Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review


Callaway has been one of the prominent brands in the world of golf. And for a great reason, they have made some best equipment present. Their golf balls have also been the best you can put in your play. Specifically, Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf ball model was honoured with the Gold Rating at the 2018 Golf Digest list for its exceedingly feels and general performance.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review (Description)

Callaway golf ball is made for feel and tour-performance. It has good distance and hit shot’s forgiveness. If you are a beginner or especially a low handicap golf player seeking for premium performance on your golf ball, endeavour to try out Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls. The Callaway product X contains a similar technology with the standard or main Chrome Soft, like the tour cover of urethane, the graphene double soft, quick core, and the low compression core. This model provides a slightly feel that’s firmer, a ball flight that pierces and more workable for shots shaping. Generally, the golf balls would deliver a tour-great performance but along with differences in ball flight and feel.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review (Features)

Callaway chrome soft golf features bigger Graphene-Infused double soft fast core because of enhanced distance.

Another feature is a quicker core for higher distance. This bigger inner core makes lower spin and bigger launch. More so, the firmer and thinner outer core has been reinforced using graphene for more wedge spin and better durability.

Also, it has continuous speed plus ball flight that penetrates from a fresh great-speed system of the mantle.

It has a fresh proprietary Ionomer blend that creates a more effective transfer of energy from the double soft fast core for quicker ball speed. The heavy additive enhances durability and consistency. At the same time, the stiff mantle permits for an optimal spin on the wedge shots.

The next feature is an excellent spin control and feels on a thinner cover of urethane. The thinner and more cover resilient enhance an improved ball speed and generate lower spin on its full shots while keeping the soft feel and big spin at the green.

Further is the consistent trajectory and longer distance from an ideal aero design. This reduces the drag of an improved general distance, using a bigger ball flight for an ideal trajectory.

Which Ball will you Play?

Chrome Soft;

Chrome soft has improved distance, continuous ball flight, great control and feel, and optimized aerodynamics.

Chrome Soft X;

This has quick ball speed and distance. Also, it comes with improved spin control and, workability, optimized aerodynamics, and nice feel.


A great benefit of this is the kong off from the tee and offering perfect control at the greens using wedges and irons.

Another pro is the obvious improvements in durability and consistency.


The presence of soft feel might not be liked by everyone.


What’s the Callaway compression of the chrome soft golf ball?

The average 2020 compression of the Callaway chrome soft is just 75. The chrome soft can be seen in the ball market as just a mid-compression ball.

What’s the difference between super soft golf balls and Callaway chrome soft?

Chrome soft is an all-round golf ball that’s launched for golf players looking for more control plus spin at the green. On the other hand, supersoft is a distance and oversized golf ball made for golf players who look for distance and speed.


Since it’s launched, the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball has been a great tour ball for beginners and especially for lower handicap golf players. The ball has the revolutionary graphene double soft fast core which offers high launch and low spin from the tee for better slice control and maximizes distance. The core equally has a small compression that offers a perfectly soft feel in every shot. Also, the low compression aids in increasing forgiveness because off-centre hits would still possess good distance. What’s more, Callaway provides a chrome soft X model that has lower ball flight, firmer feel, and more workability. If you are a golf player seeking a perfect tour ball, consider placing the Callaway chrome soft in-game during your next rounds.