Golf’s Newest Fad: Are Fat Putter Grips Worth it?


The putter grip that you make use of can sometimes influence your plopping stroke. If you possess an extremely small of a putter grip, it will compel you employ your wrist extremely much. Or what about the contrary? Utilizing a putter grip that is too large and open can result in your body to shake and make use of lots of your body in your stroke. None of these is a nice aspect.

When you look at the thick putter grip, you’re staring at a grip that possesses a bigger perimeter and that loads your hand more. This enables you to own an extra solid touch and hold on the putter itself. This is vital because you should know the putter face like an egg. If you have a also tiny grip, you’re moving to walk your path through the putting stroke, which will direct to a lot of inconsistencies

If you’re striving with this, you’re certainly going to need to begin operating with a putter grip that is slightly bit bigger than what you have been operating with.

Advantages of the Fat Putter Grip

The fat putter grip has previously been on the market to improve the golfing knowledge.

It is manufactured to bring about your golfing sport fun and to lessen golfing burden. The grip enables for a golf ball to be squeezed in the palm of the hand. The notion is that the extended putter grip decreases difficulty and wrist pressure while improving the accurateness of your putts. It motivates an extra fluid plopping motion, hence rendering it simpler to align the ball.

The individual that actually profited from the fat putter grip is Kevin Na. He is number second in the World golf numbering for the year 2011-12.

He is a stating that the grip is a huge assistance to golfers. Many golf players who have attempted the grip out are not dissatisfy. The air of anxiety is not existing when making use of the fat putter grip. Golfers like how that it perceives and processes.

Another addition to the grip is that it is extremely inexpensive. Golfers can scrape it to suit well in their hand. It will not amount to a large amount of money to alter your putter grip into a huge one.

It is crucial to point out that the putting stroke will differ when utilizing a fat grip. It does withstand time to get accustom to this. The grip may seem uneasy at first. Golfers can train with the grip at residence to expand the strength required to make smooth putts.

Things to note while choosing a fat patter grip


A more larger putter can assist to deliver extra slow  distance than a lightweight one, causing it to become slower on the greens enabling for an extra accomplished outcome.

The consequence of slow-roll duration is the most crucial in the extent the ball goes from the time it is hit on the face of the golf club to its striking the floor. This is because of the proof that the whole distance is the length the ball moves from the face of the club to the floor and the length the ball will toss from that step in time. A ball hit from a golf club head with a bigger percentage of weight will hit the ground extra slowly than a ball hit from a club with a lighter head.

Additional advantage of utilizing a weighted putter grip is that it can enable you acquire the satisfactory arc you want in a putting stroke. Golf players normally use putters that are light weight on the club face when the green is quickly and harder on the face when the green is sluggish.

To improve Your putting stroke, you can position some pressure on your putter by amplifying a putter grip created for that particular goal. Then you can use the weighted putter grip for putting exercise. The weight of the weighted putter grip can enable you create a smooth putting stroke.


This is definitely the biggest component when it arrives to selecting a putter grip. Presently, putter grip appears in various shapes. There are tons of various sizes on the market. Rather than moving from a pistol grip to a fatso, endeavour that you slowly improve the grip size. Large adjustment with any club can make it difficult to transfer.


When prices are named, they’re commonly named for one putter grip, which implies to purchase one pair you’ll have to spend additional shipping. Few vendors will allow you purchase one grip at a time, but it’s lovely that the mentioned price is for two grips.

So at initial glimpse it’s noticeable that you’re going to regain money purchasing from an online dealer like ebay, Amazon or Craigslist. But if you’re looking for a bunch of these grips, you might be further liable to get a nicer discount from a local expert store or other brick and mortar company where you can pay for them in large quantity.


The difficulty with shifting to a new club is that you don’t understand if it will assist you or not. Somebody proposed this new putter grip, and you’re marveling if it’s worth the additional money.

Since golf is such an expensive sport, it’s crucial to understand if a tool purchase is worth it.

If you’re on the lookout for a fresh putter grip, then it’s a reasonable action to grab the viewpoint of the professionals.

You can also look at the response of the buyers who recently bought this product and notice if they were pleased with what they bought. Moreover, if a product has been suspended, it’s still apparent that you will find actual buyer feedback on it someplace.

Obviously, there are lots of strategies to get feedback and data on golf clubs. You can even agree to the authorization of golf greats.


As golfers that are eager to know and that are confused about if fat putter grips are worth it, after reading through this article, we hope we’re able to provide solutions to every questions you have in mind and clear every doubt you have in your heart. Thank you for reading through.