Launch Monitor Review: Swing Caddie SC200 vs. Swing Caddie SC300

Things to put into Consideration Before Buying a Launch Monitor

Launch monitors handy in the market differ in stints of the data they deliver and their expense.

It is crucial to challenge what response you are finding? We’re particularly worried about the distance, swing speed, and ball speed, signifying that I don’t want the greatly technologically refined monitor out there. Nevertheless, the more validity you need, the greater the price tag, naturally.


Surely, we need our device to work, but the precision of your launch monitor will differ, normally banking on the price. PGA informing experienced Todd Kolb asserted that when he utilized the SC200, it’s accuracy was on an average with his launch monitor, that is rated at almost $20,000. You don’t need to spend more to obtain a good excellence launch monitor.


What is the objective that you are looking to purchase a launch monitor? Appliances can infer full distance, carry, clubhead speed, smash factor, pinnacle, and launch angle. If you are only enthusiastic in knowing the distance of your shots, there is no necessity to spend on the extensively complex technology.


The price of these equipment differs relatively. Access level launch monitors will ride you a set of hundred dollars, whereas, the prime of the line choices will put you back thousands of dollars. The further complex and documented the information, the costlier the device.

Swing Caddie SC200

Swing Caddie’s SC200, is the forerunner to the SC200 plus as SC300 launch monitors. It is an entry-level merchandise, which is the greatly developed equipment in its sector. Swing Caddies manufactured it precisely to enable you recognize your clubhead speed, ball speed, and distance.


Power Mode

Swing Caddie has maintained this device old school. It requires four AAA batteries to power the SC200.


The SC200 gives you the choice of three modes, practice, target, and approach.

When you utilize practice mode, you clearly strike your shot, and the launch monitor will show abrupt response about your shot. Examine your swing speed, distance, and smash component.

Target mode enables you to fix a distance that you would prefer to target for your shot. Evaluating the findings from this mode supports you in discerning when you wish to improve or lessen your swing speed to strike the target. This helps you increase your distance management when you are on the course.

In approach mode, the SC200 randomly appoints distances or targets for you to strike. Likewise target mode, it assists your distance control and morale.

Loft Angle

You will discover that the loft angle comes up on the screen. They are present in accordance to the club you choose. Ensure you modify the loft setting to the loft of the related club. If you are sceptical about the loft, correlate to the factory’s website for details.


When PGA instructing competent Todd Kolb correlated the precision of the LCDhis launch monitor, they were on an equality. That is stunning, deeming that his device costs over $20,000 and the SC200 only a couple of hundred dollars.


Easy 4-button operation

Target mode is useful for enhancing distance consistency

Approach mode is beneficial for grinding real-life green methods


Precise distances indoors

Simple to set up


The orange LCD display can be difficult to read sometimes

Pulls up practice swings when you aren’t in training mode

Doesn’t have touchscreen

Swing Caddie SC300

This launch monitor is very well more technologically progressive than the SC200 and gives you further insight into your shots than the Swing Caddie’s prior prototypes.

Aside the preferable insight into your swing, and shot outcomes, the equipment is duo with Swing Caddie’s IOS and Android apps. That enables you to stock ancient data and correlate your performance over time.


Power Mode

To maintain with up the times, Swing Caddie has done a great job with the AAA batteries in this criterion and inaugurated a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The battery in the equipment survives for up to 12 hours, which is roughly 48 holes if we go on the law of 14 minutes per hole.

Total Carry and Distance

As prevailed the case with its forebear, the SC300 offers you the choice of examining your entire distance or full carry. Recall to save this in mind when building up lot of us are better attracted to distance than anything else.

Loft Angle

Although the loft angle is existing for each club, you need to modify it to the substantial loft of your club, contrarily, the data will be incorrect. The SC300 gives you the comfort of modifying the loft angle from the app on your smartphone.


A review of the SC300 by Golf Simulator Video establish that it was just one or two percent off the data given by their Golf Speed launch monitor. That is amazing evaluating that the SC300 only costs $500, unlike the Golf Speed layout that is rated at over $30,000.


Gauges barometric pressure

Sound output

Remote control

Satisfactory battery life

Sleeker layout

Flexible loft angles


Orange LCD is still difficult to read

Loses some shots

Does not provide spin rate

Not precise with gap wedges


Still A Great Value?

The personal launch monitor sector has taken off drastically over the last 2 years. There are presently a ton of alternatives, you can make a decisive case that Swing Caddie was the forerunner in this space. The initial SC200 launch monitor was the biggest selling product in the whole sector over its entire life cycle.


After studying the Swing Caddie SC200 vs SC300, it is obvious that the firm has created two unique equipment’s with a measuring exactness similar to products that have far 12