Callaway Flash Driver Review


With different models of clubs being unveiled by top brands each year, every big name out there intends to up their game and provide clubs with better features and advantages. Although these big names do not make such a big difference in wedges or irons, but mostly improve on the drivers. Here’s a detailed review of the Callaway Epic Flash driver.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

Callaway Flash Driver (Description)

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver creates an intense rivalry amongst other club drivers ever made. The first-ever driver to feature a sophisticated design built with Artificial Intelligence.

The Callaway Epic Flash driver offers much more speed with its innovative features like the Jailbreak technology, adjustable perimeter weighting that allows for more technical shots. The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is the first to incorporate machine learning in its design to maximize performance.

Who doesn’t want more distance off the tee?

With the Callaway Epic Flash driver, speed, accuracy, and control is assured.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver (Features)

Designed using Artificial Intelligence, The Callaway Epic Flash Driver’s sophisticated design is engineered using artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Looking at previous models that feature more ball speed from a direct hit in the middle, the Callaway Epic flash driver focuses instead on increasing the ball pace when you don’t hit the center, thereby maximizing the center’s speed.

The Callaway Epic Flash driver’s sophisticated face design and internal mapping system feature slight ripples moving from the heel to the toe. The size, configuration, and height of these ripples dependently work together to maximize the Coefficient of restitution (COR) in the middle of the Callaway Epic Flash driver’s face.

Unique jailbreak technology; The Callaway Epic Flash Driver incorporates the remarkable Callaway’s Jailbreak technology. The Callaway Epic Flash Driver features two built-in hourglass-shaped jailbreak bars that link the crown to the sole, which helps stiffen and stabilize these two parts on impact, thereby allowing for more distance and forgiveness.

Improved control with an adjustable perimeter weighting; The Callaway Epic Flash Driver incorporates a 16-gram sliding weight that enhances draws, fades, or straight flights made by the golfer. By adjusting the weight to different positions on the built-in track, the golfer can shape shots with the adjustable perimeter weighting.

Forged titanium inserts; Callaway aims to evolve with the growing demands of golf clubs. To this end, the Callaway Epic Flash driver features a more durable titanium grade to withstand the forces required to drive a ball farther with more speed. The Callaway epic flash driver comes with a forged titanium insert.

T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown; With the new T2C triaxial Carbon crown, the Callaway epic flash driver allows for more distance and accuracy on mishits. The new triaxial carbon fabric, also known as the T2C, allows repositioning of weight from the crown to key head positions to create higher MOI, making the Callaway Epic Flash driver more forgiving.


Sophisticated face design

Improved speed with its Artificial Intelligence built face.

Better distance on mishits.

Innovative jailbreak technology for more distance and forgiveness on impact.

Allows for more speed on impact with a more robust titanium insert.

Features three standard shafts; Project X HZRDUS, Project X Even Flow Green, and Mitsubishi Tensei IV Blue.


It sounds pretty loud on the first hit.


Is the Callaway Epic Flash Driver worth it?

With a 20 out of 20 ratings in the 2019 Golf Digest hot list, the Callaway Epic Flash Driver promises more speed and accuracy on mishits, innovative jailbreak technology, and ultra-Modern A.I. sophisticated face design never before seen anywhere. So yes, the Callaway Epic Flash Driver is an excellent investment for your money.

What’s the difference between the Epic Flash driver and the Epic Flash Subzero

The only notable difference between the Callaway Epic Flash driver and the Epic Flash Subzero is that the Epic Flash Subzero features a smaller head, making this club less forgiving than the Callaway Epic Flash driver.

What does the Callaway Epic Flash Driver come with?

The Callaway Epic Flash driver comes with an adjustable tool and a white, green, and yellow headcover to shield your latest acquisition.


The Callaway Epic Flash driver’s engineers went all in and had all hands on deck to create this outstanding golf driver. With a futuristic A.I. design and innovative technologies, Callaway offers a Driver that not only produces remarkable results on the track but offers more years of excellent service in just one purchase.