Hot Irons: Review of the Callaway Apex 19 Irons.


Not to be disturbed with the Tour-calibre Apex Pro 19, the Apex 19 is defined as “the leading forged player’s distance iron. It’s constructed for solid and valid distance, playability, management, excellent ball flight, and extremely soft feel.

These are the assertions. But does the Apex 19 iron deliver at the after the day? Is it the perfect choice for mid-handicaps? What are its shortcomings?

Read more to discover what you require to know before arranging these in your bag.

The features.

Callaway put together these irons for low to mid handicappers who don’t prefer a pure game-improvement iron nor a blade required for tour pros.

Uniform & Long Distance with Playability.

Callaway’s 360 Face Cup gives rise to a return here.

Through the perimeter of the face is an adjustable, trivial rim which flexes and delivers at impact, generating high ball speeds across the whole face. This implies that distance damage on off-center strikes is minimal.

The short irons have a new Variable Face Thickness (VFT) face that is constructed to maximize spin control and precision around the greens.

Optimum Control & Ball Flight.

The Apex 19 irons have a multi-material, tungsten-infused formation through metal injection moulding that permits for the best arrangement of the centre of gravity (CG) in each iron, while retaining Face Cup adjustability.

This results in extra length and forgiveness in the long irons and better spin and management with the short irons.

Premium Craftsmanship & Components

The Apex 19 iron has a high characteristic chrome finish and a golfer’s structure, with a different stock shaft and grips.

Stock Info

There are lots of various set patterns that you can attain, from the 3-iron to the sand wedge and everything in between. A mutual preference is the 5-PW set.

The stock steel shaft is the True Temper Elevate 95, and the commodity graphite shaft is the Project X Catalyst 60.

The stock grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360, but there are many several grips you can select from.


Initially, the Apex 19 iron looks outstanding particularly the badge, as do most of Callaway’s offerings. Callaway actually does bring in some of the fairest looking clubs in the business.

However, the Apex 19 does look like a hybrid between a golfer’s iron and can game improvement iron, as you would anticipate. There’s an adequate quantity of offset, and the crown line has an identical thickness to the CF16.

It’s clearly not the smallest profile we’ve noticed that’s stored for the Tour variant Apex Pro 19.


This is a region where the Apex 19 iron really brighten.

As you remember from the features category above, the Apex 19 irons comprise urethane microspheres manufactured to make missed strikes feel extra solid. And we have actually set up this to be the case.

In discrepancy with various other irons that feel curved and clicker at effect, the Apex 19 iron feels very solid at effect.

While missed strikes don’t have the crisp sense that sweet spot hits have, hits feel solid and large nearly anywhere you strike it on the face.


Looks amazing

Provides the precise mixture of GI and golfers performance

Excellent, solid feel

Outstanding distance control

Terrific forgiveness


Costly, particularly when buying a custom set.



It can be entirely hard for producers to up the ante with each recent delivery of a golf club. Callaway has prepared to do that yet again.

Let’s move into the performance:


The Apex 19 irons aren’t inferred to be real distance irons. In process, this ends up, since there are lengthier irons out there. But that shouldn’t be what you need in an iron regardless.


MOI is a huge portion of what compels an iron to be forgiving, and you’ll be badly forced to locate a nicer MOI rating on an iron. As an outcome, missed strikes do a big job of keeping up on line and moving a decent distance.


Callaway has been developing Apex irons for multiple years, and all entities evaluated, they provide ultimate performance. This model is the favourable of them all, no qualm.