Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review


Cleveland’s new CBX 2 wedge is a compartment back design which incorporates tour-level spin with forgiveness to assist golf players that play everyday elevate their short game.

Starring a hollow cavity structure and a toe-biased centre of gravity, Cleveland say their recent CBX 2 wedge offers spin, management and lots of forgiveness for golf players around.

The recent CBX 2 wedge, which commenced in the UK on sixth September year 2019 still promotes the tour wedge technologies that Cleveland Golf is well known for, while requiring extra forgiveness to assist outstanding golfers boost up their short game. 

For Cleveland, concentrating on the typical golf player with the CBX 2 in place of wedges prepared for the top experts of the game signifies a new viewpoint on wedge layout for the brand. You can check more about Cleveland here.

The short game is significant to playing your nicest golf, and playing wedges constructed for your game, and the shots you like to strike is crucial.

No wonder why Cleveland CBX 2 wedges were built. They render the short game simpler and further forgiving for most of golf players out there playing game-improvement equipment.

Cleveland CBX 2 promotes a modern Hollow-Cavity structure with a hollow chamber near the heel and a heavy weight positioned in the toe. This unusual pattern maximizes MOI and periphery weighting for unique short game forgiveness, while still retaining a sleek, desirable profile at address.

Furthermore, the Cleveland CBX 2 gives the recent iteration of Feel Balancing Technology that attains a recent milestone which is a toe-biased centre of gravity. Joint with a Gelback TPU Insert for vibration decrease, Cleveland say sir CBX 2 gives a low, convincing feel and crisp says back at effect.

Key features of Cleveland CBX2 wedge review.

• Hollow-Cavity Design:

With a hollow chamber near the heel and a big weight positioned in the toe, the hollow- cavity layout maximizes MOI and periphery weighting for short game forgiveness.

• Dynamic Sole:

Shot striking is facilitated with three technical sole grinds, particularly organized by loft, to deliver versatility required to perform any short game shot.

Feel Balancing and Gelback Technologies:

Enriched Feel Balancing Technology along with a Gelback TPU Insert decreases vibration for a real feel at effect.

• Rotex Face Technology:

Fourth generation Rotex Face Technology sends their strongest and most sharp Tour Zip Grooves and greatly aggressive face milling for ultimate spin and short game supervision.

Sole Options

Cleveland’s CBX 2 wedges are required in a diversity of numerous lofts and sole grinds. The V-Shaped Sole grind is given in 46°-52° lofts. However, the S-Shaped Sole grind is given in 54° and 56° lofts, while the C-Shaped Sole grind is given in 58° and 60° lofts. The wedges are functional in left and right- handed alternatives.


The CBX 2, like its forebear, calls attention to the same groove technology as Cleveland’s RTX-4 wedge line, which is essentially grooves on height of grooves on top of grooves. It begins with Cleveland’s Rotex Milling, that swirly, moisture funnelling structure engraved into the face. Following, are Tour Zip Grooves, 17 of them, milled into the face with what Cleveland called proprietary edge radii specifications. Pleasantly much every OEM does a variety of this, with more narrow and wider grooves on the powerful lofts for full shots, and larger, more shallow grooves on the softer lofts for more bit on one-sided shots.

The last phase is laser milling, 96 etched lines between the grooves to even more face roughness. Schielke explains that the purpose is to optimize spin whether in any situation either dry or wet and from any lie.


They are outstanding all-round wedge

Forgiving head is susceptible to strike than bladed wedge

Enthusiasm inspiring pattern at address

Very nice price for money

Surprisingly, it has a satisfactory spin rate.

It will fit virtually all golfers.


It may look slightly chunky to elite golfers

It isn’t much feel as a bladed wedge

It has only three grind choices


Would I Use It?

Certainly, I would have no reluctance in laying a set of these wedges in my backpack.

Does it look like cleaveland’s RTX 4?.

Nay, it doesn’t look relatively as nice as a true bladed wedge like Cleveland’s RTX 4 or Callaway/TM/Titleist choices, but it is adequately than the initial CBX wedge and as far as cavity-back wedges move, this is as good looking as you’re likely to obtain.


Cleveland CBX 2 wedge is an outstanding wedge needed for diversity of lofts. It has a special sole and hollow cavity. We hope this article has answered all your questions.