TaylorMade M3 and M4 Hybrid Review

Overview This Hybrid is the direction to go when you’re aiming to dramatically boost your performance. This Hybrid is a good choice for anyone that is fresh to the sport of golf and wants to develop their skills. Likewise, it’s an excellent tool for someone with a high handicap, and also, more professional golfers will … Read more

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review

Overview Cleveland’s new CBX 2 wedge is a compartment back design which incorporates tour-level spin with forgiveness to assist golf players that play everyday elevate their short game. Starring a hollow cavity structure and a toe-biased centre of gravity, Cleveland say their recent CBX 2 wedge offers spin, management and lots of forgiveness for golf … Read more

What to Wear Golfing – Proper Attire Guide on The Course

Introduction Every sport has its own set of rules and guidelines. One of the most fundamental guidelines that are common to most sports is a common dress code. If you are a soccer player, you probably won’t be wearing long track pants to the field (except you are the goalie) and if you are a … Read more

Stop Topping The Ball: Discover 15 Insanely Easy Ways

Introduction If you hope to master any skill, you will inevitably come across a part of that skill that seems impossible to learn or understand. Golf is a wonderful and enjoyable sport, and it boasts of professionally skilled players across the world. These players picked up an interest in golf, and they practiced relentlessly till … Read more

How to Draw the Golf Ball the Perfect Way

Overview A lot of golfers believe that draws are highly effective than fades in the golf game. A golfer needs to know how to pull this shot off to regulate some situations on the field. Draws are particularly significant in regulating the ball’s trajectory. Some players, while attempting to draw, slice the ball instead. This … Read more

ProV1 Vs ProV1x Golf Balls: The Final Battle

Introduction If you are a golfer, you know the importance of having personal equipment uniquely designed to fit your style of play. If you belong to the category of golfers that believe you need only skills and good golf clubs to perform well on the course, you should be open to a new point of … Read more

TaylorMade M3 and M4 Fairway Woods Review

The TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood The TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood is built to provide players with the best reach, precision, forgiving, and usability possible. To start, the latest five-layer carbon crown eliminates mass off the clubhead’s upper part, enabling the designer to deeper and lower also in the clubhead’s center of gravity. This higher center … Read more

10 Best Golf Drivers for Seniors in 2021

TaylorMade RBZ Driver: Best Overall Driver Check Latest Price Cobra Women’s F Max Offset Driver: Best Women’s Driver Check Latest Price Callaway Epic Flash Driver: Best Technology Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Everyone would agree that Drivers are vital additions to a golf club set because of the functions they perform. However, ... Read more

Chipping Vs. Pitching; The Critical Difference

Overview Being aware of the difference between a chip shot and a pitch is very strategic to any player’s game. It impacts your planning, coordination, and skill. To the golfers just starting or non-golfer, pitching and Chipping may seem like similar shots. They are fundamental short match shots that could be achieved using a broad … Read more

12 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors – Club Set in 2021

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Hybrid Iron Combo Set Check Latest Price Precise 14-Piece Complete Golf Clubs Check Latest Price Precise M5 Men's Complete Golf Clubs Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Golf is an exciting game. Even though it is generally considered an older man's and older woman's game, it has been played ... Read more

How to control the trajectory of a golf ball

Overview How do you feel when the wind blows? Can you shoot with confidence even when asked to play golf? With the right tips, practices, and regular exercise, scoring good shots are inevitable regardless of the weather as accurate hits help move the ball up and down. Accurately interacting with the golf class results in … Read more

TaylorMade M2 Iron Set Review

Introduction If you meet a professional golf coach, they will make you understand that you are not a golfer until you have your complete golf set. The bulk of your golf set is mainly composed of irons, and you should make sure you purchase high-quality irons designed to improve your overall golf performance. When you … Read more

Short Game Made Easy: What you need to know about Wedge Bounce

Introduction Wedges are created with heaps of innovative work incorporated with each model, made explicitly to address the issues of an assortment of shots around the green just as for various player types. The shape, bend, radius, groove, indentation, insert, depression, and grind are proposed to fill a type of need to assist golf players … Read more

8 Best Intermediate Golf Clubs in 2021

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How To Control The Clubface At Impact

Overview There is no doubt that during play, a lot of golfers have to consistently combat the rotation of the clubface. This is due to the fact that the golf swing is always in motion, with the clubface becoming increasingly active during the swing. Playing golf during winter can get better if only you have … Read more

Walking Vs. Riding: The Case of Walking Your Next Round of Golf

Introduction Golf remains a unique and exciting sport because you have to consider many factors before, during, and after a golf game. You have to pick out the right equipment, master various playing forms and concepts, learn how to play on any golf course, and so on. Golfers are always busy learning this type of … Read more

8 Best Irons for Seniors in 2021

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons: Best Overall Irons Check Latest Price TaylorMade M4 Combo Set: Best Forgiveness Check Latest Price Callaway Mavrik Max Irons: Best Ball Flight Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Even senior golfers deserve something good and exclusive; there is no limit to what can be used by them, even ... Read more

Chipping Drills & Tips You Can Use Today to Break Par

Overview Concentrating on your short game is one of the quickest ways to have your handicap move well.  You can pay a lot of money for a new driver or the best iron this year. However, it’s a fairly good assumption that your scores will fall faster if you can go up and down by chipping it closer. … Read more

How to Clean Golf Grips

Introduction The dirt in your hands and sweat can get into the grips every time you play golf. Even when you wear gloves, the sweat can enter through the fabric and let your handle wet and dirty. Against this, it is generally a great notion to clean your clubs after use always. If you want … Read more

Lightest Stand Bag – Ogio Nimbus Review

Introduction Preparing to go to a sports field is like preparing to go to the office. You have to carry your files which in the case of golf, can be likened to your golf irons. You would also need to carry some pen and gadget along; you can assume these are your woods, hybrids and … Read more