ProV1 Vs ProV1x Golf Balls: The Final Battle


If you are a golfer, you know the importance of having personal equipment uniquely designed to fit your style of play. If you belong to the category of golfers that believe you need only skills and good golf clubs to perform well on the course, you should be open to a new point of view. Every part of your equipment contributes to your overall gameplay, and you should select them painstakingly. This equipment also includes high-quality golf balls. If you want to buy a set of golf balls that you can rely on at any time, you should take a look at these unique products manufactured by Titleist. These ProV1 and ProV1x golf clubs come with many unique features, and we have reviewed them in detail for you. We have reviewed these golf balls, and we have outlined the individual differences between them. Enjoy!

The Pro V1 Golf Balls

If you want to buy high-quality golf balls that offer you more precision, speed and consistency, then you should consider purchasing this product. This golf ball is uniquely designed with a proprietary cast thermoset urethane elastomer cover system. This allows it to produce high spins on any shot. The cover thickness of these golf balls is also reduced, and that gives room for more speed. When you hit your ball, you would have extraordinary flight and distance. The total package weight of the product is 36 pounds.

Pro V1 Golf Balls Review

The Pro V1x Golf Balls

If you are looking for lightweight golf balls specially made for extraordinary performance on the field, you should consider buying this product. These golf balls are made from urethane, and they are uniquely designed to give you more distance and steady flight when you hit them right. They are also designed with a very low long game spin, and you can fade, spin or hit the ball to get your desired results. If you are also in the market for more game control, you would be happy to get this golf ball. It comes in yellow colour, and the total package weight of the product is 18 pounds.

Pro V1x Golf Balls Review

Differences between ProV1 and ProV1x Golf Balls


If you are particular about the feel of your golf ball, then you should know you won’t get the same thing when if you buy these products. Although both golf balls have a soft feel, the ProV1 is uniquely designed with a softer feel.


Another significant difference between ProV1 and Pro V1x is the flight. The Pro V1 golf ball is designed with mid-flight that allows for far and hard hits, while the ProV1x is intended for high flights. If you are trying to get the ball far into the green or out of an obstacle area, you know which balls to use.


When it comes to spinning, these golf balls both have a low long game spin. However, the ProV1x has more iron spin than the ProV1 golf ball. It also happens to have more short game spin than the ball. If you are looking for a ball that generally gives you more spin on your shots, you should opt for the Pro V1x golf ball.


If you are a golfer, you have to make sure all your equipment is uniquely designed to optimize your performance on the golf course. If you are looking to buy golf balls that can help you achieve this purpose, you should look at these products. The products we have reviewed are pretty similar, but we have shown you the distinctions between them. Both are well-suited to serve your needs, and all you have to do is get the one that works for you. Cheers!