consistently. It is hard to mishit when you have these factors covered.

  • Playoff the tee to keep the ball in play

If you want to break 100, then you cannot afford to hit the ball out of bounds. This will kill your confidence and increase your score considerably. It would be best if you always kept the ball in play. If you sense that the driver will hit the ball farther than needed, it is better to use an iron or any other club.

  • Play low shots around the green

When you approach the green, and you start hitting your shots, you must keep these shots low and accurate. It is very tempting to hit high flying shots and give the ball more loft. However, the ball can easily spiral and go out of bounds. If you want to break 100, remember that you are not on the golf course so that your fellow buddies will admire you for taking bold shots. Consistently guide your ball towards the green with low flying shots and keep putting the ball from there.

  • Learn to play 3-foot putts

After you have successfully guided the ball to the green and towards the hole, you have to putt it to sink the ball. This is the point where many golfers increase their score. You have to perfect your 3-foot putts if you want to break 100 consistently. Hitting efficient short putts means accelerating through the swing. When putting, play with a shorter backswing and a more extended follow-through. Ultimately, the best way you can improve your 3-foot putt is by picking multiple drills and practising daily.

  • Learn to navigate different areas of the golf course

This is an aspect that most golfers tend to overlook when practising. Even if you have the right equipment and the perfect game plan, the golf course where you are playing can present itself as an obstacle. Your ball might fall in sand, or it might land on an uneven lie. Either way, you have to be prepared to deal with these situations when they arise. Many golfers waste a lot of strokes and increase their score when they are trying to get out of a tight spot on the golf course. Always familiarize yourself with a golf course before you set out to play.


Breaking 100 is a significant step in your golf game. It shows that you can become a good golfer and a low handicapper if you continue playing the game. If you are an amateur golfer and you want to start scoring 100 and lower, then all you need to do is apply the tips that we have outlined for you. These tips don’t automatically guarantee that you will begin scoring below 100, but they will certainly reduce your core and put you over par.