Bridgestone B330 Golf Ball Review


The Bridgestone B330 line of balls present great performance and is priced fairly for the advanced and intermediate golf players who wish the most from their games. The Bridgestone B330 ball is utilized by several tour professionals like Tiger Woods. These new Bridgestone B330 balls provide more distinction among the models inside the long game.

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Bridgestone B330 Golf Ball Review (Description)

The Bridgestone ball is developed using a firm compression and contains a urethane cover that offers a perfect feel and spin. Your swing speed should be above 105 mph in order to take balls advantage of assets. The Bridgestone B330 golf ball features a smooth feel that comes with durability challenges just like several great end balls; however, just put it inside the soft grass, and it surely will last for several rounds.

Bridgestone balls B330 is one of the best golf balls in the market or anywhere. When pounded, the balls would have a good distance from the tee, and several backspins around the greens.

Bridgestone B330 Golf Ball Review (Features)

A great feature of this ball is a unique dimple pattern for every 330 dimples on the golf ball that creates immense stability via the wind. The balls were made for golf players with a clubhead speed of about 105 MPH or even higher.

Other interesting features include;

A Great Feel

The distinctions among the four various B330 models begin with feel. Each of the four gives a distinct sound. One of them, the B330, makes the firmest, and a tock during impact. The B330-S is smoother and produces a thock. Significantly, the B330-RX comes with a sound that is between the B330-S and B330. B330-RXS is considered the group softest, though it’s only by a few margins over B330-S.

For the long game, RXS and RX models feel a little simpler to compress than others, and each of them breeds a little different feel from the wedges and irons.

A Short Game

Bridgestone is out to make balls move more differently. They performed a bit more similarly in short games than the previous generations. All the four B330 models made wedge spin of the ball range middle. In particular, RXS and S models spin a little more than others, but their difference is not much. Players will gain the most in short games by getting the B330 model that offers the best feel instead of looking for hundreds of more RPMs.

Long Game

Bridgestone designed each ball uniquely in long games. The Bridgestone’s ball fitting is centered on the driver. With all data, they are certainly aware well how to maximize the driving distance for various players, and they have done that.


Every of the B330 Bridgestone balls is sold for $45/dozen. That’s the standard cost for tour-level balls. The charge is average because the Bridgestone ball’s performance can be compared with other tour balls.


It has excellent accuracy.

A great benefit of this ball is that it has a faster swing skill level.

With Bridgestone balls, you have the chance to select exactly the ball of your choice.

Also, you can simply have a Bridgestone rep that fits you in the longest ball for the swing.

It charges a reasonable price.


A demerit of this ball is the loud sound on putts and chips.

There is no warranty description.

This particular Bridgestone ball is not as soft or smooth as the B330s.

It contains a 105mph swing speed and above.


Which of the Bridgestone balls is the right one for me?

There is no straight answer to this. Just go to the company’s official website and answer a few questions about your information. Your answers will form the choice on the ball that will fit your game.

Are these balls that good like the others?

Bridgestone balls are majorly compared to Titleist Pro VIX. The Bridgestone balls are harder and firmer; thus, they are great to use.


By designing every of the new B330 golf balls unique and more distinct, Bridgestone has done a great effort towards making fit for golf players. It is essential to recognize that change induces picking the right ball more critical. Select a sleeve of B330 that fits you and your speed. They will surely help you to hit better and longer shots.