Optishot 2 Golf Simulator Review

Introduction to the Simulator

During the last numerous years, attention to home golf simulators has blew up. As one who built a household simulator recently, I can inform you that it is extremely interesting to play a course with the comfort and privacy. Optishot 2 is undoubtedly the most influential item out there because it provides a cheap way for golfers to get initiated with a home system model. This is still the best deal in the sector right now.

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator Review

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator Review (Description)

If you want to improve your game seriously, you’ll just want something that will help you train at home. Nowadays, after giving it a try at home, I will be evaluating the Optishot 2 Golf In A Box scheme and giving my true answers. I’ll even show you the cheapest spot that I can find for purchase, so keep on reading.

One of the popular golf devices is the Optishot 2 Golf in a box and you would heartily recommend getting back up if you have the extra money. It’s not the finest simulator out there or the most precise, but it’s a fraction of the cost and it’s pretty exciting to use. The suitable technique is not too costly and a number of important sites from around the globe can be played. I ended up pursuing a handful on it and it was able to enhance my course uniformity.

Firstly, the highly anticipated version of Optishot is Optishot 2. The hardware is much like Optishot 1, but the software is considerably enhanced. If you have an older version, you will get a $100 modification.

Optishot is a golf simulator that allows automated copies of actual courses to play complete rounds. It has also integrated swing tracking capability assessed by the different pairs of infrared sensors that fire at approximately 10,000 pulses a second.

That’s not Trackman, it’s not ball measurement, it’s club measurement. The rays bounce off the club as it moves over the sensors to send you a reading that is then extended to give relatively reliable results.

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator Review (Features)

Accuracy: When it applies to indoor simulators, precision is one of the most critical aspects. You wouldn’t want to compromise the price for precision. With 16 precisely calibrated, high-speed, 48MHz infrared sensors, the Optishot 2 ensures exceptional precision. This will provide you with immediate feedback on each shot you strike. Real balls, foam balls, or no balls can also be used, and it can still chart your swing.

Highly efficient: For such a low price, it’s tempting to believe that they may have skimped on service, but online reviews say differently. This simulator has a sturdy plastic housing that enables each club in your bag to be struck by you.


Reasonably priced

Simple setup

Accessibility of Multiplayer

Ranking Worldwide Golf Courses

Track Ball Information for Infrared Sensors

OptiShot2 is designed for all kinds of players no matter if they are a novice or a professional.

It contains fifteen world-famous programs.

Regarded to be the pioneer in the field of golf simulators.



It provides the opportunity to play and earn rewards with golfers everywhere around globe.

Capability for multiplayer (4 players at most)



Swing Data Limited

For further golf courses, you will be charged extra

Whether or not you make some real impact on the ball it monitors shots

Users could only make use of Optishot software, since it is not cooperative via apps or software from third parties.

For all the extra lessons, user would have to pay extra.

Some users find it low in graphics and lightening


How precise is the system?

I didn’t really expect it (compares favorably to the $5000 simulators) to be particularly reliable, but it was probably a great deal surprisingly good.

I got it just for fun, but it was cool that the size, club pace, swing direction, and ball flight were recorded.

The details about my iron seemed to be reasonably close (in between 5-7 yards) and it sure helped broaden my horizons.

How will the Optishot perform?

This might be a perfect choice if you’re searching for something interesting to do with your friends. Of all the options, I believe this is the best simulator for multiplayer.

Many people can use the simulator inside, and swinging the driver and woods will also be challenging. You will have to drive off a tee while you’re hitting the ball so the pad will put green markings on the balls.

It monitored my iron pretty well, the driver was a little wrong, and it wasn’t the safest to put it on.

Will my abilities be enhanced by an Optishot simulator?

Yes, by constant practice, Optishot simulator will strengthen users abilities. The best thing about this golf simulator is that even the golf course provides users several distinct, practical cases.

Can I make use of an Optishot simulator outdoor?

Although a golf simulator is best designed for indoor usages, users could customize it conveniently with just a little imagination to make use of the game outdoors.


The brand shines in the way that it helps you to swing true golf at home with your clubs and boost your game. For one of the best simulators on the marketplace, you’ll get a fantastic user interface and it doesn’t need to cost lots of money.

OptiShot 2 would satisfy users taste and support anything they like whether they would like to play with peers & relatives or play during the year, even to match with someone else. From the comfort of their house, they can enjoy.