Stop Topping The Ball: Discover 15 Insanely Easy Ways


If you hope to master any skill, you will inevitably come across a part of that skill that seems impossible to learn or understand. Golf is a wonderful and enjoyable sport, and it boasts of professionally skilled players across the world. These players picked up an interest in golf, and they practiced relentlessly till they became world-class. If you have the opportunity of interacting with one of these players, they will tell you that one of the roadblocks that you would have to overcome in your golf journey is occasionally topping the golf ball. You might even be surprised that some of them still make this mistake once in a while. Topping the golf ball happens when your golf club impacts only the upper part of the ball and delivers you a low-soaring, unimpressive shot. This mistake is quite embarrassing, and it increases your score. If you are among the beginner and intermediate golf players who think that this kind of shots will stop happening with time, you might be waiting a long time. You have to consciously learn the tricks that allow you to avoid topping the ball. This article has been compiled to show easy tips to stop topping the golf ball. Enjoy!

15 Easy Tips to Stop Topping the Ball

Below are 15 easy tips that will help you to stop topping your golf ball.

Use the most suitable golf club

Before you begin learning drills on how to stop topping the golf ball, you should check your golf clubs first; they might be too short. Short golf clubs mean that you have to bend more than necessary when you want to impact, causing you to top the golf ball. Using clubs that are perfectly fitted to your arm length and body build is the first step to avoid topping your golf ball.

Get the perfect ball position

This is one of the most common causes of topping the golf ball. Most times, the golf ball is not placed correctly. The particular club being used and the player’s stance might be a bit far away from the ball. When you take a golf swing, the golf club is supposed to impact the ball at the tail end of the downswing so that the middle of the clubface will impact the ball. When you place the ball farther away from you, the golf club will hit the ball in the early part of the upswing, which means the ball won’t contact the right part of the clubface. This will lead to you inevitably topping the ball. Always make sure that your golf ball is aligned with your stance and your golf club.

Keep your eyes on the ball

This tip is quite straightforward. Most golf players take their eyes off the ball before they impact. This lack of focus might inadvertently mean that you will top the golf ball. It would be best to look at your golf ball from when you set up till after you take the shot.

Fix your poor weight shift

Weight shift is something that golfers should learn before they begin to play actively on the course. Sadly, most golfers like to ‘skip’ this boring stage. Poor weight shift is one of the reasons why some golfers top their golf balls. When you start your swing, your weight is supposed to move from your back foot and easily transfer to the front foot. This sequence should take place naturally between your backswing, downswing, upswing, and follow-through. However, some golfers put all their weight on the front foot, making it difficult to pivot and transfer the weight to the back foot. This error is called the Reverse Pivot. To avoid the reverse pivot mistake, distribute your weight evenly when you want to swing and follow the right sequence

Practice golf swing drills

If you are constantly topping your golf ball, then it’s time for you to go back to your set-up and swing drills. Multiple swing drills will teach you how each club impacts the ball and how to hit from the right angle. Drivers have big clubheads and larger sweet spots, and they are very forgiving on mishits. However, fairway woods and irons have smaller club faces, and you have to learn how to swing with them if you hope to stop topping the golf ball.

Stand in the right posture

It is necessary to stand in the right posture as a sportsman. You have to practice correct golf posture if you want to stop topping the ball. The golf posture is not hard. Make sure your back is straight, bend a little at the waist, flex your knees and let your arms hang loosely. Practice the golf posture regularly, and you would not have a problem on the golf course.

Don’t be afraid to scratch the ground

Most golfers don’t want to hit the ground because they might mistakenly lift the ball from the base, which will constitute another swing error. This will lead them to lift their golf club at impact and top the ball in the process. Getting a little grass doesn’t mean you won’t hit the ball right. Don’t be afraid to scratch the ground and get a little grass.

Extend your weaker arm on impact

If any of your elbows bend at impact, it can raise the golf club and lead you topping the ball. If you want to avoid this, you must extend your arms during your downswing. This will create a sweeping effect for long irons and fairway woods.

Focus on a steady tempo: Don’t hit too hard

Beginner golfers love to work on their swing speed and enjoy it when they gain maximum distance on their shots. This usually leads to them hitting their golf balls with too much force. This can lead to them topping the ball. Your backswing, downswing, upswing, and follow-through should follow a steady rhythm, and you should always avoid hitting the ball too hard. Even if you don’t top the ball, your shot might go out of range. It is better always to use the right amount of energy for any shot.

Use a golf ball with a colorful logo

This might seem out of the box, but it works. If your golf ball has a bright logo where you are supposed to impact, chances are you won’t miss the shot. You will see where you need to hit clearly, and you would take the shot with confidence.

Don’t drive your legs forward too fast

Golf is all about balance and timing. When there is no balance, mistakes will keep happening. If you put your front foot forward before you are supposed to, your arms will have difficulty catching up, and you might top the ball in this process. This process also leads to poor weight shift. As a golfer, it is important to correctly time your movement so that you don’t inevitably sabotage your swing.

Visualize your golf shot

It is important to see how the shot will play out in your head before taking it. Great golf players call this the sixth sense; if you already know how the shot will play out, your body will align to fit the picture in your head. If you cannot see where your ball is headed, you are more likely to top the ball.

Make sure your head and shoulders stay steady

This is part of having the right posture. Your head and shoulders should stay steady at every point in your swing, and they should only respond to the golf club and golf ball. Your head should not be turned unnecessarily, and your shoulders should always stay level.

Understand the golf course

There are different golf courses, and some of them are steeper than others. If you want to take a shot on the rough part of the golf course, the terrain might affect your shot, and you topple the ball. Understanding the golf course means recognizing which golf club is best for each shot and how the grounds can affect your swing.

Get feedback from golf buddies

After putting all these tips into practice, it is important to get feedback from people watching you. Your golf buddies are the best set of people to do this for you. Ask them if they can see a noticeable improvement in your game. If you don’t want to do that, you can record yourself during training sessions and adjust your approach accordingly.


Golf is a remarkably interesting sport, and it gets even better when you can play it with expertise and constantly dominate on the golf course. Most golf players want to improve their game, but this will require hard work and discipline. You have to identify all your errors and fix them immediately. If you have been consistently topping your golf ball, following these tips will significantly reduce them. As you keep practicing, you will soon be swinging shots without considering the possibility of topping the golf ball.