How to Clean Golf Grips


The dirt in your hands and sweat can get into the grips every time you play golf. Even when you wear gloves, the sweat can enter through the fabric and let your handle wet and dirty. Against this, it is generally a great notion to clean your clubs after use always. If you want to do a deep cleaning, utilize a soft brush and dish soap and scrub out the standard wraps. If you possess a porous grip or rubber handle, utilize rubbing alcohol to clean it. Having your grips clean will make sure you have a perfect grip on your next golf game.

Consequently, this article will expound on how to clean golf grips.

How to Clean Golf Grips

Perform a fundamental cleaning after every use

After golf playing, a considerable amount of dirt and sweats will be embedded in your club grips. Have a basic cleaning immediately you finish playing golf, make sure you remove the majority of dirt and sweat from the grips before it drys into the wrap.

In another vein, endeavor to clean each club used when you golf. This works with synthetic, leather, and rubber grips. More so, perform a clean microfiber cloth in warm water and press it. You shouldn’t allow the cloth to soak wet before you adequately do basic cleaning.

Also, wrap the cloth around the bottom of your grip. With your dominant hand, massage the grips. Wipe and clean the grips using a well dry cloth to remove the moisture. See tips for playing golf this winter.

Scrub your Wrapped Grips with Water and Soap

You should clean the wrapped grips using soap once every 6 to 12 months. When you utilize the clubs almost weekly, do a minimum of two deep cleanings in a year. When you rarely play golf, you could stretch it and chill a year in between cleanings. It’s a great idea to clean deep your wrapped clubs even when you don’t play more often; this is due to the wrap can dry and become brittle when you keep them unclean.

What’s more, get a bucket of water with a mild. Dip a clean towel in the bucket and press it. Place a clean towel in the bucket and push it so it will totally be submerged in your water. Chill for 15-20 seconds and remove the cloth using your hand. Press the towel on the bucket to bring out the much water.

Using soapy water, rub your grips by beginning at the bottom. Steady the club shaft between your legs. Wrap the towel over the bottom of your grip and rub strongly in a circular motion over the handle. Go through the top of the grip until you have totally covered all handle sections.

Significantly, brush the grips using a toothbrush or soft brush. Put your toothbrush in the soapy water. Have your club close to the shaft top using your hand to brace it. Brush well your grips close to the club with the exchange of flicking motions. Endeavor to dry your grips with a neat cloth. Wrap a neat cloth around the grips. Turn the cloth when applying your light pressure to soak up the most water. Rub every section of the grips prior to putting the cloth aside. Further, wipe any water that goes to the shaft during the process.

Moreover, allow the handle to air dry for about 12-24 hours. Some water might still be embedded in your grips fiber. Set the club that is on top of a flat plane in a dry place using the grips hanging off the edge. Allow the grips to air dry for a minimum of a half-day before utilizing it again.

Clean Porous Grips Using Rubbing Alcohol

Only clean rubber and porous grips when needed. Rubber grips and porous synthetic are hard to deep clean since the water can be trapped in the material pores and weaken the grips. Only do deep cleaning when you want to get some grime out of the grips.

Wipe and clean the grips using a dry cloth to remove sweat or dirt. Porous grips produced out of synthetic or real rubber can’t be flooded in soapy water because the porous material can trap the wetness. Generally speaking, do a prior cleaning by wiping all your rubber grips sections using a dry, clean cloth. It would equally remove surface moistures that might be hiding on your grips surface.

Dip a towel using warm water. Slide the towel under a warm water stream to make it a bit wet. You do not need your towel to be very wet; it should just be slightly moist to the touch. When you put in much water, press it out.

Put a bit of rubbing alcohol into the towel. You could utilize more rubbing alcohol when your grips are too dirty. Wipe and clean the grips with a towel, beginning at an end. You can begin at the grips, bottom, or top. Rub the grips with your hand by turning the towel in a circle over the handle. You should go to the opposite end when you are wiping it. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times to make sure that all sections of the handle are exposed to your rubbing alcohol.

In all you do, avoid rubbing alcohol on the shaft. Dry the grips with a dry, clean cloth. Utilize a big cloth to soak the remaining water and rubbing alcohol. Put the cloth around the handle and apply pressure to your grips. Perform the dry cloth to remove any remaining water. See categories of golf-workouts.

Things Needed for a Regular Cleaning of Golf Grips

Dry cloth, Bucket or Sink, Water, Microfiber cloth, Scrub Wrapped Grips with Water and Soap, Soft brush or toothbrush, Towel, Rubbing alcohol, and Cleaning Porous Grips with Rubbing alcohol.


Taking time to clean your golf grips occasionally could extend their existence and enables your equipment to be always ready to aid you in achieving the fewest score possible. Also, regular maintenance and cleaning of your golf clubs are an excellent means to make them last longer and ensure you save money for unnecessary grip expenses.