Sun Mountain LS 14 Way Golf Bag Review


If you are a golfer, you know how important it is to have a complete golf set. However, you cannot enjoy your time on the golf course if your equipment and other required accessories are not easily accessible. Your golf clubs, gloves, water, and other equipment should accompany you on the course always, and this can only be possible if you have a uniquely designed, high-quality golf bag with you. If you are looking to buy a golf bag that fits this description, you should look at this product. This bag is designed with multiple unique features, and we have reviewed them for you in detail. Enjoy!

Sun Mountain LS 14 Way Golf Bag Review

Key Features

Lightweight, compact bag

If you are looking to buy a lightweight, compact bag that will serve you perfectly on the golf course, then you should consider buying this product. This bag is designed for easy carry, and you can also put it on a cart.

Designed with 14 full-length club dividers

It would be best to play golf in style, which is only possible when you can pick out your golf club and replace it with ease. This bag is uniquely designed with 14 full-length club dividers that run through the bag. You can easily single out your driver, wedge, hybrid, or iron and use it in real-time.

Designed with multiple storage compartments

Apart from the 14 full-length dividers, this bag also comes with multiple storage compartments different from the club storage. These extra pockets are nine in total, and they include a velour-lined rangefinder pocket, hydration pouch, full-length clothing pocket, multiple accessory pockets. It also has a pen, umbrella, and towel holder.

Made with highly-durable carbon fiber legs

This bag is designed to rest solidly on the floor, and this is made possible by the carbon fiber legs. These carbon fiber legs are highly durable, ultra-lightweight, and strong enough to support the bag and its contents on any terrain.

Made with an E-Z fit dual strap system

This bag is made with a unique strap system that makes it comfortable to carry. You can easily adjust and fit it to your comfort. These straps are also constructed in three layers, and they are contoured for maximum comfort.

Water-resistant bag

This bag is water-resistant, and you don’t have to worry about taking it out in the rainy season. All your items will be secure, and you can quickly put on a matching rain hood to prevent water from flowing into the bag.

It comes with a 1-year warranty

This bag is built with high-quality materials, and you can use it for an extended period. If it gets damaged within a year, you will get another one.


Brand name: Sun Mountain

Length: 36-inches

Weight: 5.5 pounds


Built for durability

If you want to buy a golf bag that will serve you for an extended period, then you should consider buying this product. This bag is made from high-quality materials, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

Made for comfort

This bag is ultra-lightweight and is uniquely designed for comfort. The bag is made with E-Z straps that allow you to fit and carry it comfortably. It is also designed for cart carry.

Compact, multi-storage bag

The best feature of this bag is compartmentalization. This bag is designed with multiple storage spaces and pockets. Your clubs are stored in full-length dividers, while your other accessories can fit into any of the nine pockets.

Designed for all-weather

This bag is designed to fit all-weather. It comes with a water-resistant exterior that allows you to use it anytime. It also comes with a rain hood to protect your golf clubs and other contents within the bag.

It comes in multiple colors

If you are particular about looking classy on the golf course, you should carefully pick out your golf bag. This golf bag comes in many colors, and you can easily pick the one you find most attractive.


This golf bag is quite pricey

If you are looking to buy a cheap golf bag, this product might not fit your budget. This product comes with a lot of value, and that reflects in the price.


When you go to the golf course packed and prepared, you have a chance of performing better. A golf bag makes this possible, and we advise that you get this particular product. Cheers!