Eyeline Speed Trap Review


Every tandem years there’s a golf practice aids that seizes the golf world by bombardment. Presently, coaching aids appear to become more and more specialized. People like to use coaching aids to mend the swing basics and don’t get too hard. The Eyeline Speed Trap is a golf coaching aid that intends to assist golfers to rectify their swing direction and ball striking.

How Does Eyeline Speed Trap Work?

Trapping the Golf Ball at Impact: grabbing the ball first then the ground develops a nice solid ball hit with abundances of spin.

Swinging the Club on Plane: Swinging the club on airliner will get you striking the club face square and hitting the golf ball higher and more straight. When you understand the method of swinging the club between the Speed Rods, your club will be on plane and on direction. Considerable for abolishing a slice or hook and eventually ushering to straighter lengthy shots.

Common Swing Plane Challenges for Golfers

One of the most popular difficulties golfers undergo from is hooking and cutting the ball. Such swing drawbacks are affected because of the golfers’ swing plane.

For instance, slicing the golf ball would definitely be caused by an outside to inside swing path. Certainly, occurring in a damage in length and control off the tee.

The Eyeline Speed Trap is an outstanding golf coaching help for swing plane. It compels golfers to amend their existing swing plane in order to strike adequately and more straightforward shots.

How Do You Use The Eyeline Speed Trap

The Eyeline Speed Trap is so understandable to use. Clearly direct the plate down your target strand. Position tees in the gaps to conserve the Eyeline plate to the floor. Clearly position the four rods to the Velcro rings on each opening.

The rods will normally confront you at an angle. Once you arrange the rods, just twice check that the mark line is accurate and your planned target.

At the onset, position the rods at widest logical posture, this will make you become accustom to the swing path. Thereupon you use it an amount of times you can improve the swing plane, lessening the rods near jointly, urging an accuracy golf swing.

Deeper flaw golfers will perhaps choose to work as slightly as feasible, educating them to swing on the appropriate plane continuously.

The Eyeline Speed trap is considerable for amending your swing plane. If you shred the ball, you can put up the rods to urge and inside to outside swing, this will enable golfers draw the ball and counterbalance their slice. You can utilize the opposing way if you manage to hook the ball.


How Can the Eyeline Speed Trap Fix My Hook?

Yes, the Eyeline Speed Trap can rectify that awful hook shot. You will put up the opposing way to battle the slice.

You will position one speed rod into your right foot on end of the plate and another at the different top corner. This will stimulate an outside to inside swing that allows you recede the ball.

The Eyeline Speed Trap was very helpful to golfers in repairing my hook. Some people strived massively with hooks and it was all down to their swing plane as their grasp was normal that is not too tough.

The rationale behind why people are catching the ball was because they were swinging so distant from the inside to outside and it was a snap hook or large block for them.

By putting the rods up to facilitate a fade, it compelled them to amend their swing path and it headed to much nicer shots.

How Much Does the Eyeline Speed Trap Cost?

One major issue people have with the Eyeline Speed Trap is the rate. It’s an outstanding product. It does great work, but the price is quiet huge for a plastic plate and some foam rods.

Nevertheless, the Speed Trap is manufactured to enable you boost your game and it performs that adequately. If you realize your swing path is possible the main problem in your swing, you won’t even need a course. Just continue practicing with the Speed Trap.


Eyeline as strong and possesses colourful graphics.

The rods are weak but still appear hard and permanent

The tethers conserve the rods near to the base on mid strike.


Jiffy response on irregular swings

Effortlessly transmittable and can be utilized in the back lawn as well as the span

Versatility to educate numerous shot types and patterns

Strong construction

Online aids to enable development


No response for striking shots thin

Can be discouraging to utilize with a straight understanding curve.


Eyeline are strong equipment for golfers that enable them carry out their sport effortlessly.