Walking Vs. Riding: The Case of Walking Your Next Round of Golf


Golf remains a unique and exciting sport because you have to consider many factors before, during, and after a golf game. You have to pick out the right equipment, master various playing forms and concepts, learn how to play on any golf course, and so on. Golfers are always busy learning this type of shot or mastering that kind of stance that they forget to address one important issue; how do you transport yourself and your equipment on the golf course. There are only two answers to this question. It is either you walk, or you ride. Before choosing any of these options, you have to consider your skill level, the golf course, your health, and your gameplay. Riding is the easier choice. You can rest easy and transport your golf bag effortlessly. However, you enjoy many benefits when you decide to walk the course. This article has outlined these benefits for you. Enjoy!

Benefits that come with walking on the golf course

Multiple benefits come from walking on the golf course, and here are a few examples.

  • Multiple health benefits

Doctors and physicians all agree that exercise is good for the body. At the same time, sports like basketball and football require you to run around and exercise. As a result, golf is quite relaxing, and it doesn’t demand too much physical exertion from you. If you want to incorporate exercise into your golfing, the only way you can do it is by walking the course. If you walk your way around 18 holes, you would have covered approximately 2 to 6 miles depending on the golf range. This land area will also have slopes and steeps, which make for better exercise. This singular act can help you shed more weight and burn more calories without registering at a gym or jogging when it isn’t convenient. If you cover miles of the golf course, you have effectively burnt about 800 calories. Walking is good because it helps pump more blood into your heart and keep your muscles in good shape.

  • Gives you consistency between shots

If you have ever watched a basketball game, you will notice that a coach will call for a timeout when the other team is scoring quickly and consistently. The purpose of doing this is to reduce the momentum of the opposing team. This concept applies to golf. If you are hitting solid shots, you would want to continue in quick succession so that you won’t lose that momentum. If you walk in between your shoots, you can maintain your rhythm and plan your shot on the way to the golf ball. By the time you get there, everything will be set for you to take the shot. However, if you ride, the chances are that you will get there before your opponent, and you have to wait for the fellow to catch up.

  • Great avenue for team bonding

It is no secret that rich and successful men like to play golf. What is less discussed is that their golf buddies are mostly their lawyers, senior executives, or management consultants. Golf has a way of bringing people together, and the best way to utilize this chance is to walk with your buddies on the course. This is one of the benefits that are usually less spoken of but quite productive. Your golf buddies, trainer, or team would bond together when you walk across the golf course. This allows for greater cooperation and cohesion.

  • Allows for more body flexibility

Golf requires you to stretch almost every part of your body during the swing. This means that your muscles have to stay loose and flexible. If you are jumping in and out of a riding cart, your body might get cramped up, and you would find it difficult to stretch out. This might not be immediately noticeable, but you know something is wrong when you take the shot. Your back and shoulders probably tightened up, and that affected your swing. Walking allows you to stretch out all the parts of your body and stay loose.

  • Gives you complete accessibility to your clubs

Some specific weather conditions will disallow you from riding on the golf course. If there is winter or it is the rainy season, you can only drive around the golf course and move closest to where your golf ball is lying. This means that you won’t have the opportunity to assess this shot and pick the golf club correctly you would need to use. You might find yourself having to go back and forth to change your golf club. This is time-consuming, and it is certain to throw you off balance when you finally take the shot. However, if you walk, you have your full set of equipment complete with you.

  • Allows you to enjoy the golf course

Most golf courses have great outlay, and they reflect nature in its true beauty. The grasses, the small water bodies, and even the sand are all beautiful if you take a moment to observe them. When you walk, you will be able to pause occasionally and see the golf course. This will give you renewed positive energy, and you will be able to perform better.

  • Cost-effective

All of us understand money as a language. The rides on your golf course are not free, and they are charged per ride. If you ride frequently, you might soon become alarmed at the outrageous amount you spend on golf course transportation. Walking saves you a few bucks. If you are used to riding, walk down the course and ride back on your return journey. This action will allow you to exercise still and save money.


If you are going on a course and thinking of riding, try walking and see if it suits you. The benefits that will come from this action have been outlined, and you can see what you stand to gain. The major advantage you get from walking is the immense health benefits, and you should not let that opportunity slip away. Cheers!