Srixon Marathon Golf Ball Review


As it has already been established, golf is a relaxing and exciting game. However, for you to play it effectively, you must make use of the high quality, perfect-fitted equipment. Most times when a beginner starts to learn about golf equipment, they are introduced to stuff like irons, woods, hybrids, drivers, putters etc. While all these things are essential, there is also a piece of smaller equipment that is just as important. This equipment is your golf ball. Your ball should be uniquely designed to give you more distance on your shots and should have high durability. If you are in the market for a golf ball that can service all these needs and more, then this Srixon marathon golf ball is your best bet. Although this golf ball possesses a lot of amazing features, the major selling point is its affordable price. Getting quality products at affordable prices is what every customer wants, and this golf ball gives you just that. Check it out here Srixon Marathon Golf Ball

Key Features

Enhanced durability

This golf ball is specially designed with a strong ionomer cover that keeps the ball safe from external elements. The effect of this is that your ball stays durable and performs excellently for a more extended period. You don’t need to change your balls every playing season.

Gives you more distance

This golf ball comes with a fantastic energy gradient growth core. This advanced core structure helps you gain better distance on all your shots and ultimately optimize your course performance. This growth core is large, solid and helps the ball to achieve a very high acceleration. The external structure of the ball has a soft feel and is in charge of controlling the ball.

Suitable for all swing speeds

This golf ball can be used by experts, intermediates, beginners, women and seniors alike. As long as you have a reasonable swing speed, this ball will serve you well.

Mid green side spin

This golf ball also utilizes a spin skin coating that allows for more friction when the clubhead meets the ball. What this means is that the extra friction provided by this process will give the ball more spin, which will most likely result in the ball landing closer to the desired hole.

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333 dimple pattern

Another excellent thing about this golf ball is that it uses an optimum aerodynamic design that ultimately allows you to hit loftier shots without too much work.


  • Two-piece golf ball
  • Brand name: Srixon
  • Colour: White
  • Dimension: 9.25 x 5.00 x 2.00 inches
  • Available in 15-pack packages.


Long-lasting product

Perhaps one of the best features of this product is its durability. The golf balls have a strong ionomer cover that protects them from harsh elements. Using these golf balls will save you the stress and cost of having to go to a sports shop regularly to buy new balls.

Affordable; comes in economical sizes

This product is a 2-piece golf ball package. As at the time of writing this review, this golf ball was one of the most affordable balls on the market. Another upside to this benefit is the fact that this product also comes in bigger packages. This means that you can save cost and buy in bulk if you wish.

Gives more distance off the tee

By utilizing its signature energetic gradient growth core, this product is designed to give you more distance on your shots and improve your game as a whole.

Suitable for all player levels

This golf ball is also suitable for all swing speeds and all golf clubs. This makes them appropriate for any golfer. However, the category of golfers that will enjoy this ball is the intermediate and professional players.


Best quality at its price range

Some golfers might point out that there are golf balls with more sophisticated features. However, at this price range, this is the best you will get.


If you are an intermediate golfer looking to increase your skill level, then these golf clubs are great for you. However, they are suitable for all golfers, and most users of this product often speak praises of these golf balls. You can rest assured that this product will give you precisely what it offers; high quality at an affordable price.