Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review


The Titleist AVX golf ball is indeed a Trip ball that promotes range and a pleasant feel. A quality ball with a urethane surface that is relatively easy to handle could attract a large variety of people, particularly those searching for the significant advantages of tour-level balls minus the uncertainty of a costly, multi-piece ball. Keep using the Pro V1/x designs when you’re a long striker or don’t generate a lot of spinning to start with, although if you’re hoping for a tiny extra range or a little support holding your spinning level or trajectory stable, offer the AVX a shot and have the range of travel you’ve always hoped for from a quality pitch. In particular, Titleist designers produced a golf ball that has a smoother tour ball structure than most other labels of Tour balls while also retaining most of the usability of greater compression Tour balls.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review (description)

The Titleist AVX is a high-quality golf ball designed for players who value reach, comfortable texture, and a penetrating, low ball speed. The unique Titleist AVX golf ball is engineered to provide enhanced ball distance and speed and improved fairway spin and balance, and a better feel. For tour players wanting the lowest speed, minimum spin, and gentlest feel of every High-Value Titleist golf ball, the outcome is enhanced overall output. The AXV has a lighter feel to it and quickly turns up on the wedge. The Pro V1 seems to have a clickier feel and sound, and it tends to have slightly more movement. The Pro V1x has a much more solid feel than the AVX.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review (features)


The Titleist AVX golf ball comes in identical white like the PRO V1 and PRO V1x and deep optical yellow for every daring tour player. The output of the solid optic yellow ball has not deteriorated. The Titleist AVX is one of the gentlest tour balls available while still retaining the usability of Tour balls with higher compression. The AVX golf ball comprises three pieces: a high-speed, moderate-speed center, and a second layer that surrounds it. It is covered by a narrow, smooth, and durable sheet thermoplastic urethane cover. On the back of the AVX golf ball, there are 352 tetrahedral, spherically-tiled curves. The AVX’s appearance is noticeably distinct from the PRO V’s because of the variations in the corners of the curves. This proprietary design improves performance and improves the trajectory of the ball. The AVX golf ball incorporates a lot of Titleist’s proprietary core, wrap, and aerodynamic design.


Thanks to the firm’s newest and famous innovations integrated into its design, the Titleist AVX golf ball was produced for 2 main reasons: improved range and an exceptionally comfortable feel. The latest Titleist AVX features an essential state-of-the-art feature that functions in tandem with its proprietary sheet and aerodynamic innovations to create a quality golf ball that is engineered to provide outstanding output to players looking to maximize distance while maintaining the soft feel we’ve all come to expect from Titleist. Since this system was designed to be the smoothest, lowest rotating, and a minimum flying golf ball in the firm model, the AVX design produces a low and penetrating ball speed. The Titleist AVX offers precisely what it promises on the grass, with a piercing flight direction and incredible reach, as well as an incredibly comfortable feel, quality scoring regulation, and shallow iron roll, and long game.


The Titleist AVX’s reduced compression structure comprises cutting-edge technology, resulting in a ball with a highly comfortable feel and incredible distance. The perfected GRN41 cast thermoplastic urethane sheet contributes to the smooth texture while also enhancing ball movement flexibility and versatility. The Titleist AVX features a higher flex covering sheet and a unique 352 tetrahedral catenary aerodynamic dimple structure that improves the ball’s aerodynamics, thus providing a stable velocity on every hits to encourage spin efficiency and enhanced distance through more incredible speed. To put it simply, the Titleist AVX is an excellent option for tour players seeking a high-performance ball with a focus on a comfortable feel and long-range. The latest AVX comes in 2 colors, standard white and yellow, this is a change for the firm in the Tour-performance sector. The easiest way to put this is that the Titleist AVX is a less expensive version of the firm’s famous Pro V1, with top-notch all-around results and a more straightforward feel than the former


It offers two colors: white and yellow

It has a construction that retains ball speed

It is not expensive


It is not really different from the previous models


The GRN41 thermoplastic sheet urethane elastomer covering on the AVX is unique, and it varies considerably from standard urethane sheets featured on other quality balls. The higher speed reduced compression core features and high flex coating surface result in reduced spin and travel than the Pro V1/x. Low compression balls have historically lost momentum, but the AVX fixes this with its versatile covering sheet. Also, with a reduced compression than the Pro V1/x, it is optimized to maintain ball velocity.