Volvik Crystal Golf Balls Review


All golfers, whether beginner, intermediate or professional, are aware of the importance of personal equipment. However, if you are the aesthetic type and you love to look a little different when you step on the course, then you would need to get equipment that is designed to suit your taste. Golf irons, hybrids, bags, wedges and putters are now being manufactured in different designs and colours, and this trend does not exclude golf balls. Golf balls are predominantly produced in white colour; however, this volvik crystal golf ball comes in different assorted colours. It contains 12 balls in a pack, and these balls come in 4 random colours. You can also decide to get specific colours that suit your aesthetic taste one advantage of coloured balls over white ones is that it can be easily found. Spotting an orange ball on a green field is less of a chore than trying to find a white one. Check out other features that make this package so attractive. Check out this product here Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

Key Features

Uniquely packaged

This package contains 12 golf balls and these golf balls come in 4 assorted colours. These colours include crystal yellow, crystal green, crystal orange and crystal pink. If you are interested in a particular colour, then you would love to know that they are also 3-piece packages.

Utilizes a patented dual-core structure

This golf balls have a soft outer layer that gives it an excellent feel and also a strong inner core that allows you to strike better and gain more distance on your shots.

3-piece tour performance

In addition to the dual-core structure design, these golf balls are also infused with a power core, a bismuth control layer and a zirconium outer cover. All these allow you to gain increased accuracy on your shots and provide you with greater distance.


These golf balls are uniquely structured to last very long.

Easy to find

Unlike white balls, these crystal balls give you enhanced visibility and allow you to quickly find it in case of mishits.

Easy to putt

These balls give you allows you to putt your ball with ease and increased accuracy. It also gives you optimal spin rates. If you are looking for a great golf set which includes a putter, you can always check out our guide which compares the Tour Edge Bazooka 260 vs 360, let us know your thoughts!

Suitable for intermediate to advanced golfers

It is suitable for people with slower to medium swing speeds; swing speeds should range between 60 to 95 MPH.


Brand name: Volvik


Stylish and attractive

The defining feature of this golf ball is the colour. Like we already said, they come in different stylish colours that automatically make you stand out on the golf course. Most female (and male) golfers have affirmed that they love this ball.

Allows you to gain distance on your shots

This golf ball has been uniquely engineered to give you more distance on your shots. It utilizes multiple technologies that give you are a little more height and distance on your shots.

Gives off an excellent feel

Golfers who use this ball always speak of how good it feels on their clubheads. They can strike with ease and abandon any thought of vibration or negative feedback from the club. Its soft outer layer makes this possible.

Durable golf balls

These golf balls are also designed to last very long and serve you for a longer time.

Easy to find on the golf course

This is one major problem that this ball fixes. When you hit the ball far and out of sight, it can be easily found due to its extra bright colour.

Suitable for older golfers

This golf ball is also suitable for older golfers, women and people with slower swing speeds.


Some folks might still prefer the traditional white golf ball.

This product might be a little pricey.


All golf balls are excellent and suitable. They all have their unique features that will prompt golfers to use them. This volvik crystal ball is also not an exception. These balls were carefully and creatively crafted to serve golfers on the course. It boasts of extra-unique features that plain white balls do not have. If you are looking for a stylish and beautiful golf ball that is also durable, then this product is your best bet. Enjoy using these golf balls.